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  2. He would sit across from the young man and start eating his fish. He would say to him. “I see you still burn some of your food for them. That’ll pass when you realize what the rest of us have. I can see what I can whip up in my free time but I am quite busy. You can ask one of my brothers and sisters but they are busy too but let’s say that I were to make you a weapon what kind of weapon would you like?” The young man would go on about questing “me personally no I have not been on a quest but some of my weapons and other machines and things have been. But I would rather not go unless it would be absolutely necessary to. Because be careful what you wish for quests can be deadly and some campers don’t make it back. But they are rare and not usually worth the hassle.”
  3. Asher sighed. She was expected to come here and have him say something that would annoy her and then it would be all too easy to walk away. But he was making it harder and she couldn't find it in herself to walk away at that moment. She bit the inside of her cheeks and then turned to look at him. She understood what he meant and she even sympathize with him. It wasn't easy to show emotions and feelings, especially when one was always on survival mode. Still, she knew that what he said was true and so there was not much to do or say but just listen. "I don't blame you for hiding your emotions," she said. "I understand that better than anyone. I don't care that you have a past. Everyone does. What bothered me was that you didn't tell me. I don't like to be blindsided. I want to know everything so that when it comes up, I'm prepared. You made me feel like an idiot, Theo, and that is not something I can tolerate."
  4. Arsen chuckled. This was a very amusing situation if he said so himself. Not how he thought he would be spending his afternoon but hey, wasn't that how life was supposed to go. Arsen didn't say much as he closed the door to Cabin 20 behind him. He simply extended his arm so Theo would follow him. Truth was Arsen had been to the Olympian Club before. How could he not, given who he was? He knew its secrets and knew that it was often members who sought out prospective members rather than the other way around. He was breaking a million rules, but surely no one expected him so actually follow them. "Oh you would be surprised," Arsen said. "Everyone invited is a demi-god so you have to prove there is something else that you can bring to the table. Whether it be money, favors, power, doesn't matter. What do you bring to the table, Theo?"
  5. Axel's eyes sparkled at the thought of taking on the Ares kids. While he and his Nike siblings were unmatched in combat prowess, the Ares children often outpaced him in raw strength alone - especially the older boys. One particular bully came to mind... one he'd take great satisfaction in showing up. "Thanks, man!" he piled his plate high with fresh fish. The Dining Hall was one of his favorite places at camp. Second only perhaps to the training fields. Like most teenage boys, he was fully capable of eating his weight in food. Though before coming to camp he'd scarcely had the opportunity. After his dad had gotten sick, the family finances hadn't been in the best place. Even if they had it was doubtful that his stepfather would have given young Axel more than the bare minimum. So the piles of fresh meats, fruits, and cheeses that filled up the Dining Hall had been enough to bring the boy to tears when he'd first seen them. Following the line of campers, he approached the fire. By now the procedure felt more like habit than a true act of reverence. "Nike," he whispered as a chunk of fish descended into the fire. He'd long ago stopped expecting it to smell like burnt fish, but he doubted he'd ever get over the wonderful smells that did rise from the flames. The smell of god food... he dreamed that perhaps one day he'd taste it. To dine with the gods as a true Demigod Hero like Hercules did in those old stories. But for now he was more than grateful for the fish. He waited for Devon to finish his offering and joined him at the table. "I don't need anything fancy," he explained through mouthfuls of meat. " Just somethin' weighted for me, y'know. Somethin' that won't break down from training every day. Gods, I'd love to go on a quest. It could happen you know. I've heard the Oracle can send anyone anytime. Even kids my age." He washed down his meal with a goblet of conjured root beer. "You ever been on a quest?"
