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  1. He/Him~ 9 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Nemesis ~ Year Around Camper ~ Single ~ Plotted with Octavia~ Want to Learn More Shy ~ Introverted/extroverted mix ~ Loyal ~ Humorous ~ Hotheaded ~ Kind ~ Generous ~ Loves Justices
  2. She/Her ~ 17 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Nike ~Summer Camper ~ Single (Lusting) ~ Plotted with Levi Jones ~ Want to learn more Courageous ~ Adventurous ~ Determined ~ Persistent ~ Emotional ~ Fearless ~ Wild ~ Impulsive ~ Stubborn ~ Irresponsible ~ Clingy ~ Loyal She/Her ~ 15 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Athena ~ Year Around Camper ~ Single (crushing) ~ Plotted with Loukas Makris ~ Want to learn more Courageous ~ Adventurous ~ Determined ~ Emotional ~ Intelligent ~ Corky ~ Weary She/Her ~ 15 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Demeter ~ Summer Camper ~ Single ~ Not Plotted ~ Want to Learn More Extroverted ~ Bubbly~ Unique ~ Brilliant ~ Timid ~ Charismatic ~ loving She/Her ~ 13 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Hephaestus ~ Summer Camper ~ Single ~ Not Plotted ~ Want to learn more Shy ~ Introverted ~ Creative ~ Humorous ~ Hotheaded ~ Kind ~ Generous
  3. Who am I? Brittany 🙂 32 year old from East Coast of the US. Been writing RP since 2013! Want to plot (Friends, Enemies, Ships or other) message me on the site or discord! Below are all my Active Characters I write....I also have a future character list HERE He/Him ~ 22 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Tyche ~ Dating (Finally) ~ Plotted with Larissa ~ Cabin Leader of Tyche~ Want to know more Courageous ~ Adventurous ~ Determined ~ Loves taking Chances ~ too nice ~ Indecisive ~ Deep Thinker He/Him ~ 20 yrs old ~ Mature ~ Child of Dionysus ~ Single (Crushing) ~ Plotted with Willow ~ Want to know more Courageous ~ Adventurous ~ Determined ~ Emotional ~ Fearless ~ Wild ~ Impulsive ~ Stubborn ~ Irresponsible
  4. Amber is the ex girlfriend of James Selway. The Daughter of Demeter loved having the man wrapped around her finger but broke up with him as she saw little use of him. It has been two years since they were together but she hears of how James is now together with Rissa. This will spur her to come back from New Rome where she has been studying Horticulture of rare and dangerous plants. She will be playing a part in a personal plot I am writing. Jealous Flirty Determined Charming Mischievous Wanted By: DUDEITSBRITT Character: Amber Harrison Amber / Daughter of Demeter ♔
  5. Sophia Barros biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: When were they born? Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: Iris Dad: fill in Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: fill in Fatal Flaw: PLAYED BY: DUDEITSBRITT FACE CLAIM: Charley Jordan
  6. Theodore Thatcher biography Loretta Thatcher was a prized southern belle daughter of a very rich man, who had come from old money. The man had given his princess everything she ever wanted but it never seemed to be enough. The girl began to grow bored of the life she lived so she began to steal things here and there for the rush. At first it started out as a tube of lipstick or a necklace or two. This attracted a who crew of misfits that she quickly began to hang out with. This is where she met this guy who always seemed quick on his feet. The guy was rather handsome plus very charming to her as the two began to get to know each other. Encouraging to make bolder and even more outrageous attempts to steal who outfits. The young lovers began to have a fast romance as they spent a night of passion together after one big spree. But as love came quickly to the two, it soon disappeared as the boy could be no where to be found. Loretta quickly figured out she was young and pregnant, which her father was none too happy about. As the girl was betrothed to another boy once she got older. To keep the secret, he hired a private tutor who kept the girl up to date on her school while she did her terms of pregnancy. He then made her give the child up at an orphanage as it would keep the last name thatcher but that was all. Little baby Theodore would not have any information on who his family was or if his mom was still alive. Theo grew up in the orphanage, bouncing from one foster family to the next. As the boy was always in some sort of trouble from stealing or bullying the other kids. He never quite felt like he fit in anywhere, no matter how many of the families said they cared about him and were there for him. It did not stop him from trying to run away time and time again as he just longed of freedom. The freedom to do what he wanted or even pick the people he had around him. It always felt as if he liked someone they would just be taken away like they always did! The boy always struggled in school but was quick on his feet as he loved to play sports like soccer and baseball. It was a coach that took an interest in him when he got into middle school. Coach Jory who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time when Theo would find himself in trouble. It wasn't as if he was always the one who created the issues but it was always blamed on him. Coach Jory always told the boy to keep his head down and one day we could have the freedoms he so wished but for now he needed to focus on the task set ahead of him Which was a hard thing to do when it seemed these ummm creatures would came after him on his walk home from school. At first he just thought some rabbit dogs were after him but one day he got a closer look as he ran from the thing. This Hellhound was terrifying and if it wasn't for Coach Jory sweeping the thing away with a hockey stick. As it hit the ground he watched his coach hell for him to run home and that he would