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  2. Luca Cassano biography Enrico Cassano came from a poor family of Italian immigrants. He was born and raised in the US, in the state of Kentucky, but didn’t have it easy growing up. His parents didn’t have much money, completely falling into the trap of “The American Dream”, and had to work multiple jobs in order to raise him and his many siblings, and give them an education. Unfortunately, Enrico wasn’t able to realize a lot of his dreams for himself — to get out of Kentucky, be a world famous chef, and travel the world — because of poverty. Don’t get him wrong, he was really hard-working, and ambitious, but he just didn’t have the privilege that other people have to set himself up for success. And so, he found himself still stuck in Kentucky, all the way through adulthood, tending to a corn farm he inherited from his dad. It took bitter work to maintain the land, but he earned enough to sustain himself, and later on, unbeknownst to him, a son that was soon coming into his life. In a way, Enrico’s hard and pitiful life is kind of what attracted Demeter to him, aside from his affinity with the earth, what with being a farmer and all that. Not to romanticize poverty, but the goddess found the man’s dedication to keep going despite the hardships of life quite inspiring. And so, she decided to try her luck, disguising herself as a young woman interested in doing business with Enrico’s farm. Like all other stories go, they met, and they fell in love, with Demeter disappearing shortly after they made love for the first time. The man was confused, naturally, and even more so when she returned carrying a baby with her, who was apparently his. She explained everything about the Greek mumbo jumbo, which honestly was very hard to believe for Enrico — he couldn’t resist the urge to scratch his head. He even doubted if the kid was really his but he never believed her. Once she parted, he decided that he would name him Luca, which means "bringer of light". Luca was an interesting child, who’s interested in a lot of things as well. He was very curious, but also very mischievous, and would often get into trouble. Perhaps it was the large green space that he could run on when he was growing up that made the difference, something that also gave him his great appreciation for nature and the wild outdoors (aside from being a son of Demeter, of course). He loved living on the farm, and would often try to help his dad out with the simple tasks and chores that he could handle as a child. In school, it wasn’t that much different — sometimes the teachers would find him a tad bit too rambunctious, but it was all good at the end of the day. He made good friends, and was able to develop good social skills. One might be wondering, why does it seem like Luca is having such a great childhood now, despite how poor his father was? He made a friend in class who calls himself Nathaniel Rowan. He was shy yet simply misunderstood and Luca picked him up because his horns are weird. He grew inquisitive, asking the old-looking child what they are but he never got an answer that satisfied his curiosity. Instead, he tells him stories of Greek mythology so he could stick around and it’s working. From the monsters of Tartarus to the gods of Olympus, Luca’s thrill-seeking mind was quite fascinated with the lore. In addition, Nathaniel helps out on farm duty almost every day. This became a good foundation for Enrico to be able to build a better life for him and his son, and with how naturally hardworking he is, he was eventually able to realize this. Still, they stayed where they were, figuring that since things were finally going their way, that there was no reason to leave. When Luca turned 8, he had his first monster attack. A harpy that came out of nowhere, swooping down from the sky as it let out a deafening screech. The son of Demeter was tending to some crops with his father in the field when the monster appeared. Luckily, Nathaniel was in his tree nearby, and was able to come to the rescue, shooting the creature down with arrows. After the incident, Enrico had to explain everything to his young son, who was quite shaken and scared, but also excited to learn that he might start developing some powers soon. Nathaniel suggested bringing him to Camp immediately, but Enrico didn’t want to be away from his son quite yet, and since there was a his friend around to help protect him, he thought maybe he could stick around quite longer. Turns out, living in a farm in the middle of nowhere, in a way, kind of helped deter the monsters from coming. It wasn’t as frequent as one would experience in a big city, for example — there was less technology and signals being transmitted around, which apparently was something that helped monsters track demigods. However, it didn’t mean Luca was completely safe, and eventually, the inevitable happened. One night, when he was 10, on a hot summer day, the son of Demeter was chased by a Hellhound in the nearby forest that he was exploring. He generally managed to outrun it, but it got in a few swipes, scratching at his skin and ripping parts of his clothes. Nathaniel sensed the danger and was able to intercept, using a combination of her powers and her trusty bow and arrow to get rid of the monster. Luca was able to help too, and perhaps it was due to the adrenaline, that he was able to shoot poisonous pine from his hands which made it easier for the satyr to dispatch the monster. Now with the prospect of his growing power, the satyr once again insisted that the young demigod needed proper training, and this time, Enrico relented, allowing his son to finally leave Kentucky, and go live and train at Camp Half-Blood. It was bittersweet for the young man — he didn’t want to leave his dad behind, but at the same time, he was also very excited to explore and develop a different side of him. In a matter of weeks, the father and son departed for New York City, leading them to the camp’s location in Long Island Sound. Sharing one last hug — a tearful one at that — Luca bid his father farewell and stepped into the borders of Camp Half-Blood, immediately getting claimed by Demeter. Luca visits the camp every summer since then as he was able to start school but has not encountered many monsters simply because of how remote his hometown is. Personality Being as young as he is, Luca is still full of light and optimism — that is something that’s yet to be taken away from him. As a son of Demeter, he has a naturally sunny disposition, coupled with a positive outlook in life. He’s rather happy-go-lucky, and some people would call him dumb for being annoyingly cheerful, but hey, he just prefers not to worry too much about mundane things, like the mistakes he did, or what people think of him. He’s just trying to live his life his way, and he’s got plenty of it left to live. Luca is adventurous, and always on his feet. He’s always been active ever since he was a little kid, and this is partly because of his demigod heritage. Some people would even say that he was quite the little shit when he was younger, always causing trouble (the good kind, of course), always curious about everything, and doing all of this with a cheeky grin on his face. He likes the outdoors, and all sorts of activities that one can do in the great “wilderness”, which is why he adores Camp Half-Blood so much. When it comes to people, he’s pretty friendly and accommodating, but he won’t promise not to prank you at one point. He’s mischievous like that. About Me Birthdate: July 19th, 2005 Likes: Eating, cooking, canyoning, skydiving, hang gliding Dislikes: Pests that affect plant life, forest fires, deforestation, people not recycling, Family: Mom: Demeter Dad: Enrico Cassano, 44 Siblings: - Other: - Happy Thoughts: Farming with his father and cooking with him, making plants grow to feed many Nightmares: Not being able to help people with his abilities. While not exactly combat-oriented, the thought of being helpless makes him tremble. Fatal Flaw: Naivety. He fits this description well, always bringing up the mood and smoothing out tense situations with his contagious charm. At the same time, his morality is complex, almost juridical: Luca values life and ethics, but he can dissociate his personal feelings from them. PLAYED BY: Nero FACE CLAIM: Louis Partridge
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