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  7. Tempest watched Trix's movements, a mixture of wariness and curiosity etching her features. The confession had stripped away layers of animosity, leaving a rawness that was both unsettling and oddly comforting. As Trix spoke, admitting to the depth of her hidden pain, Tempest felt an unusual tug at her heart—a sense of camaraderie in their shared brokenness. "Yeah, we're a mess," she agreed, her voice softening. "But I guess being a mess isn't so bad when you're not alone in it." The words felt foreign as they left her lips, a testament to a shift within her, a begrudging acceptance of the connection that bound them in their shared imperfections. When Trix kissed her cheek, Tempest stiffened momentarily, surprised by the gesture's intimacy. It was unexpected....yet not entirely unwelcome. She turned her face slightly, catching a glimpse of Trix's profile against the backdrop of the night sky. "Broken together, huh?" Tempest mused, a ghost of a smile playing on her lips. "I suppose there are worse things." The admission was a significant concession from her, a bending of her rigid self-imposed rules. For a moment, she allowed herself to imagine what it might be like to let go, to embrace the chaos instead of fighting it. As Trix stepped back, Tempest felt a subtle shift in the air between them. Their rivalry had cooled, morphing into something less volatile, yet equally complex. "Don't think this changes everything, Trix," she warned, her usual fiery demeanor resurfacing as a protective veneer. "I'm still not your best friend or anything. But maybe... just maybe, we don't have to be at each other's throats all the time." It was an offer of a truce, a silent agreement to navigate their shared path with a bit more understanding and less animosity. As Trix turned to leave, Tempest watched her go, a deep contemplation settling over her. Their journey was far from over, but for the first time, Tempest felt a glimmer of hope that perhaps, amidst the chaos, they could find moments of peace.
  8. Theo nodded, absorbing her words, feeling their weight settle over him. He sensed the fragility of the moment, the precipice on which they both stood. "You're right, Asher. It's been messy, and I'm... I'm sorry for my part in that," he said, his voice laced with sincerity. He took a step closer, not to invade her space but to bridge the chasm that seemed to have formed between them. "Starting from the beginning, huh?" he mused, a half-smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, not out of humor but as a reflex to mask the nervousness that was starting to gnaw at him. "Well, my life's been a series of foster homes, run-ins with trouble, and finding out I'm the son of Hermes. I've always lived in the moment, never looking too far ahead. I guess it's made me good at avoiding stuff... feelings, mostly." He paused, searching for the right words. "But with you, it's different. I can't just slide past it or charm my way out. What happened between us, it wasn't part of some plan. It caught me off guard because I... I didn't expect to feel something real. And that scares me, Asher, more than any monster I've faced at camp." He took a deep breath, a rare display of vulnerability peeking through his typically carefree facade. "I've got baggage, more than I'd like to admit. And I get it if that's... if that's too much. But I also know that I don't want to keep guessing with you. I want to be someone you don't have to second-guess. Someone whose dirty laundry... well, it's out in the open, and it's not going to sneak up on you." Theo's eyes held hers, steady and earnest. "So, here I am, no excuses, no running. Just me, wanting to be better. For you, and maybe a little for myself too."
  9. Theo's eyes glittered with triumph as Arsen acquiesced, yet he maintained a composed facade. "You've got yourself a deal, Arsen," he said, his voice steady but the undercurrent of excitement palpable. He knew the unspoken rule of such agreements; favors were currency in their world, and he was prepared to pay up when the time came. "As for the Olympian Club," he continued, leaning back against the doorframe, "rumors travel fast when they're about something this exclusive. Overheard a couple of Apollo kids talking about it. They couldn't stop gushing about the place – said it's like nothing else they've ever seen." Theo's words were carefully chosen, a blend of truth and embellishment designed to entice. He pushed off from the doorframe, his movements fluid, a street-smart grace that came from years of adapting to different situations. "I don't have all the details, but that's part of the fun, right? Discovering the unknown." His grin was infectious, a challenge and an invitation all at once. He could feel the night stretching out before them, full of potential and unknowns. This was the kind of opportunity he relished – a chance to step out of the shadows of his past, to be more than just a Hermes kid with a knack for trouble. "In any case, I reckon we'll figure it out as we go. We're demigods after all – if we can't handle a little mystery, who can?" His question, rhetorical in nature, was laced with a confidence that bordered on recklessness, a trait that often found him toeing the line between danger and excitement. But tonight, it felt right. Tonight, they weren't just any campers – they were adventurers on the brink of an unforgettable escapade!
