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  3. Hi, my name is Nico, my Alias is Nico Di Angelo, I live in Michigan, and my preferred mentor is really anyone available. Thanks
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  5. Trilore Sarn biography Trilore was born on April 17th, he lived alone with his mother, Canarea Sarn, for the most part of his early life. His father disappeard when he was young. When Trilore turned 10 he went to a private school in Washinton D.C. he wasn't the best at his academics, well all except math and history. For some reason trilore adored math it was his second favorite class, his first being frencing. He was the best at fencing in his school, it just came easy to him. Trilore was happy for the longest time, well until the anger issues started and he picked fights with everyone. At the age of 12 he noticed that everyone he was around started becoming anrgy as soon as he walked in the room, so for most of his freshman year he managed to learn to control his anger and didnt talk to anyone, since that seemed to be when people fought the most. That didnt seem to matter everytime he entered a room a fight would break out, it could be anyting from a samll argument to a full on fight, his mother was the only one not affected. One the day he turned 13, during lunch Trilore noticed something he couldnt quite explain. The creature looked like a women, no a snake, maybe both, all Trilore new was no one else seemed to see it and it was looking right at him. That day Trilore ran home and told his mother of what he saw and she told him that his father was a god and that he will have to go to a camp in long island. A week later Trilore had begun to pack for the camp, which started at the begining of the summer, he didnt really want to leave but his mother had insisted. He grabbed a bag and put his journal in it as well as a few outfits. So once he was packed he began to say goodbye to his mother and as he did she began to cry and once she stopped Trilore was about to leave when he remembered to grab his fencing saber, which his mother said his father left for him, the saber was able to retract into the hilt he didnt really know how it worked it just did. Trilore gave his mother one last hug before he left and as soon as he stepped trought the door an image of the head of a boar appeared above his head, Ares his father was Ares. Personality Trilore is a seemingly shy boy who is a tittle rough around the edges and is always looking around taking in his surroundings. He rarely talks to anyone unless he sees them as a potential ally. He always carries his fencing saber. About Me Birthdate: April 17, 2011 Likes: Fencing, sour food, history, math, chess, and hunting. Dislikes: Cats, insects, calm games, nosey people, and sweets. Family: Mom: Canarea Sarn(35) Dad: Ares Siblings: - Other: - Happy Thoughts: Trilore enjoys when he first hunted deer when he turned 13. When he first picked up a fencing saber. Nightmares: Trilore has a fear that one day everyone he has cometo care about will turn on him, this has become a reacurring nightmare. Which this nightmare has transformed into extreme paranoia. Fatal Flaw: Trilore beleives everyone even his closest friends will turn on his so he a always ectremly paranoid. Etc. PLAYED BY: Aldrean FACE CLAIM: CELEBRITY NAME
  6. It's Been Fun... Hey all! Well, the time has come. After a couple years online, sadly it's time to announce that CampHalfBloodRP.Com will be closing on July 15, 2024 Why? In all honesty, it's been a bit overwhelming for a while for me, and I've lacked motivation to do all the things I need to in order to really make it what I want it to be. Additionally, I haven't yet found work in the United Kingdom because I'm still getting my license transferred to work over here. So, as a result, I can no longer afford to support it and the renewal is going to happen soon, so if I don't pull the plug now it'll just cost several hundred more that I don't want to spend yet. What's Next? This doesn't have to be the end of us all keeping in touch. I'm going to renew the domain address so nobody can take it, and I'm going to keep the Discord server up, so we can all keep in touch there until I bring the site back. This is Lilythe, signing off. Take care campers!
