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  1. Fujioka, Sumire biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: March 09, 2007 Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: (Name and Age or Unknown) Dad: Asclepius Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: Fears, etc. Fatal Flaw: Hubris? Inferiority Complex? Etc. PLAYED BY: Nero FACE CLAIM: Hamabe Minami
  2. Millicent Godfrey (Milena Tscharntke); Armin Keshavarz (Skandar Keynes) Cyrene Rooney (Katherine McNamara); Marques B. Lee (Alex Hibbert) Ingrid Mollerud (Josefine Frieda Pettersen); Yves St. Laurent (Axel Aurient) ***Boreas Olivia Spence (Hailee Steinfeld); Lisa Rochana (Prim Chanikarn) ***Hades Noah Jørgensen (Tarjei Sandvik Moe); Sydney Sparks (Elle Fanning) ***Zeus (Thomas Doherty); (Auli'i Cravalho)***Poseidon Ethan Campbell (Conan Gray) ***Aphrodite Fujioka, Sumire (Hamabe Minami) ***Asclepius Talia Kaplan (Aslihan Malbora) ***TBD =+=+=+=+= All face claims and names are subjected to change. In no particular order will be applied to the board - relies in author muse. Will eventually pick one per god parent.
  3. A call to craft. Peas in a Pod. Dance the Night Away. ♥ Here's To Never Growing Up. Kick back and Relax! It's What I'm Here For.
  4. 18 ? Male ? He/Him ? Heterosexual ? Camper since 2008 Enough time spent with the young adolescent would reveal his persona to be reclusive or uninterested, which could make him seem as cold and distant when he is actually just shy and often misunderstood. He is compassionate and empathetic enough to feel for people in tough circumstances, and will try to help out. Zoren is caring and emotional, never hesitating to help or rescue someone in danger, even if he knows that he might not be strong or qualified enough to do it. Often, he does this on instinct, taking a more careless approach than the usual overthinking he goes through and putting himself in peril in order to protect someone. He appears to have a more brash and abrasive side to him, which typically shows up when he finds himself in combat. This side of him makes him act rather loud and unwavering, and also with a strong drive towards victory. He has also admitted that he doesn't like this side of him very much and tends to keep it in check. He does, however, find himself giving in to this almost feral rage when in dire situations and faced against opponents who had brutally hurt people he cares for. He is known to help or lecture people with personal and emotional problems, regardless if it's his business or not, claiming that a leader should meddle in other people's lives. This audacious spirit, while initially viewed as perplexing or even insane by others, is also recognized by many, and has earned the loyalty and gratitude of people that were previously antagonistic towards him. He has a strong fascination with battle tactics and is shown well-versed in their history, sometimes even surprising the counselors themselves with his vast knowledge. Zoren is obsessed with organization and discipline within his cabin, expecting his siblings to follow suit, which more often than not annoys them due to his usually loud and overbearing nature. At the same time, he takes personal responsibility for their safety and guidance in times of crisis, considering it his duty as the oldest sibling to protect and keep them away from dangerous situations should they ever arise. This responsibility also extends to many campers. He knows how to quickly respond to situations of emergency, making sure to downplay panic and disorder among people. He is very humble, willing to admit to his mistakes, apologize for rude behavior, and improve himself in areas he is lacking. This life-long philosophy serves as the cornerstone of his great self-confidence; he believes he can accomplish any goal with enough hard work and perseverance. Despite his quirks and the criticism they earn him, Zoren is said to have a personality that draws people to him, inspiring friendship and loyalty through acts of genuine kindness that could change a person's worldview and thus build meaningful relationships. He is extremely dedicated to his studies and is always eager to learn new things, regardless of whether they have anything to do with the school or even CHB. WIP. Inherent Abilities - Close Combat - E-Sports - Multilingualism Zoren's mental performance has been revealed to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. Some manifestations of this are his exceptional leadership skills, deductive skills, analytical skills, and tactical genius. He has demonstrated the ability to quickly process multiple information streams and rapidly respond to any changing tactical situations by creating perfect winning strategies, evident in his underdog position in e-sports competitions. Zoren is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having a growing mastery of Jeet Kune Do and experience in