  10. It was funny. Even after learning about Tempest’s tragic past, Beatrix couldn’t bring herself to see the girl as anything but a radiant powerhouse. She didn’t look at her and feel sorry: she looked at her and felt… something else. Damaged goods. Trix nodded at that phrase, almost subconsciously. It fit more comfortably than any clothes she owned, any title she bore. Something about the way Tempest spoke sounded like she was processing in real-time, having thoughts that were new to her. “If it makes you feel any better, Tem, you hide your demons pretty damn well. I never would’ve guessed,” Bea spoke out towards the stands, still avoiding eye contact with the brunette. Her red hair shone under the moonlight, the brisk air creating little clouds in the shape of her words. All amorphous blobs twisting into the sky, dissipating slowly. Despite the tumultuous events of the past hour or so, Trix grinned. Lost, chaos, mess. She’d never known how alike they really were; each broken and unwilling to show it. They both wore masks. Finally, she found the confidence to turn back towards the girl. “Fix you!” she let out a bark of laughter at the prospect. “I wouldn’t dare, babe. But, maybe… we can be broken together,” She rushed a few steps forward with that and, on tip-toe, kissed Tempest’s cheek. It was cold and smooth like porcelain. The gesture wasn’t explicitly romantic, but it held passion and tension yet unexpressed. Even after revealing her darkest secret, Trix was still hiding so much. Tempest, outlined in moonlight, looked like a sad, resigned angel. She acted like one too: all that power, but contained to a single path. One day, Trix wanted to make her stray from that path.
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  13. Contrary to popular belief, Asher was not a fan of confrontation. She enjoyed when things ran smoothly and when there was harmony in her surroundings. She didn't like to get into arguments and she didn't like calling people's attention. She preferred tranquility but her job rarely led her to sit back and allow others to make the touch calls so she often made a choice. She would deal with her responsibilities and her obligations and leave the feelings and sentiments she had for her personal life aside. She wouldn't admit that she ran from confrontation in her personal life but it was true. So naturally, the last place Asher wanted to be at, was that moment. She was uncomfortable but she had taken a deep breath and just wanted to get it over with. "Complicated doesn't begin to describe it," she said. "They got messy. They got dirty. I know you have a past but I don't want your past wrapping itself around your body as though it is the present. I like you, Theo. That night was special to me and it was honest. But I don't want to be with someone that surprises me and keeps me wondering at what point their dirty laundry is going to sneak up on me. So why don't you start from the beginning and tell me everything about you. We can start there, can't we?"
  14. Arsen chuckled. He looked at Theo with obvious intrigue and amusement. He had to hand it to him. He didn't back out easily but Arsen was a man on experience and he knew that the only reason that Theo had gone to him was because he could give him what he wanted. Arsen could cash in on that later. He was never in a rush to get what he wanted. He preferred waiting until the moment was opportune. Besides, Arsen could do with going out for more than a few hours. He was starting to get a little stir crazy in the stability of camp. "Alright. Let's go forward with this but know that later on, if there is anything I need, I won't hesitate to go to you." He smirked that trademark smirk that had made him popular with the female demographic. "But before we go, do you even know anything about this place? How did you even hear about it?"
  15. Tempest's gaze lingered on Trix, watching as she grappled with the weight of her confession. The revelation of Trix's past, laden with guilt and sorrow, struck a chord within Tempest, resonating with the darker facets of her own life. "We're both damaged goods, aren't we?" she murmured, more to herself than to Trix. The admission didn't come easy; acknowledging their shared brokenness felt like a surrender to vulnerability she had long resisted. There was a rawness in the air, a tension that stemmed from the unveiling of deep, personal wounds. Tempest could feel the walls she had so carefully erected around her heart, trembling under the weight of this newfound understanding. As Tempest processed Trix's story, a wave of unexpected empathy washed over her. The realization that they were both haunted by past actions, by the ghosts of decisions made in moments of intense emotion, was sobering. "We all have our demons, Trix. Some of us are just better at hiding them," her voice a low hum, tinged with a sadness she rarely allowed others to witness. The confession hung heavily between them, a bridge and a barrier all at once. Tempest couldn't help but feel a twisted sense of kinship with Trix. They were both survivors in their own right, navigating a world that seemed intent on breaking them. "You're not the only one who feels... lost," she confessed, her gaze drifting away, lost in thought. "Sometimes, I wonder if anyone can really understand the chaos inside us." In this shared moment of vulnerability, Tempest realized that perhaps their rivalry, their constant clashing, was just another way to mask the pain they both carried. "We might not be able to fix each other," she said, turning back to face Trix, "but maybe we don't have to be alone in our mess."