  7. Meshach Willem biography Meshach was born on October 19th. No one knows how he was born and his father kept it a secret. he lived with his father alone. His father, Peter Willem, was an unknown author and poet. Almost all of his poems was about his adoration on the sun, natures, and Apollo. Meshach was enrolled in a public school. His socials was so-so, nothing special, and he was just like any regular kids. Sometimes he saw something that couldn't be seen by his father or his peers but he kept it alone after one of his peers called him weird. His favorite thing in school was music class, He was praised for his flute and oboe skill by his teacher. Knowing this, Peter bought him an ocarina that had his name carved on it. The ocarina easily became his favourite obsession. When he was nine, in early summer, he was having picnic with his father in a lake. They were having fun until Meshach felt something off in that place. Someone or some people seemed to look at him non-stop. It made Meshach uncomfortable but he couldn't tell his father because he didn't want to ruin the day. The first thing that happened was something tripped him and made a wound on his knees. His father ran towards him but helpless since there was no first aid kit around. Peter remembered something. He asked to follow him singing something. Meshach was clueless that time but couldn't help to follow his father. And magically, the wound was healed. Meshach became puzzled but no words could come out of his mouth. His father asked what had happened but Meshach himself didn't know. Then they continued picnic. There was a boat near them. It looked like completely fine. Peter asked him to go rowing on the lake. Meshach nodded, completely ignored his uncomfortable feeling. Once they were off the shore, the boat was shaking. Not only that, Meshach once again grabbed by something, an ugly creature. The boy fought for his life to release himself from the grab and he succeeded. But the oxygen in his lungs was depleted. It was too late for him until he felt another grab from the surface. Peter quickly pull Meshach and row quickly to the shore and did chest compression to save Meshach. That scene attracted some crowds to surround them and some helps also came to them. It was night when they were home. Peter brought his sleeping son to his room. That day exhausted the father and the son. And the feeling of drowning was still haunting the boy, made him awoke at midnight. All he saw was his dark room that somewhat made him suffocate. There was a glimpse of light that comes from a small space under the door. He focused to see that weak light for some moment before it becomes brighter for some moments. It of course frightened the nine-years-old boy. It kept like that until the door was opened. His father told him to go outside to meet someone. A short-stature man with a weird posture was sitting on a couch in the living room. The man told him that he was demigod. Then his father told him that Apollo was also his parent. Everything was clicked in his small brain. That was the reason why he experienced that weirdness that day. The man then asked him to go to the camp that full of the kids like him. It was also for his father's safety. Meshach agreed. He wanted to know about his heritage more and how the kids like him lived. So, in the early summer, he went to the camp with the weird man bringing his belonging that was already prepared by his father. He also didn't forget to bring his ocarina along with him. Personality Meshach is a calm boy and unbothered by his surroundings. He prioritizes himself first before the ones he loves. He always brought his ocarina with him. About Me Birthdate: October 19th, 2014 Likes: Sweets, Plants, Hiking, Wind Intruments Sounds, Archery, Poems, Day Light Dislikes: Bitters, Dark Places, Thick Books, Loud Screams, Deep Water, Water Sports Family: Mom:- Dad: Apollo and Peter Willem (36) Siblings: - Other: - Happy Thoughts: Meshach likes his time with his father hiking. His father shared a lot of stories of some plants and sometimes makes a poem from the view. Nightmares: Meshach doesn't like deep water like pool, lake, and sea due to his experience being drowned in a lake when he was seven. Fortunately, his father still could save him. But the feeling of drowning was still haunting Meshach. Fatal Flaw: Thallasophobia PLAYED BY: ZACH FACE CLAIM: NICK PERVAK