sparring, competitions, and live combat making him a fighter of his caliber on par to even experienced Ares children. He has also demonstrated to be a skilled duelist with his preferred weapons of daggers, swords, and lances/spears/staffs. Because he relies on technique over attribute, he can be often found training with his selected weapon and the fruits of this development can be shown when he can defend himself in a 180 degree arc in front to engage a single or multiple opponents for a degree of time. He is able to make defensive motions to cover his rear flank against single attacks. Ranged attacks (i.e. thrown objects, arrows) may apply as well. By the same coin, he is capable of creating his own offensive sequences and engaging almost any kind of foe albeit monsters may or may not apply depending on their size. Over the years of camp training and guidance, he may be able to fluidly dodge attacks from multiple directions using coordinated flips, twists, and sharp turns without losing balance. He often utilizes these talents in combat for both evasive and offensive purposes. Combined with his enhanced agility, Zoren has expertise in utilizing parkour and tricking flips in his attacks and takedowns. As a son of Athena, Zoren is an excellent strategist and tactical genius. He can formulate battle strategies and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to alter near any strategy to fit the changing needs of the situation. He frequently proved himself a quick study in battlefield situations being able to quickly ascertain details from minor actions. His bravery and determination further supplement this as he is willing to take even the riskiest of choices to stand a chance to win, a trait best exemplified when he was quickly able to outsmart his opponents and bested them 1 v 5 in a 5v5 character-based tactical first person shooter game as well as several capture the flag games at CHB, earning him the nickname 'Annabeth 2.0'. Zoren's audiokinesis has guided him to having fluency over English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Korean. Coding languages not available. WIP. Owl Pendant - CB Dagger - CB Xiphos - CB Spear - Light Armor. WIP. ★ Enemies/Dislikes | ★ Acquaintances/neutral | ★ Family | ★ Trusts | ★ Likes ★ Katie Rose ★ Helena L'amour, Dustin Graves, Larissa Souza #4456BD
  5. Zoren Panganiban biography Zoren's father first met Athena while he studied at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. He was on his way to becoming a Surface Warfare Officer, though she always managed to avoid the topic of her own pursuits. They studied together and Athena helped him through his final year. He fell in love with her, and she with him. He made preparations to propose to her after his graduation, but she vanished the day of and he never saw her again. He was heartbroken, and never truly got over Athena. Some time later, a newborn child appeared on his doorstep in Newport along with a note. It said, among other things, that this child was his and to raise him well and protect him. He did as instructed, telling his family that the mother died in childbirth. Zoren showed signs of oddity from a very early age. As an infant, he rarely cried, and as he grew he developed skills far earlier and faster than many others. He had a library card when he was three, and could retell almost everything he read. His favorite books, worryingly to his family, were always having to do with war despite struggling to read them but naturally understood Greek text. Ender's Game, Starship Troopers, accounts of Julius Caesar's conquests, and more. He knew the strengths, weaknesses, tactics, and infrastructure of dozens of ancient civilizations. He also made a new friend early on who calls himself Hopper but his real name is Malik Wyatt. Being the child he is, he preferred to call him the former. Despite being the odd one in the family, Zoren found Hopper to be even more so. He talks to animals, he is vegetarian, and he looks older while he displays youthful behavior but it did not matter at the time. Malik gave him a brand new mechanical pencil before Zoren began middle school, considering it to be a gift for the milestone. Everything turned on its head one day when, for his middle school world history class, Zoren made a diorama of the battle of El Alamein. He saw no problem with the dozens of tanks and tiny soldiers that he had made, even though they moved, fired, yelled, and even died. He brought it into class, where it remained covered until his turn to present. He carried the large rectangle up to the front of his classroom and began to expertly explain the history and tactics behind the battle. At length, he removed the cover and guided the battle as it raged. Wind seemed to blow across the sands. Small explosions of artillery made little plumes of fire and smoke across the diorama. Everything was going splendidly and just as it had