  16. Theo's eyes locked onto Asher as she approached, feeling the weight of the moment pressing down on him. "Hey," he echoed back, his voice surprisingly steady despite the turmoil brewing inside him. In her presence, the chaotic puzzle of his thoughts began to align, sharpening into a clearer picture. He realized then, with a clarity that surprised him, that what he felt went beyond the thrill of the chase or the satisfaction of a conquest. Asher, with her complex layers and guarded heart, had become something so much more. He took a measured breath, his gaze not leaving her. "I know things got... complicated," he began, his usual flair for words feeling somewhat inadequate under her scrutinizing gaze. "And I'm not great at this — at facing stuff head-on. But here I am, doing just that." He paused, running a hand through his hair again. "I can't change what happened, and I won't make excuses. But I want you to know, it wasn't just... nothing. It meant something, at least to me." His words felt like a plunge into unknown waters; uncharted territory for someone who usually kept things light and unattached. He searched her face for a sign, an indication of how his admission landed. The risk of vulnerability, of opening up to potential rejection, was a gamble. But for the first time, Theo found himself hoping for something more than the fleeting thrill of the moment — he hoped for a chance.
  17. Theo’s eyes narrowed slightly at Arsen's question, but his smirk remained in place. “What’s in it for you?” he repeated, his voice tinged with a playful edge. He leaned in closer, as if sharing a secret. “First off, the bragging rights of being the one who introduced Theo to the legendary Olympian Club,” he began, his tone light but confident. Inside, he was analyzing every angle, trying to gauge what Arsen valued most. Money? Excitement? Influence? Theo knew well the dance of give-and-take, the subtle art of offering just enough to entice but not so much to seem desperate. Pulling back, he crossed his arms, giving a nonchalant shrug. “And let's not forget the adventure of it. A night away from the monotony of camp, experiencing something few demigods ever get to.” Theo watched Arsen's face carefully for any flicker of interest. “Plus, I reckon you’re the type who enjoys a bit of unpredictability, am I right?” he added, allowing his own desire for a break from the routine, for a dash of excitement, to seep into his words. This was more than just a night out; it was a chance to escape, if only for a few hours, the constant reminders of his own complicated heritage and the expectations that came with it. Theo needed this – the thrill, the freedom, the feeling of stepping into a world where he could rewrite his own narrative, even if it was just for one night.
  18. Sooo apparently she has mistaken him for leaving the party! What a brazen and wander-less mind being an Ares has. Elena simple smiled at the Hephaestus kid, hoping he wouldn’t turn and leave her hanging. But of course she might’ve seen him before around camp, she and the other Areses liked being in the pavilion and maybe that was where she had seen most people there. "Ahh…yeah….it’s probably me who has seen you somewhere…..anyways, feel free to get back on your work, hmmm, could there be anything Ares related though? I think I have a sword that needs some refining back in the dorm…..” that drink had kicked in a bit when she had taken some from the drinks area just now, but she was certain there were some weapons that needed some fine tuning, and they could say the Hephaestus children were always a wonderful help to them.
  19. Trix let out a deep breath, unhooking her finger from Tempest's. Turning away from the girl, she faced the seating of the amphitheatre; confessing to a chorus of ghosts was somehow easier than looking at the brunette. "Here goes nothing. Before I was sent away to boarding school, I had a big fight with my Grandma… it was pretty brutal. She said she wished I’d never been born, she reckoned I was evil. Like spawn of the devil evil. I was so angry I just—I delved into her mind, and I made her confront her biggest fear. I guess her heart couldn’t take it. She got sick; it was pretty bad. I was sent away, and when I tried to contact her again… she was dead. I killed her, Tem.” The words hung in the air, feeling solid and tangible somehow. Trix wrapped her cardigan around herself, overcome with a sudden chill. Her arms were wrapped around her frame, as though hugging herself would bring about some comfort. It was the first time she’d recounted the memory aloud, and the tears that pricked her eyes felt like tiny needles. The knowledge that she’d been responsible for the death of such a good woman kept her up at night. It was the root of her own biggest fear, however much she tried to ignore it: Trix felt that she didn’t deserve love. She felt evil, just like her Grandma had said. Maybe that was why Tempest's sudden ghosting had stung so much. It confirmed what she already knew. Sniffing, Bea pushed all of those feelings away and turned back towards Tempest. “As for the kiss… I’ve had better,” she lied. “I just missed having you around. You’re wicked fun to rile up.”