  8. VERITY ENGELS biography Verity Themis Engels was born on May 23rd, 2011, as the oldest daughter of Daedalus Barlos Engels and a daughter of Aphrodite. Daedalus owns a small hotel chain that brings enough wealth for the family to live comfortably and more. Not long after Verity was born, her father quickly married her now-stepmother Eulalie Ulyana Griffiths. Verity grew up with hobbies such as ballet, ballroom dancing, playing the harp, and other 'proper' hobbies a rich girl was meant to have. A few years after she was born, her little brother Cassius entered the world, someone she absolutely adores. (not sure how to properly apply for this ability so if anyone could give me pointers, that would be amazing!) Verity is able to shapeshift as one of her unique abilities as a child of Aphrodite. It began with her eyes turning green instead of being her usual blue. Another day, her hair turned turned from her nearly-white blonde to a deep shade of chocolate brown. Her parents often dismissed it as a trick of the light since they never lasted longer than a few seconds. Personality Verity is a very cool-headed girl with a tendency for impulsivity, lack of patience, and restlessness. About Me Birthdate: May 23rd, 2011 Likes: ballet, ballroom, harp, beige/white colours, frilly skirts Dislikes: most sports, getting dirty, fractions, spiders, cheap fabric Family: Mom: Aphrodite; Eulalie Ulyana Engels, stepmother, 33 Dad: Daedalus Barlos Engels, 35 Siblings: Cassius Asterion Engels, 6 Happy Thoughts: making flower bouquets Nightmares: losing her brother Fatal Flaw: impulsiveness PLAYED BY: Clare FACE CLAIM: Shay Rudolph
  9. Gwyneth Morelli biography Born to Hectate and Django Morelli. Lost her father and her brother Pietro at a young age to a Minotaur. She blames Hades for letting monsters come after her loved ones. Personality Gwyneth is a serious and introverted individual with emotional fragility due to her upbringing. At her core, however, Gwyenth has a caring personality devoted to protecting innocents, and a willingness to fight for what she feels is right. About Me Birthdate: September 11 2011 Likes: Her loved ones, television, helping people, art, music, and kind people. Dislikes: Monsters, Hades, Cruel people, people who try to hurt her loved ones, and the Titans. Family: Mom: Hectate Dad: Django Morelli (Deceased) Happy Thoughts: Her loved ones. Nightmares: Losing people she cares about Fatal flaw: Letting go of those she cares about PLAYED BY: YOUR ALIAS HERE Wanda Maximoff FACE CLAIM: Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff
  10. Asher hadn't thought much about what a future without camp would be like. She knew it was bound to happen. She was getting older and at some point, she had to leave that behind. But it wasn't something that weighed on her mind like it should. It would be something she would deal with when the time came, not before. She turned to look at Theo and nodded. She wasn't one to get overly sentimental, so she wasn't sure what to say. She just smiled and extended her hand to grab his. "Let's go," she said softly. (END)
  11. Arsen looked at Theo and wasn't surprised by the look on his face. He was already enamored with the alluring aura of his surroundings and seemed to be falling for its charms pretty quickly. The club could be all encapsulating and it was known that people could spend days on end without leaving and he couldn't blame them. After all, this was a place that provided them with a sanctuary. They could bee themselves and let go of any inhibitions. He smirked and followed Theo towards the crowd of girls dancing. He placed his empty glass on a passing tray and simply watched. (END)
  12. As the last of the sun's glow faded, casting long shadows across the tranquil water, Theo felt a blend of melancholy and contentment stir within him. He gazed at the soft ripples on the lake's surface, considering Asher's question, feeling the weight of a future that was all too uncertain. "It does feel strange, thinking about leaving all this behind," he admitted, his voice tinged with a mix of nostalgia and realism. "Camp has been more than just a place; it's been a part of who I am. But I guess, like everything else, it’s meant to be a chapter. Not the whole story." He paused, his gaze drifting back to Asher, appreciating her presence beside him, a reminder of the connections that made the impending departure bittersweet. "I think about it sometimes, what life outside will be like. It’s a mix of excitement for the new adventures and a bit of dread for the unknown. I want to carry forward the lessons I've learned here, the openness, the bravery. Maybe find a way to blend the spirit of camp with the rest of the world waiting out there." He chuckled softly, trying to mask the uncertainty with a hint of optimism. "But no matter where we end up, I believe the bonds we've built here won't just disappear. They're too strong, too important. And hey," he added, giving Asher a gentle, reassuring smile, "we’ll always have the memories, right? More importantly....maybe even each other? Plus, the world outside isn't going anywhere. Maybe it's our turn to make it feel a bit more like camp." His words carried a hope that they both could find a way to navigate the transition, maintaining the essence of what had brought them together, even as the chapter at camp closed. "Perhaps we should start to head back though, it is going to get pretty dark soon." As he said this he reached out his hand to take hers and lead them wherever the future and fate had in mind.
