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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

It has been years since Percy and friends stood up against Kronos, Gaia, and Nero. Things are quiet at Camp Half-Blood. But how long will it stay that way?

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood RP. An interactive, post-canon, play by post forum-based roleplay site. We hope you'll bring your original character to join us! After you register, please click the button below to be taken to New Member Orientation if you'd like some help navigating the site.
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New to Rick Riordan's Universe?

Don't worry, we were all new once. We're happy to show you the ropes. You don't have to be aware of everything that's happened in the books to make your character.

As part of the tour for camper characters aged 13 and younger, an explanation of the basics of Camp Half-Blood, the Gods, and how the world works will all take place. So if you want to try it out, but don't know anything about Percy Jackson or Riordan's other works, that's okay!

We strongly recommend joining our New Member Orientation too, to help you get your feet wet.
New Member Orientation

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  2. Of the month awards Every month the staff will nominate individuals for each category in the "of the month" awards. We are open to suggestions from members (so feel free to PM @ ★Lilythe with suggestions of other members you feel deserve recognition), but ultimately we will nominate individuals and then provide chances to vote. In the event of a tie, the admin will look at the current winners and the tie will go to the member(s) who did not win another award. If there is still a tie after that, then it will be put up for another vote. For now, you may vote with each account you own. However, if this begins to unbalance the vote to much, the staff will look at counting individual member votes instead to keep things fair. Winners The winners will be announced September 30th for October, and they will be featured on our slider at the top of the page as soon as Lilythe can code it in. They will also be listed here once they are available. In the event that only one person is able to be nominated for a category, they will win. Character: TBA Artist: NickyNack Couple: TBA Member: TBA Roleplay: TBA
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  4. ^ is a pretty cool camper < I say Annabeth v What are you most excited about at camp?
  5. Legacy Characters So you've purchased the right to make a legacy character from the shop, but now you have to start creating that character! Here is some information to help you out! Procedures: Ensure that the purchase was completed from the Member Shop for the character you're making. Legacies can only be created at birth, so they cannot be applied to existing characters. Legacy characters must be 3 generations away from their godly ancestor (great grandparent, or further) for most deities. The Big Three will need to be 5 generations away (great, great, great grandparent, or further). Your character cannot be a descendant of a canon character! (other than the gods, obviously). We may, at some point, create children of canons as site canons. But we will not be allowing original characters that are descendants of, say Percy or Nico. Look Below to see which powers you might want for your character! Note, if it has an asterisk (*) next to it in the major powers section, that indicates that it must be applied for and that there needs to be room in the claims for it. If there is no room in the claims, you cannot have that ability. You may choose one major and one minor ability from your godly parent. Universal abilities are given to all legacies, however if your legacy is not also a demigod they will be weaker in these areas than a demigod, and this should continue to diminish in strength with each generation until they are relatively normal after 4 generations. Legacies must attend Camp Jupiter, and not Camp Half-Blood unless they are also a half-blood of a Greek God. In canon we only see legacies at Camp Jupiter for certain (even though Frank is a legacy of Poseidon, his father is Mars so he attended Camp Jupiter). However, it is likely that Meg McCaffrey from the Trials of Apollo is also a legacy of Poseidon since she is descended from Plemnaeus. The staff will address opening Camp Jupiter when it's appropriate, as the site grows. It mostly just involves logistics of creating groups and what that hierarchy will look like. Until this happens, the forum labeled "The World" is perfectly acceptable to house RPs with characters that are Camp Jupiter only. A user group will be created when it is necessary. In all other ways, the application process will still be the same. Universal Abilities Certain abilities are considered to be commonplace in the demigod world, while others are more rare. This will help you know what your character is capable of doing based on who their godly parent is. It will also alert you to which abilities are limited and must be applied for. This information was pulled, in many cases, directly of the Riordan Fandom wiki. Some information has been altered where appropriate for the site. These are abilities inherent to all half-bloods regardless of who their godly parent is. Though if you are not also a half-blood character, and are only a legacy, you will not have these to the same degree as a regular half-blood. Superhuman Strength: Demigods are far stronger than any human. The children of the Big Three: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are even stronger than normal demigods. Superhuman Speed: Demigods are far faster than any human, and possess greater swiftness. Superhuman Agility: Demigods possesses agility, equilibrium, and bodily coordination that are far greater than that of humans. Meaning, they possess great acrobatic prowess and maneuverability helping them in the midst of battle. They can move, jump very high, flip, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Superhuman Durability: Demigods possesses much greater durablity, resilience, and constitution than any human being. Therefore, they are capable of withstanding and surviving blows that would otherwise leave a human dead and/or injured if lucky. Superhuman Endurance: