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Dahlia Wakabayashi

Child of Demeter
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  1. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! Dahlia Wakabayashi
  2. 15 years old || Daughter of Demeter || Single || Hetero || Created Summer 2022 Best Friends with Tristan & Katie Crushed on Tristan Plotted with no one Loves her plants and will sing to them Is friends with most people as she is extremely friendly Is a vegetarian and a wonderful cook Traits: Extroverted ~ Bubbly~ Unique ~ Brilliant ~ Timid ~ Charismatic ~ loving
  3. ^Is sort of a sport addict < love pizza v What do you do for fun?
  4. Dahlia Wakabayashi biography The Yakuza is the mafia in Japan that holds much power and wealth. Once apart of the family you were never to leave or face death. Daichi had grown up in japan as a child of a higher up in the yakuza family. Most of the others loved being apart of it but he always just wanted to be with his mother in the Bonsai garden. His family used it as a front business to hide they were apart of such an organization. They had been long time members. Daichi preferred to just pretend his father was just a simple Bonsai owner. One day when it was his time to pledge his allegiance to the Yakuza, but the night before he fled. Taking own what he could he made his way to america's washington state. Where Daichi became a simple master gardener living in Washington State. He had come from a long line of Bonsai growers from Japan, so he had tons of experience attending to the plants. He was a simple man but he was also a family man. He loved to watch his plants grow and also his family. The pang of sadness when he thought of his mother especially saddened him. When he was in his twenties he met a woman at the local gardening convention who was also a master gardener. The two of them bonded over their love for the earth as well as the plants. They started a family together as Dahlia was born. Her mother was very over protective when she was little but as she grew weird things began to happen. That was when her mother left all of a sudden. This caused Daichi to go into a great depression. He searched for her but he had to accept that his true love left him. Clinging to his love with his daughter Dahlia and his skills as a master gardener. He brought up little Dahlia playing alongside him in the dirty as he worked. The plants seemed to respond to her as they always seemed to grow best when she was around. That was when it began to happen, the Yakuza unhappy with Daichi's disappearance had been searching for him this whole time. He was closing up shop with little Dahlia who was around 3 years old when all of a sudden they were surrounded. That was when Dahlia screamed and plant that was closest to her began to rapidly grow. This both shocked and terrified everyone around her. Making them run away as the plant got bigger and bigger. Scared and confused Daichi took his daughter and ran. Not knowing what to do he moved them to the midwest of Nebraska. However, the Yakuza had been dazed from the growth of the plant, it did not stop them from chasing the Wakabayashi family around the US. Always finding another area to live when things got bad. The two of them had each other which was what kept them going! Even though they were far away from most civilization monsters would find and attack Dahlia. A young local farmer boy with tufts of hair befriended her. The two of them loved nature and spent many of time together there. That was when it happened the Yakuza found her family again and this time she was 13 years old. They threatened everything she had and loved. Standing in front of her dad she began to scream as she did when she was little. For those who remembered they began to cower as the plants began to grow fast all around them. The Farmer boy seemed to appear just when an explosion happened. Was it the Yakuza or what? She had no time to tell that she had caught the attention of a monster which began to attack. She watched through the chaos as her dad got lost in the chaos. The farmer boy took her by her hand and told her to follow him to a place she would be safe. She was confused and scared so she did just that. That was when she made it to half blood hill and was told all about who she was. On her thirteenth birthday she was claimed by Demeter. She began to live with her siblings until after the summer was done. Then she found her dad once again. Living with him in the off times. Personality Dahlia is a shy girl who loves to be with her plants. She cares way too deeply about others that she loses her temper when they are messed with or hurt. She isn't really good with most books but loves those about plants which she uses the pictures to help her understand more about them. She is really artsy as she is a nature photographer. She is self taught and loves to capture the natural beauty of the world. About Me Birthdate: September 26, 2008 Likes: Plants, the feeling of dirt in her hands, anime, fall time, dancing in the rain Dislikes: school, the dark, bullies, meat, forest fires Family: Mom: Goddess Demeter Dad: Daichi Wakabayashi, 41 years old, Siblings: None Other: Grandmother, Asahi Wakabayashi, 60yrs Happy Thoughts: Attending to her plants or watching her sisters grow Nightmares: Being abandon and she causes everything around her to die Fatal Flaw: She cares to much about those around her, they can be used as bait. PLAYED BY: DUDEITSBRITT FACE CLAIM: Fumi Nikaido
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