  13. Asher turned to look at the lake. It was different from the lakes in Central Park. Everything here was different from New York. She often split her time between the city and camp but for some reason, none of those ever quite made her feel at home. Her townhouse did feel like the place she grew up but that building was like it was surrounded by a wall that made it feel out of reach to the outside world. It was her sanctuary. Still, the lake felt peaceful and she realized then, it had never felt that way before. "What do you think you're going to do once you have to leave camp? Do you ever feel strange to know there will be a time when we can't come back?"
  14. Amid the rhythm and pulse of the Olympian Club, Theo's eyes caught the sway of dancers on the floor, their movements a mesmerizing blend of grace and allure. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he nudged Arsen, his usual restraint giving way to the night's vibrant energy. "Let's mix things up," Theo suggested, his voice laced with the thrill of spontaneity. With a confident stride, he led the way, each step closer to the dance floor amplifying the electric buzz in his veins. The music, a hypnotic fusion of ancient melodies and modern beats, seemed to resonate with his adventurous spirit. Approaching the group of attractive ladies, Theo's charm surfaced naturally, his smile engaging, his demeanor relaxed yet attentive. The dance floor became a stage for playful exchanges and fluid movements, where Theo, usually the master of calculated risks and hidden motives, found himself immersed in the pure joy of the moment.
  15. Theo paused, his gaze lingering on the sunset painting the sky in hues of gold and pink, reflecting on Asher's question with a contemplative silence. The tranquil scene before them seemed to mirror the quiet introspection he felt. "Sometimes, yeah," he finally said, his voice low and thoughtful, eyes still fixed on the fading light. "I've wondered what it would be like to have a 'normal' life, to not always be on the move, to have a steady place to call home." He turned to Asher, his expression a mix of resignation and acceptance. "But then, I think about all the things I've experienced, the adventures, the challenges... they've shaped me, made me who I am. Sure, it's been tough, and I've had my share of wishing for something different, something easier. But if I were someone else, I wouldn't have met you, wouldn't have had this moment right now." He smiled softly, the warmth in his eyes conveying a sincerity that words alone could not. "Our pasts, as chaotic as they were, led us here, to each other. And I can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, it was all worth it."
  16. Asher wasn't one to believe in destiny. At least not in the way that romance made it out to be. That whole things about crossing paths with the one that you were meant to be with sounded very unlikely. Like one was not in charge or their journey but merely did went through life feeling no real sense of purpose until something happened to them. She was not like that. She always took control and she always did something because standing eerily by seemed to be what had eventually killed her father. Asher was afraid that if she slowed down, allowed herself to think, to fill, it would kill her too. She had never told anyone that and quite honestly, she wasn't even sure she knew how to explain it. "Do you ever wish that we were someone else? That we weren't who we are now and we had simply been born normal? I always wondered what it was like to have a family that was whole."
  17. Arsen could get into the history of the Olympian Club but why bore Theo with the details of the place. Besides, the history was written all over the place. He could find out for himself and go exploring all the hidden in and outs of the club. He simply nodded as he took another sip of his drink. It wasn't ideal that other people whispered about the existence of the club or the amount of speculation that it provided. But at the same time, he couldn't help but feel proud of it because it had been him that had made it what it was now. "I've been coming here since I was fifteen. Somehow it always felt like the place I belonged the most outside of camp." And that was saying a lot, knowing that he always made it seemed like he fit in anywhere with ease. "It's safe too so we never have to worry about being in danger though I cannot take credit for being the one that came up with a unique protection system."
  18. Theo's eyes sparkled with amusement as he watched Arsen's drink materialize. "Tastes like a blend of adventure and a bit of mystery, with a dash of something unpredictable," he replied, savoring another sip. "It's like it knows what I'm about." He watched Arsen's reaction to his own drink, fascinated by the concept of a personalized experience. "I can see why you like this place. It's got a certain charm that's hard to find anywhere else." Leaning on the bar, Theo turned towards Arsen, his expression shifting to one of contemplation. "I heard about it in bits and pieces, whispers around camp. You know how it is, stories get around, especially the intriguing ones." He swirled the liquid in his glass, watching the silver streaks dance. "But I never really knew if it was real or just another campfire tale until tonight. I figured if anyone knew about it, it'd be you." Theo's voice held a note of respect, acknowledging Arsen's reputation and connections. He took another sip, letting the unique flavors wash over his tongue. This night had turned into more than just a break from the ordinary; it was a glimpse into a world where his heritage was not just acknowledged, but celebrated. It was a world where he could be more than just a son of Hermes, a world where he felt like he truly belonged. He raised his glass slightly towards Arsen, a silent nod to the new experiences and the mysteries that awaited them in the Olympian Club.
