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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

It has been years since Percy and friends stood up against Kronos, Gaia, and Nero. Things are quiet at Camp Half-Blood. But how long will it stay that way?

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood RP. An interactive, post-canon, play by post forum-based roleplay site. We hope you'll bring your original character to join us! After you register, please click the button below to be taken to New Member Orientation if you'd like some help navigating the site.
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New to Rick Riordan's Universe?

Don't worry, we were all new once. We're happy to show you the ropes. You don't have to be aware of everything that's happened in the books to make your character.

As part of the tour for camper characters aged 13 and younger, an explanation of the basics of Camp Half-Blood, the Gods, and how the world works will all take place. So if you want to try it out, but don't know anything about Percy Jackson or Riordan's other works, that's okay!

We strongly recommend joining our New Member Orientation too, to help you get your feet wet.
New Member Orientation

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  5. Pending You're off to a great start! There's just a couple of things that need tweaking. Please check your inbox for a letter from our staff explaining what we've found.
  6. Static pictures: https://i.imgur.com/gEYSKaX.png
  7. Dawn's Drabbles! (to be added to)
  8. Without Me-Eminem Sweetest Pie-Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa Title-Meghan Trainor Die Young-Kesha Troublemaker-Olly Murs, Flo Rida Maps-Maroon 5 Stereo Hearts-Gym Class Heroes (Adam Levine)
  9. Approved We are happy to announce you've been approved to join Camp Half-Blood RP! Please make sure to do your claims and update/start your Member Directory post. All of these can be found HERE. Please allow staff 72 hours once you've done your claims to sort you appropriately. CONGRATS!
  10. Future Characters (continued part 2) Claire Bond - Lea Seydoux - Demeter Juliet Lockwood - Ruby Stokes - Nemesis Alexa Laferriere - Kaya Scodelario - Aphrodite
  11. Alyssa James biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: June 15, 2006 Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: Hebe Dad: Alexander James Siblings: None Other: None Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: Fears, etc. Fatal Flaw: Hubris? Inferiority Complex? Etc. PLAYED BY: Lilythe FACE CLAIM: Alissa Skovbye
  12. Imgur moving gifs https://i.imgur.com/ALu6tX9.gifv - thumbs up https://i.imgur.com/hNkpjzP.gifv - stimulating https://i.imgur.com/eqbwxSi.gifv - smile https://i.imgur.com/ngZi9pf.gifv - cookie https://i.imgur.com/M3ygld3.gifv - tree https://i.imgur.com/McUIxCe.gifv - huff https://i.imgur.com/LKHQKOk.gifv - dodgems https://i.imgur.com/BLlFW39.gifv - stairs
  13. Placeholder for art and other details.
  14. Character Jamboree EXTENDED Due to Lilythe basically being useless the last week and a half due to weather causing migraines... application reviews were in stasis. As a result we are extending the Jamboree! New end date The rules above are still in place, however the new end date, instead of being the last day of the month, is now to February 10th. Any character application submitted on or before February 10th will be looked at via the rules of the Jamboree!
  15. Pending You're off to a great start! There's just a couple of things that need tweaking. Please check your inbox for a letter from our staff explaining what we've found.
  16. Petal Price biography Atsa was a proud man and prominent member of the Navajo community he grew up in. That prominence buckled when it came time for him to marry, instead of the woman arranged for him he chose instead to follow his heart, marrying the waitress Peggy from a town outside the reservation. Ostracized, he set out with his new wife, soon building his own fortune through hard work by starting a successful construction company. Believing strong discipline could accomplish anything he would teach the same to his twin boys; or so he thought. One brother heeded his father’s wisdom, the other…well he chose a life of drugs, music and spiritual free living. Dropping out of high school he fell in with a group of similarly minded outcasts. Spending their combined savings on an RV he took on the moniker Eagle and took off for one music festival or party after another throughout the whole south west. Working whatever odd jobs he could find in town to pay for it. It was during one particular music festival that he met a beautiful young woman that he could have sworn had wings that glowed a many colored aura (he’d