  20. Petal chuckled at Leroy's list of Cajun delicacies, "I'm sure they're delicious.Maybe next time you can cook me some of that Cajun cuisine," she replied. As Leroy shared his plans for the day, her expression shifted to one of amused concern. "Scamming Hermes kids, huh? You really do live on the edge. Just be careful, okay? They're pretty cunning themselves." She shook her head in mild disbelief at his mention of irritating the Ares cabin. "And as for the Ares kids... maybe try not to ruffle too many feathers? I'd hate to see you on the wrong end of their temper." Petal considered her own plans for the day, though her mind still partly on the morning's excitement. "Well, I hadn't thought much about it, but maybe I'll spend some time in the greenhouse. It's always calming, and I could use a bit of that after our snake encounter this morning." She smiled warmly at Leroy, "and hey, if you find yourself in need of a break from all your... 'activities,' you're welcome to join me. Might be nice to have some peaceful company."
  21. Asher would never admit that there had never been a time before in her life when she had been as humiliated as she had been that day with Theo and Evelyn. She had hid it well, concealed her emotions with expertise, but that did nothing to soothe the feeling in her stomach that she had been taken for a fool and had paid for the consequences. She was angry but more than that, she was hurt and being hurt was an emotion that she was unfamiliar with. After all, people like her didn't get hurt. No one could touch her. She always kept her feelings and emotions close to her chest. She was incomparable when it came to matters of the heart. She could be cold and hard to read and her entire life, that had been the subject of most of her praise. She was calculating, brilliant and focused. There was no time for emotions. But Theo had waltzed in with his charming smile and his relaxed demeanor and challenged all of that. Now she found herself second guessing her thoughts and her feelings and worst of all, her actions. She didn't regret what she had told Evelyn but she would have preferred never to have had the encounter to begin with. There was a small bit of shame that lingered and while that was hard to shake, it wasn't enough to make her feel regret. After everything was said and done, Asher had told Theo where they stood. If he wanted to change things, the ball was in his court. And if he didn't, she could walk away, and walking away was something she excelled at. No one had ever accused her of being sentimental after all. But here she was, willing to at least hear him out though she was unsure what was to come out of it. When she spotted him by the lake, she felt a heaviness in her chest that was more apparent with every step she took. This was not something she was going to find pleasant but she walked anyway, When she reached him, she stood by her side and turned to face him only slightly. "Hey."
  22. It was a well known fact that Arsen was easy to manipulate, especially if one was willing to sweet talk him and kiss his ass. There was nothing he liked more than when people praised him and established the fact that he was a man of importance. Anyone could get far with him simply by stroking his ego. So when Theo said all the right words, it was only natural that Arsen would be appeased. He was the who in this situation, that was for sure. As one of the oldest campers, he was looked up to as a man of wordly knowledge. Theo had peaked his interest but as easy as it was to manipulate Arsen, he was not stupid and he was curious as to what was in store for Theo. It was also true that Theo, was the type of person to have a hidden agenda. His sister had told him so the first time they met, so as interested in the situation as Arsen was, he wanted to know what the angle was. "Okay, let's say I am interested. What is in it for me?"