Demigods can endure physical stresses beyond the capabilities of the greatest humans, allowing them to operate efficiently for extended amounts of time, even if they are weakened or exhausted. Above-Normal Healing Factor: Demigods can heal faster and with more finality than humans and sustain far greater damage than humans. Heightened Senses: Demigods' five senses (hearing, smelling, sight, etc) are greatly increased. The senses of a demigod helps them notice small details and unusual attributes that shouldn’t be there, which help keep them alive in battle. Superhuman Stamina: Demigods have an unusually advanced musculature, granting them exceptionally high stamina and endurance surpassing most mortals. Demigods can perform rigorous physical activity for hours, until fatigue toxins in their blood stream begins to impair them, and they will begin to show signs of fatigue. Superhuman Reflexes: Demigods have far above average reflexes that can keep them alive during a fight (diagnosed as ADHD in mortals). It allows them to dodge inhumanly fast attacks that mortals wouldn’t be able to react to. Their reflexes also enables them to keep pace with beings faster, or as fast as them when in the midst of combat. Legacy of Zeus Children of Zeus have the following major abilities as options for them (choose one): NAME: Description Additionally, they may choose one of the following minor abilities: NAME: Description
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  7. Hi friends! I'm AdelynnWilde, and I'm pretty new to the site. It's been a while since I've done play-by-post, so I'm very excited to jump back into the fray! I'm active mostly during the daytimes as I work evenings. I plan on hopefully having a couple of characters on here and am totally open to just about any roleplay ideas ^_^ Looking forward to writing with you all!
  8. ϟ Emilia Jones for Viv until 21 September (1 week from now)
  9. Pending You're off to a great start! There's just a couple of things that need tweaking. Please check your inbox for a letter from our staff explaining what we've found.
  10. ϟ Vito Basso for JC until 20 September (1 week from now)
  11. Levi Jones ϟ 9-13-22 ϟ charmspeak
  12. Levi Jones biography Mr. Jones, grew up wealthy, because of this he got to go to one of the best art academies around. At just 18 he was accepted, studying the art of the film industry. Growing up his parents were never very romantic to each-other, but they showed their love for each-other in their own special ways. Once he graduated he decided to start making films about love stories. Mr. Jones study Gods and Goddesses, one that stood out was Aphrodite. He became obsessed with the thought of this Goddesses, wanting to make a movie to portray her. He worked for years on a script. Finally at 25 years old, he had the script of his dreams. Now all he had to do was find the right actor and actresses to play the roles. Mr. Jones put out a casting call, and with in a week he had hundreds of applications, mostly women wanting to audition for the lead role as Aphrodite. He sent the applicants back telling them to arrive at the theater at 9am sharp the following saturday. The day came and he sat through hundreds of auditions, each one no better than the next, they were good but not what he was looking for, for the lead role. Finally by 5pm that evening he was down to the last few. He tiredly called up the last women, "Ms. Abby". When she walked onto the stage, his eyes went wide and sat up, just the look of her made him gasp with excitement. Long story short, he made "Ms. Abby" lead role playing Aphrodite, and every day they spent together, he fell more and more in love with her. Mr. Jones finally asked her on a date, a couple months later, after rehearsal. They found themselves back at his place after diner and making love. About a month and a half later, they were still together, and he just recently found out that he was going to have to change his script around, because "Ms. Abby" was pregnant. 3 months later, he had the script fixed to include the pregnancy. He was excited and called for her from his study, to show her, but she never came in. He left his study and called for her again but no answer. He frantically ran thru his house only to realize she was gone. Mr. Jones was devastated but he had to move on, he needed this movie. He called back another applicant and set his mind to focus on getting the movie ready. Opening night was just 6 months away. Opening night was suppose to be a day after the birth of his child. Opening night had come, and he went to his study one last time to lock up, to his surprise there was a basket with a small baby in it and a note that read "Hello My dear Mr. Jones, this is your son Levi. My true name is Aphrodite." He was in shock to find out that the person he fell in love with and had a baby boy with, was the one and only Aphrodite. Mr. Jones smiled and whispered a promise to her that he would do his best to raise their son properly. Mr. Jones was an amazing father to Levi, he never had any heart ache for his love, who turned out to be the goddess he was obsessed with, but he did hope for her return one day. He honestly never lost any love for her, he just geared his love toward his son, who resembled his mother the older he got. Levi born Sept 12, 2001, grew up with a loving father, but no mother. By the time Levi was 6 years old, he started asking questions about his mother, and why his dad never found anyone else. He was very inquisitive child. Levi also quickly realized that his dad was very gullible as he thought anyways, because he could convince to get him any toy he wanted. Levi was 8.5 years old when his father met a women, and Levi actually liked her. But he soon learned from being nosey that his father was not wanting to move on, even after all these years, he still had hope for the possibility of Aphrodite coming back. This caused Levi to become upset, he didn't even know his mom, and even knowing what he knew about her, he felt it wasn't right that she left them. One day the women was over for dinner, they were sitting at the table and Levi was talking to her about his day at school. He decided to poke his nose further and asked her if she loved his father. She excitedly said yes. After dinner and the women left, Levi decided he was going to try to talk his dad into