  19. Theo listened intently to Asher's recounting of her childhood, a stark contrast to his own. "I guess my plan wasn't that far ahead," he admitted with a slight shrug, a rueful grin on his face. "I didn't think about what would happen to them afterward. I just wanted to break the chains, you know? Make a statement. But you're right, it was more complicated than I realized at the time." He paused, pondering the simplicity of his younger mindset compared to the complexities he understood now. He turned his gaze back to Asher as she shared her own experiences, finding a deep respect for the sense of duty and maturity she had shouldered from such a young age. "It makes perfect sense," he replied sincerely. "You stepped up when you needed to, took on responsibilities most kids wouldn't even think about. It's admirable, Asher. And I get it, in a way. We both had to grow up fast, just in different worlds, with different challenges." Theo's voice carried a tone of understanding and appreciation for the paths they had both walked, so different yet leading them to this shared moment. Theo's eyes reflected a mix of emotions as they continued their walk - amusement, respect, and a growing sense of connection to Asher's story. "You know, it's funny how different our childhoods were, yet here we are, walking the same path now. It's like two completely different journeys leading to the same destination." He chuckled softly, finding irony in the thought. "I think it's pretty cool, actually. We've both learned a lot along the way, and now we get to share that with each other." Theo's expression softened as he looked out over the lake, feeling a sense of peace and rightness in this moment with Asher, despite their contrasting pasts.
  20. Asher chuckled for a moment as Theo spoke, though there was a pressing question that lingered about her mind over everything else. She found his story amusing and very on character but she couldn't help but think about all the consequences and series of events that came out of that one heist. "What were you planning to do with all the free animals? I mean, I suppose in the store or at the zoo they are somewhat taken care of, but out there in the wild- Where you going to take them somewhere?" Asher thought it was very interesting how Theo talked about that feeling of wanting to be alive. To feel the rush and adrenaline of doing something he wasn't supposed to. Asher had never truly felt that. She never broke the rules but she never felt a need to do so either. She followed instructions and did what was expected of her and she was okay with that. It made her feel important and extraordinary whenever she achieved what was laid out in front of her. "I was not like that. I always did what I was told. I took all kinds of lessons, I focused on school, I did my chores. After it was clear that my brother wasn't exactly going to follow in my father's footsteps, I took on the role to be the son he wanted. Plus, I think that kept his mind off my mother. He never quite got over her. I guess you could say I was always just perfect. I was serious and didn't care much for childish things. I had to grow up fast. Someone had to take care of my brother and look after my father. But I didn't think of it as a burden. I had everything I could want. I don't know if that makes sense to you."
  21. Arsen followed Theo towards the bar and watched him with great intrigue as he got himself his drink. This was one of his favorite things to witness. He enjoyed watching the new people get a drink that fitted them so effortlessly. It never tasted the same to everyone. He looked at the deep blue mixing with the silver and he couldn't help but chuckle. A child of Hermes definitely fitted those color palettes. "What does it taste like?" He asked. As he leaned against the bar and turned to look at it, a glass materialized itself in front of him. He waited as mixture of deep purple with silver sparkles filled the glass from the bottom. "You see, even if I taste it, it wouldn't taste the same to me or even right for that matter. Everyone here is different so the drinks are catered to them personally. If someone else drinks it, it will always feel out of place." He took a sip of his drink and sighed in perfect contentment. He wanted something subtle today. He wasn't up for a long night of partying but rather a much more casual encounter. "So, how did you find out about this place?"