be there soon. Rushing home, his foster family thought he was making the story up when Coach Jory arrived but he had horns and goat legs. How was this possible? Coach Jory told the family about what Theo was and how he needed to go to camp for safety. The family was worried about the child they brought in there home that they gladly sent him away. Coach Jory and Theo traveled for a week until they got to camp which, Theo had a ton of questions about. The cabin leaders answered a lot of questions he had as he soon claimed by Hermes at he bonfire. Theo felt anger at his father and mother abandoning him as he joined his crowded cabin Soon though, he quickly made friends with the others in the cabin. Feeling like he finally had a family that was going to stick around. He stays at the camp year around as he does not want to go back to the foster family or school he once was at! Personality Theodore is a trouble maker who loves to stir the pot when it comes to any drama at the camp. There is something in watching the chaos around him that allows him to make moves in the advantage of the chaos. He also finds so much joy in trying to steal things when possible from the other cabins. Finding it like a game to see if he could get caught! He has little to no belongings so he is protective of the things he has! Theo is also a romancer who loves to have girls at all sides of him. He knows how to play his cards right being so light on his feet. Making him smooth to any girl he comes into contact with. Theodore is also huge on his cabin as it is all the family he has that stays around with him no matter how over crowded they are! About Me Birthdate: May 7th, 2005 Likes: Stealing, Rapping, joking around, stirring the pot, pizza, girls Dislikes: School, Foster Families, his dad, rich kids, Family: Mom: Loretta Thatcher, 32 yrs old, House Wife Dad: Hermes Siblings: Cabin 11 Siblings Other: None Happy Thoughts: His Siblings at Camp Half Blood Nightmares: Living a life with no one wanting him Fatal Flaw: Never takes things seriously PLAYED BY: DUDEITSBRITT FACE CLAIM: Neel Visser
  7. had the muse so here ya go! Don't forget to give me credit! LINK
  8. Approved We are happy to announce you've been approved to join Camp Half-Blood RP! Please make sure to do your claims and update/start your Member Directory post. All of these can be found HERE. Please allow staff 72 hours once you've done your claims to sort you appropriately. CONGRATS!
  9. Approved We are happy to announce you've been approved to join Camp Half-Blood RP! Please make sure to do your claims and update/start your Member Directory post. All of these can be found HERE. Please allow staff 72 hours once you've done your claims to sort you appropriately. CONGRATS!
  10. Approved We are happy to announce you've been approved to join Camp Half-Blood RP! Please make sure to do your claims and update/start your Member Directory post. All of these can be found HERE. Please allow staff 72 hours once you've done your claims to sort you appropriately. CONGRATS!
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  12. Evelyn Scott biography Nicholas Scott was a man who was obsessed with writing the perfect romance novel. It all started when he was a child as he watched his parents, love for each other, as they grew old together. His parents had been pen pals living in different parts of the United States, who crossed paths one random day and it was love at first sight. The two quickly exchanged information as they began to write to each other over several years before they decided to finally get married. Seeing this type of love inspired Nicholas at a young age to write his stories of love that was just meant to be. As he began to grow in popularity he caught the attention of a certain God who knew a thing or two about love, Aphrodite. The two quickly feel in love with their own perfect love story which was more than he could ever dream of. It had surpassed any of the books he had written giving him new inspiration to write more, new romance stories. The two courted for some time as their passion for each other was expressed physically. But then one day she tragically disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. The man desperate for his love story to continue, searched for the woman wondering why she had left him, if they were so in love. Nine months later a child given to him saying the mother had died but left the child to him, claiming he was the father. As they stated the name of his lover, he felt the grief washing over him as he just wanted his own happy ending. As the child grew, a part of him blamed the child for the death of his lover. Even thou they never told him such a tell. As a result the girl grew to feel unloved and unwanted by her father. She just wanted her daddy to love her and spend time with her. As his story with Aphrodite inspired many more romance novels, his popularity grew to the point many women flocked to him. But each relationship fell short of the love he had, so he would leave them in the end. Evelyn watched as her father would search for love, but could he not see her, the little girl in front of him that loved him so much. As she did not understand why he was searching for love when he had her. Was she not enough for him? It was however apparent as the girl grew she favored the beauty of her mother as many would comment on just how stunning she was. Nicholas faced with Evelyn's striking appearance of her mother with never finding a love like he had felt trapped in a life of reminders of his love without her love. This lead him to a dark decision that would end his life. It was a neighbor who found the body. Evelyn had become an orphan who was then thrust into the foster system at the age of 7 years old. The only thing her father left her was his fortune