loving this women. Getting pretty much everything he wanted went to his head, and he thought he could convince to love this women too, because he did look happy with her. 6 months later, just before Levi's 9th birthday, his dad proposed to the women. Levi was excited. He soon at a beautiful step mom, who became pregnant. Levi got to welcome his baby sister into the world about a month after his 10th birthday. Levi went to a private school thanks to his dads movie making career. At the start of 5th grade he met a girl that became his best friend, they did absolutely everything together. As he continued into middle school, school became harder and harder for him. He started to get frustrated, causing him to skip classes. Soon he was getting into trouble, and his father was getting called constantly. One day the principle Mr. Rose called Levi into his office to have a serious talk with him about his behavior. As he spoke with his principle, he started telling him that he is sorry, and he would stop his bad behavior. The next time he would see him in his office was to give good news. Well a few days past and he gets in trouble by one of his teachers. This teacher calls the principle up to tell him, that Levi was coming to his office. Levi rolled his eyes, and walked into the office. But when he got there the principle was smiling. "I don't believe your teacher understands your behavior and we are going to place you with another teacher, so you don't have this trouble again" the principle says, and Levi started in disbifle "so I'm not in trouble sir?" he questions. Going through middle school, he learned that it wasn't just his dad, he could persuade others of all kinds of things. Majority of the time it worked, as long as he really wanted something. He didn't know what was going on but he loved it. He got away with not doing homework and still getting good grades, and his dad rarely ever got called. A couple of month before his thirteenth birthday something horrible happened. Levi and his best friend were walking home from the park down the street, when a monster appeared out of nowhere. Levi stops in his tracks and stares in horror. His friend though, doesn't seem as scared, she looks at Levi with concern though. In one swift movement Levi shoves his best friend to side as the monster charges him and hits him, causing him to go flying. His friend sat on the ground staring in shock, she seen a guy just shove her friend so hard he flew backwards... she couldn't move, she was so scared. Mr. Rose, walks up to the girl and pulls her up from the ground, he looks at the shocked scared girl and tells her to run, fast! As his friend took off running, Levi hurt, he tries to get up, as the monster comes at him again. A second before the monster gets to him Mr. Rose is in between them and he puts his head down raming the monster with what looked like horns. Levi stood and watched as Mr. Rose faught this monster. His mouth open in shock. After a few mins Mr. Rose was able to fight the monster off and it disappeared, or died, Levi couldn't really tell. Mr. Rose walks over to the stund Levi and nudges him to move, he lead him to his house to talk to his father. Levi sat on the couch still in shock, as he listened to Mr. Rose explain to his father about the attack on him, and how going to some camp, would help keep him safe. Mr. Jones, was sad He never thought his son would have to leave, he pondered the thought and ask "Will we ever get to see him again?" he says with tears building in his eyes. After some thought though, he wanted his son to be safe not dead, so he agreed to let Levi go. Levi not knowing what else to do and feeling as if he didn't get a say anyways, he said good bye to his father and sister and walked out the door. He followed him in silence. He had so many questions running through his head, but he couldn't get any of them out. He was still way to shocked. It took a couple days to get to the camp but when he arrived he noticed a big sign saying camp Halfblood. That was when it really hit him that he was a child of a goddess. After he got to the blue house he was then told more information about what the camp was really like. It was after he had all his questions out of the way that he was brought to the bonfire and claimed by his mother. His first day at camp he meet Mateo, who he became fast friends with because they had some things in common like getting into trouble. Growing up Levi decided that he wanted to say at camp the whole year around only going to see his father every so often bringing Mateo along with him to have fun around the city. As he got older he was always getting into mischief with Mateo and flirting with the girls around camp. He soon fell into a rhythm that seemed comfortable and helped out wherever he was needed. Personality Levi portrays himself as a very self obsessed person, who only enjoys attention from women when it benefits him. He has one male friend, only because he is the only person who can put up with his antics. Levi does have a soft side, but the only people to ever see his soft side is his family. He doesn't want anyone thinking he is weak, Mateo, has only seen bits just from how Levi acts towards his family. He thinks very highly of himself, because he knows he can get pretty much any girl he wants in his grasps. Levi can be a huge asshole, but even so his charming good looks, trap them in anyways. He doesn't like romantic relationships, he finds them to boring. About Me Birthdate: september 12 2002 Likes: girls, motorcycles, BDSM, flirting, siblings Dislikes: Other male competition (expect Mateo), Doesn't like getting seriously involved with girls, winter, clothes, bananas Family: Mom: Aphrodite Dad: Mr. Jones, 46, romance movie director Siblings: Alilah Jones, 9, student Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Being on set with his father Nightmares: anything happening to his family Fatal Flaw: Inferiority Complex PLAYED BY: JC FACE CLAIM: Vito Basso
  13. Name: Tristan Damaris Face Claim/s: Dylan O'Brien Type of Graphic: Siggy Images: Up to you Text: Up to you Mood/Colors: Up to you Other Specifications: Prefer images/gifs of Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf), maybe that "Hogwarts" finish? Surprise me?
  14. Its very pretty ^_^ Thank you so much! ❤️
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