  22. Theo's gaze followed Arsen's nod, taking in the array of familiar and unfamiliar faces, the mingling of divine bloodlines under one roof. His attention, however, snapped back at the mention of the bar. "No bartender?" he echoed, an eyebrow arching in intrigue. The idea of a drink tailored perfectly to him by magic alone was a novelty he couldn't resist. "Definitely want to try that," he responded, a spark of curiosity lighting up his eyes. As they approached the bar, Theo observed the sleek, polished surface, wondering what concoction it would produce for him. The thought of a drink reflecting his true essence, or perhaps his current mood, was both exciting and slightly unnerving. He stood at the bar, watching with fascination as a glass appeared, followed by a swirl of liquid that seemed to dance and shimmer into existence. The color, a deep blue with streaks of silver, reminded him of the night sky. He picked up the glass, the cool surface sending a chill through his fingertips. Bringing it to his lips, he took a cautious sip, the flavors exploding on his tongue – a mix of something bold and adventurous with a hint of underlying complexity. It was like tasting a part of himself, a reminder of who he was and the journey that brought him here. Theo turned to Arsen, a wide grin spreading across his face. "This is incredible," he said, holding up his glass. "Who knew a drink could feel so... personal?" For a moment, he felt a surge of gratitude for this night, for the unexpected turn of events that brought him to this place of wonder. The Olympian Club was more than just a hidden gem; it was a celebration of their heritage, a place where the lines between the ordinary and the divine blurred into a beautiful mosaic. He raised his glass to Arsen in a silent toast, a gesture of thanks for the adventure, for the opportunity to explore a part of the world where he truly felt at home.
  23. As they began their walk around the serene lake, Theo felt a sense of ease envelop him. Asher's request to share untold parts of himself sparked a mixture of excitement and apprehension. He glanced at her, taking in her expectant look, and decided to delve into a memory that was quintessentially him, yet something he rarely shared. "You know, my life's been a series of dodging trouble and finding new ones," he started, his voice light but tinged with introspection. "But there's this one time, back when I was about twelve, that really sticks out." He chuckled, recalling the mischief. "I had this crazy idea to 'liberate' all the pets from a local pet store. I thought, 'Hey, these creatures deserve freedom just like I do.' So, one night, I snuck in, and, well, let's just say the town had a bit of a zoo on the loose the next morning." He shook his head, still amused by his younger self's antics. "Cats in trees, dogs chasing mailmen, hamsters rolling down the streets in their balls... It was chaos!" Theo glanced at Asher, his eyes twinkling with the mischief of the memory. "So, yeah, that morning was quite a spectacle. You should've seen the look on the store owner's face – a mix of horror and disbelief. And me? I was watching it all from a distance, feeling like the mastermind of the greatest heist. Well, until I got caught, that is." He laughed, a genuine, hearty sound that echoed in the stillness of the night. "The police found it less amusing, obviously. But the thrill of that night, the adrenaline rush of pulling off something so absurd – it was classic Theo." His smile was infectious, and he gave Asher a playful nudge. "That's the kind of stuff that made my childhood... interesting, to say the least. Always on the run, always plotting some crazy scheme. It wasn't just about causing trouble; it was about feeling alive, feeling free in my own way." He shrugged, a casual gesture that belied the wildness of his younger days. "I guess that's a part of who I am – always looking for the next adventure, the next challenge. Keeps life interesting, don't you think? But enough about me, it's your turn! What was little Asher like?" he teased.
  24. It didn't escape his notice that Theo seemed to be completely amazed by what he saw. He couldn't blame him. After all, Arsen had been so himself when he had first walked into the club. Though he would never admit it to anyone and he was also responsible for making the club that much more exclusive and intriguing. He glanced over the crowd to see some familiar faces and nodded in their direction. He always felt like quite the celebrity around but he kept such sentiments hidden under his usual air of coolness. "Well, that is putting it mildly. There is no bartender. You only have to get closer to the bar and it will make a drink perfect for you. Courtesy of Cabin 20. Might as well put those spells into good use. You want to try?"
