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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Alyssa James biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: June 15, 2006 Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: Hebe Dad: Alexander James Siblings: None Other: None Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: Fears, etc. Fatal Flaw: Hubris? Inferiority Complex? Etc. PLAYED BY: Lilythe FACE CLAIM: Alissa Skovbye
  2. Legacy Characters So you've purchased the right to make a legacy character from the shop, but now you have to start creating that character! Here is some information to help you out! Procedures: Ensure that the purchase was completed from the Member Shop for the character you're making. Legacies can only be created at birth, so they cannot be applied to existing characters. Legacy characters must be 3 generations away from their godly ancestor (great grandparent, or further) for most deities. The Big Three will need to be 5 generations away (great, great, great grandparent, or further). Your character cannot be a descendant of a canon character! (other than the gods, obviously). We may, at some point, create children of canons as site canons. But we will not be allowing original characters that are descendants of, say Percy or Nico. Look Below to see which powers you might want for your character! Note, if it has an asterisk (*) next to it in the major powers section, that indicates that it must be applied for and that there needs to be room in the claims for it. If there is no room in the claims, you cannot have that ability. You may choose one major and one minor ability from your godly parent. Universal abilities are given to all legacies, however if your legacy is not also a demigod they will be weaker in these areas than a demigod, and this should continue to diminish in strength with each generation until they are relatively normal after 4 generations. Legacies must attend Camp Jupiter, and not Camp Half-Blood unless they are also a half-blood of a Greek God. In canon we only see legacies at Camp Jupiter for certain (even though Frank is a legacy of Poseidon, his father is Mars so he attended Camp Jupiter). However, it is likely that Meg McCaffrey from the Trials of Apollo is also a legacy of Poseidon since she is descended from Plemnaeus. The staff will address opening Camp Jupiter when it's appropriate, as the site grows. It mostly just involves logistics of creating groups and what that hierarchy will look like. Until this happens, the forum labeled "The World" is perfectly acceptable to house RPs with characters that are Camp Jupiter only. A user group will be created when it is necessary. In all other ways, the application process will still be the same. Universal Abilities Certain abilities are considered to be commonplace in the demigod world, while others are more rare. This will help you know what your character is capable of doing based on who their godly parent is. It will also alert you to which abilities are limited and must be applied for. This information was pulled, in many cases, directly of the Riordan Fandom wiki. Some information has been altered where appropriate for the site. These are abilities inherent to all half-bloods regardless of who their godly parent is. Though if you are not also a half-blood character, and are only a legacy, you will not have these to the same degree as a regular half-blood. Superhuman Strength: Demigods are far stronger than any human. The children of the Big Three: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are even stronger than normal demigods. Superhuman Speed: Demigods are far faster than any human, and possess greater swiftness. Superhuman Agility: Demigods possesses agility, equilibrium, and bodily coordination that are far greater than that of humans. Meaning, they possess great acrobatic prowess and maneuverability helping them in the midst of battle. They can move, jump very high, flip, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Superhuman Durability: Demigods possesses much greater durablity, resilience, and constitution than any human being. Therefore, they are capable of withstanding and surviving blows that would otherwise leave a human dead and/or injured if lucky. Superhuman Endurance: Demigods can endure physical stresses beyond the capabilities of the greatest humans, allowing them to operate efficiently for extended amounts of time, even if they are weakened or exhausted. Above-Normal Healing Factor: Demigods can heal faster and with more finality than humans and sustain far greater damage than humans. Heightened Senses: Demigods' five senses (hearing, smelling, sight, etc) are greatly increased. The senses of a demigod helps them notice small details and unusual attributes that shouldn’t be there, which help keep them alive in battle. Superhuman Stamina: Demigods have an unusually advanced musculature, granting them exceptionally high stamina and endurance surpassing most mortals. Demigods can perform rigorous physical activity for hours, until fatigue toxins in their blood stream begins to impair them, and they will begin to show signs of fatigue. Superhuman Reflexes: Demigods have far above average reflexes that can keep them alive during a fight (diagnosed as ADHD in mortals). It allows them to dodge inhumanly fast attacks that mortals wouldn’t be able to react to. Their reflexes also enables them to keep pace with beings faster, or as fast as them when in the midst of combat. Legacy of Zeus Children of Zeus have the following major abilities as options for them (choose one): NAME: Description Additionally, they may choose one of the following minor abilities: NAME: Description
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