later assume that was the shrooms he’d taken earlier). They hit it off immediately and like many that night they spent their passion in his tent. She was gone when he awoke and as the months went on she became lost in the number of women he slept with from festival to festival. Reality came one day in the form of a letter and to his great surprise a baby girl. Perhaps for the first time in his life he was forced to make an adult decision. He knew his lifestyle was no place for a baby so with a heavy heart and a difficult phone call little Petal was sent to her grandparents to be raised under their watchful eye. While Petal loved her grandparents she lived for the summer, the time when she was allowed to travel with her dad and his weird friends. He took her to all sorts of fantastical events (some he had to sneak her into) and she grew up meeting so many bizarre characters. School was never easy so like her dad she grew up to be a free spirit living in the here and now rather than worrying about grades or her future prospects. During this time she made a new friend who looked around her age; Kyz. Kyz seemed to always have a knack of showing up at nearly every festival she went to. Sometimes she even swore she’d see him outside of summer back home but that had to be preposterous. Much like her father, reality would come crashing down hard when she turned twelve. During that summer at a music festival she broke into her father’s mushroom stash while he was away wanting to see what all the fuss was about. At first it didn’t seem like it had any effect; until she saw what looked like some sort of hellish beast right outside her window! Screaming she ran outside to look for her father thinking it was all just some sort of horrible hallucination, if she could just find him then it would all be better! The beast was too fast and soon she was cornered in a sea of parked vans, cars and RVs. As she clenched her eyes shut, hoping this trip would end and promising whoever would listen that she’d never ever ever try drugs again she heard the beast cry out in pain then silence. Opening her eyes it was her friend Kyz who had saved her! Only, he looked nothing like himself, was that the drugs she wondered? It wasn’t long when her father appeared and Kyz began to explain things. She was a halfblood, and her life was in danger. These attacks would continue unless she went to a place called Camp Halfblood. Petal’s summers would never be the same but she soon accommodated to camp life where she was claimed by Iris at the bonfire. Camp Halfblood honestly wasn’t too different from the summers she was used to, fantastical events and bizarre characters were the norm here. While she was sad she couldn’t spend her summers with her dad anymore she was excited to see what this new chapter in life had in store for her. She was a free spirit after all, and going with the flow was second nature to her. Personality In short, Petal is a free spirited, bubbly, outspoken flowerchild camper girl. A little more mature for her age given that she was exposed to so much growing up. She wants to live her life to the fullest and will never pass up on an opportunity to try something new. She’s kind and fiercely loyal to her friends. She’s known throughout the camp as someone always willing to dish out advice, though it’s not always the best. A true peacemaker hippie at heart she’ll work to try and resolve any conflicts that come up at camp using her communication skills, this sometimes backfires and gets her into trouble as she butts into others business. About Me Birthdate: April 17th 2005 Likes: Aphrodite campers, painting and expressing her creativity through art and color, trying new experiences, nature (flowers), bringing people together in harmony Dislikes: Bullies, fights, homework, studying, being stuck inside will drive her crazy Family: Mom: Iris Dad: Eagle (William) Siblings: Probably a few out there that she has no idea about but she knows she has a younger sister Piper. Other: Grandfather (Atsa) Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: Being trapped or inclosed, people not liking her Fatal Flaw: Wants to live life to the fullest so will try anything once even if it’s dangerous or foolish to do so. PLAYED BY: FullMoonRising FACE CLAIM: Emma Myers
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  18. Dan-Bi Kim biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: When were they born? Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: Minor Goddess Kymopoleia Dad: (Name and Age or Unknown) Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: Fears, etc. Fatal Flaw: Hubris? Inferiority Complex? Etc. PLAYED BY: YOUR ALIAS HERE FACE CLAIM: Park Shin Hye
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