  25. Asher had no real guidance when it came to relationships. Her mother had left when they were young and her father never bothered to date after that. She had no sense of what constituted a healthy relationship. How they were supposed to communicate. How they were supposed to act around each other and what meant to be committed. She knew the basics. But then again, everyone had their own idea of romance and things of the sort. She was terrified and for a moment she wondered if she was up for it. If she was capable enough of such things. After all, there was a reason why she had always opted to be alone. She liked Theo. She dared say she liked him more than she intended to. And that was the terrifying part. Because what if she got used to him and his presence and then he walked away? What if she got so comfortable in his embrace that when he left, it left her heart shattered. She wondered who she could talk to about this. The only person she had ever confided on was her brother and she doubted he truly understood her sentiments. "A walk sounds nice. Why don't you tell me about you? Share things you have never shared before."
  26. Theo hesitated for a brief moment at the threshold, the darkness beyond the door seemingly impenetrable. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he stepped forward, his heart pounding in his chest with a mix of apprehension and excitement. As he crossed the boundary, the darkness enveloped him momentarily before giving way to the club’s interior. The Olympian Club was unlike anything Theo had ever seen. It was an ethereal blend of modern luxury and ancient Greek aesthetics. The walls glowed with a soft, golden light that seemed to emanate from within the stone itself, casting a warm, inviting glow over the entire space. Marble columns stood tall, interspersed with lush greenery that hung from the ceiling, creating an illusion of a Grecian garden. The air was filled with a mix of scents - the rich aroma of ambrosia, the earthy fragrance of the plants, and the subtle hint of the sea. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy, yet there was an underlying current of tranquility. Theo's eyes widened as he took in the scene before him. Around the room, demigods mingled, their laughter and conversations melding into a symphony of life and enjoyment. In one corner, a group gathered around a table, their eyes fixed on a game of strategy that seemed to involve both skill and magic. Elsewhere, a bard strummed a lyre, the melodies weaving through the air with a mesmerizing grace. Theo felt a sense of awe wash over him; this was a place of stories, of legends, a place where the mundane met the mystical. He realized, in that moment, that stepping through that door had not just been about proving himself or seeking adventure. It was about discovering a world where he could belong, where his heritage was a source of pride, not just a mark of difference. Here, in the Olympian Club, Theo Thatcher wasn't just another demigod; he was part of something much greater. Nudging Arsen he pointed to the nearby bar. "Let's hit that up first, I bet they must have some amazing drinks here right??"
  27. Theo felt a profound sense of contentment wash over him as Asher accepted his promise and made her own. Her admission, her request for patience, was a testament to the depth of what was unfolding between them. "I'll be as patient as it takes," he replied, a soft smile playing on his lips. "And I'm ready for the tough talks, the rough patches. We'll get through them, together." His words were not just promises but a commitment to the journey they were embarking on. As she pulled away, leaving a kiss on his cheek, a sense of normalcy returned, grounding him back in the moment. "Well," he said, thinking for a moment, "how about we just take a walk? Nothing too intense, just a chance to talk more, be together." He offered her his hand, a gesture of partnership and equality. "I think a walk around the lake would be perfect. It's peaceful, and we can enjoy the night. Plus," he added with a playful twinkle in his eye, "I get to spend more time with you." Theo realized that with Asher, every moment, every interaction, was an opportunity to learn more about her, to deepen their connection. The simplicity of a walk, the tranquility of their surroundings, it was all they needed to continue building on the foundation they had just set.
  28. Asher took a deep breath. They had kissed and they had spoken and she could feel herself slowly relax. It wasn't easy for her to let people in or trust them. Even at work it had been an issue, as she regarded her judgement above everyone else's. But she had to learn to be more open and she had to learn to rely on the people around her. She took a deep breath and looked at Theo. He pressed his forehead against hers and Asher was ever so grateful she wasn't shaking from the entire ordeal. "We'll talk," she said, more as a statement than an open ended question. "It won't always be easy though so be patient with me." She took a deep breath as she pulled away from their closeness and kissed him on the cheek. "What do you want to do now?"
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