many years before, down to every detail. The other students were gasping and laughing at the presentation while the teacher was looking more than a little disturbed. He was a substitute after all, and wasn't used to Zoren's antics. The man, with rather wolfish features, took him by the arm and led him to the principal's office. It did not take long for him to realize that they were not going to the principal's office. They turned down a deserted hall, devoid of prying eyes. The man turned away from Zoren for a moment, commenting on the time (almost lunch) before turning back. The substitute’s wolfish face was now that of an actual wolf. Instinct kicked in and he tried to run, but too late. The wolf-man grabbed him by the throat, lifting him off the ground. The man gloated over his meal, as villains often do, leaving Zoren enough time to think of a plan. He reached in his pocket, where he usually kept pencils, and grabbed hold of one which just so happened to be the same pencil given to him by Malik. In one rapid motion, Zoren lifted his arm and jabbed the spike of wood into the creature's face. As he swung, the pencil seemed to change into a dagger of burnished bronze before slamming into the lycan's eye. The wolf reared back, clutching at the blade lodged in his head, and subsequently dropping his prey. The boy, not being stupid, took this opportunity to run. And so Zoren ran, and he didn't stop running until he made it home. He slammed the door behind him, his hands leaving bloody smears on the doorknob. His father was still at work, and would be for a few hours, but he remained cautious as that monster could be coming any minute now. A while later, a knock startled him as he was in the kitchen preparing himself a snack. The adolescent grabbed a kitchen knife and slowly made his way towards the door. A wave of relief washed over him as he saw it was Malik and opened the door for him to enter. His friend was anxious but tried to recompose himself as he tried to form words. He expressed much shock at Zoren's blood covered self, and said something about 'things going ahead of schedule'. He told him that he would have to trust him, and come to a place where he could be safe. He knew Malik all his life and felt that he could trust him. The bus ride to camp Half-Blood was rather uneventful, but he felt as if he could see the man-wolf in the corner of his eye. It did not take him long to find out what made him able to defend himself against that monster. He was claimed by the Greek goddess, Athena, making him a son of the goddess of wisdom. The demigod attended the camp ever since while visiting his father often during the summer. Personality Highly passionate about his interests and beliefs, Zoren is armed with a fighting spirit that filled with a healthy load of spunk and is every bit as feisty as they say. Relishing challenges, he is never one to turn them down when challenged. In some of these cases, he goes over his head in his overzealous attempts to accept them, but generally does his best to keep his cool and maintain a cool and level head. Brave and possessing a determined mind and a never-say-die attitude, he was brought up by his father to stand up for what he believed in. He can be loud when he needs to be, but otherwise he doesn’t tend to raise his voice or talk loudly, preferring to keep a modest and friendly tone. Despite his meek appearance, he can be equally fierce as he can be loud when those he cares for are threatened or are in danger. He isn’t one prone to sudden outbursts, and isn’t usually the type to get angry easily. Being brought up by his father who was never the type to mince or sugarcoat words, he has began to take on a similar bluntness to himself, and usually speaks his mind without beating around the bush. He is also known to get possessive of the things he loves, be it items or people. He has a habit of staring or frowning at someone when he is in deep thought, giving off the impression that he may be angry with them even when he is not. He also tends to get upset when things don’t go his way, but he doesn’t always openly express his displeasure on this, tending to keep it within. About Me Birthdate: June 19, 2003 Likes: Strategy books, video games, table top games, crafting, Greek mythology. Dislikes: Animal cruelty, assembly required furniture with missing hardware, people snoring when he's trying to sleep, clutter, disorganization. Family: Mom: Athena Dad: Matthias Panganiban, 45 y/o. Siblings: - Other: - Happy Thoughts: His friends and family. Nightmares: Losing lives in a battle. Fatal Flaw: His self-imposed position as protector has caused him to display a penchant toward stubbornness in regards to his pride on the field and a fiery temper, both of which have been shown to cloud his judgment in certain situations. PLAYED BY: Nero FACE CLAIM: Derrick Monasterio
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