which was put into a trust fund. As she bounced from house to house, she was always treated poorly and would get in trouble for things that was not her fault. As these things would attack her when she played outside. Making things break or catch things on fire when she tired to fight it off. Being beautiful as a child made some of the families greedy as they even tried to used her in child modeling to make a buck or two off of her beauty. This is where she began to feel powerful as those around her seemed to marvel at her beauty. Making her feel as if she had some sort of value for once in her life. It was when she got the noticed that those around her would give her some sort of power if she used her beauty. So that was when she began to feel bits of happiness when her modeling would get attention as she grew older. The happiness would come and go as in waves that would crash on her day after day. Things began to come after her again when she was at school in her 6th grade year. First she thought this other girl just didn't like her as she was always getting her into trouble, but then one day she saw her as this ugly looking monster. Screaming she tried to tell the teacher that the girl was something unnatural when she got in even more trouble for speaking ill of another student. This was when she met Geo who she thought had a crush on her at first for how much he starred at her in class. But when she got to know him that was not the case. The two grew close as the curly hair boy helped her try to watch the evil girl who was out for her. The two even had a secret hide out, outside of school. It wasn't until one day in the hall when the girl became that monster she had seen once before. Telling her how she smelled so good and she was going to finish her once and for all. The two began to fight which the Aphrodite child was not the best at. The monster slashed and clawed to her causing her to be cut and scratched. Screaming for Geo when Geo came into the hall knocking the monster out. Run he told her which she did until she found herself far away the secret hideout the two had. Waiting for when Geo would show, the girl was bleeding but she was more scared than anything. When Geo showed up, he was badly hurt but was quick to tell her she was no longer safe here. Evelyn was confused at first but he told her to trust him and come to camp half-blood. Going to her foster family, they told her she was crazy and that she was nothing but a liar. Packing her things they tried to lock her in the room when she heard a knock at the window. Seeing Geo telling her to hurry up. Grabbing her things she pointed to the lock on the outside of the window for Geo to break. Finding a rock he broke the lock which she unlocked herself as well, pushing the window open to fleeing with Geo from one of the many places she had called home. Geo took her to half-blood hill which the journey was far from her place in Virginia. The girl was no one to workout or exercise so the trip exhausted her. It was only when they ran into a monster or two did she push herself to get to this camp. Once she did, she learned all about the Gods and how they had children with the mortals. Later that night, Evelyn was claimed by Aphrodite as her child. Part of her was angry with her mom as how could she let such a tragic thing happen to her and her dad. Over the next few years she began to learn to fight and defend herself at the bare minimum but mostly she spent time with her siblings. Evelyn could always be found around the camp reading one of her dad's novels no matter how hard it was for her. She too craves to be known fully and to be loved for her and not her beauty. As many at the camp made it clear that was what she was good more. As boys came and went who claimed they loved her but she would know it was only true infatuation with her looks. Was she destined to have a tragedy as his father did? Personality Evelyn is a fire cracker of a personality that lights up the room when she walks in but most just see the beauty. She is bubbly as she loves to get to know people and their story. Hoping that they too would want to know her. When she feels others being distant she can become shy and pull away as to fear of getting hurt once more. Being a child of Aphrodite she loves to look in the mirror as sadly it is one of the only places she feels she has power or any worth. Her love language is quality of time and words of affirmation as she never got that as a child. She longs to be loved for the real her inside who is weird and corky but only Geo and a few others have seen that side of her. About Me Birthdate: April 23rd, 2003 Likes: modeling, taking photos, spending time with her friends, reading love stories, strawberries, watching old movies Dislikes: people only talking to her because of her beauty, bugs, vegetables, sad endings, winter, wet animals, bad haircut Family: Mom: Aphrodite Dad: Nicholas Scott, Deceased at 35 Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Her with her father when he was single. Playing on the beach others as they talked and laughed. Nightmares: Her beauty fading and no one caring to love her ever again Fatal Flaw: Seeing her worth in only her beauty as she feel she is never enough anywhere else. PLAYED BY: DUDEITSBRITT FACE CLAIM: Jasmine Sanders
  13. Characters in Order: Evelyn Scott (Aphrodite) ~18 Theodore Thatcher (Hermes) ~16 Child of Boreas ~14 Etu Clenten (Apollo)~14/13 Sophia Barros (Iris)~19 Emily Anderson (Hecate) ~14 Lee Joon-woo (Hebe) ~19 (Marlon Teixeira, Lucky Blue Smith, Luka Sabbat) (Jessica Lowndes, Charley Jordan and Lily Chee) unknown names and parentage just yet Note: The faces and ages may change due to what is available when applied for! But please message me for plots 😄
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