  23. “Of course they are bent and dull, the ares and Athena kids beat the crap out of them. And you’ll grow into them. But they are training swords; they are not meant to be the best. Unless you have a quest or something coming up.” He would continue walking to the mess hall and then when they got there he would say “ooooooo it’s fish for lunch. You can go first kid.” He would walk them through the line and find a seat. Then he would continue “please kid I do not think I have any chores for the next year and half fixing ares kids armor. But what kind of weapon would you want? Maybe Kenna would be interested unless you have something that’s usually hard to get at camp like gold or electronics, rarer stones stuff like that and I will definitely make you a blade, maybe even add some unique stuff to it help you out give you an edge especially against some of the ares.”
  24. “Yeah frog legs, gator tail, catfish you know crawdads to a good shrimp or crawfish boil. That sounds delicious don’t it.” He would continue eating and would listen to her kind of half way and would then say “today I did not really have much planned it’s finally a day off from training so I might go and try to scam some of the Hermes kids out of stuff or maybe see what some of my bros or sisters are doing. Maybe go exploring and see what else I can find around here. I don’t know yet. What about you? What’s your plan for the day?” He would then laugh to himself and say “I could go piss off ares kids which is always fun they really hate losing. It’s so fun till they threaten you and then I usually just run.”
  25. Tempest's finger remained entwined with Trix's, a taut line connecting two volatile souls. She could feel the warmth from Trix's touch, a stark contrast to the cold knot of emotions inside her. “Your biggest secret, huh?” Tempest echoed, her voice a cool whisper that belied the turbulence inside. Her eyes searched Trix's face for any hint of deceit. She needed to regain some semblance of control, to find a foothold in the chaos Trix had thrown her into. “Alright,” she said, the word slicing the tension between them. “Spill it. Your deepest, darkest secret—and it better be good. Maybe then I’ll consider this... retribution.” Tempest then folded her arms, leaning back against the worn stage with a casualness she didn't quite feel. “And since we're on the topic of spilling secrets, tell me, Trix—what did you think of our little kiss last year? I never got to ask” Her head tilted, a loose strand of hair falling to frame her face, a silent challenge. “You’ve been awfully fixated on it is seems. Did it leave such a lasting impression?” It was a bit of a desperate play, but Tempest was willing to do anything now to maintain some kind of upper hand, too often she felt she wasn't balanced enough in the power play between them. Tempest watched waiting for Trix to lay bare a piece of her soul as payment for the trespass. It was a vindictive pleasure, to put her rival in this position, but it was a pleasure nonetheless. Yet, as Trix spoke of trust, of an exchange of pain and secrets, it got Tempest thinking. Trust was a currency she’d long since devalued, yet here she was, bartering with it once more. “Go on, then. I’m waiting,” she pressed, her voice firm, but inside, her resolve wavered. She was not prepared for the raw truths that might spill from Trix's lips, for the way they might strip away the last of her defenses. But she needed to know—to see if there was a path forward from the tangled web of emotions and memories that had ensnared them both.
  26. Theo's stride carried a tension that was uncharacteristic of his usually laid-back gait as he made his way toward the camp's lake, the site chosen for clarity and perhaps, absolution. Each step seemed to echo with the remnants of that heated night, a symphony of memories that played over in his mind like a song stuck on repeat. The raw spontaneity of their encounter had been a thrill, a surge of adrenaline that he hadn't anticipated, and the fallout was a complexity he was unprepared for. The evening air breeze did little to soothe the tightness coiling within him, a tangle of anticipation and the nagging weight of the uncertainty that hung between them. As the lake's tranquil expanse came into view, Theo ran a hand through his hair, a nervous habit that betrayed his composed facade. He wondered, not for the first time, what Asher expected from him, what he expected from himself. There was an inexplicable gravity to this meeting, a silent acknowledgement that whatever transpired could very well set the course for whatever it was that simmered between them. The thought should have been suffocating, yet there was a part of him that craved the reckoning. He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the warmth of the night on his skin, and exhaled slowly. Whatever came next, he was resolute in one thing: he would face it head-on, with the same charm and resolve that had drawn Asher to him in the first place. It was time to see if that same charm could navigate the delicate dance of what lay ahead. @ Asher Harrington
  27. Theo's gaze held steady, a hint of a smirk playing at the edge of his lips at Arsen's retort. "Let's just say I prefer a more... refined approach this time," he said, the tone of his voice threaded with a light challenge. It wasn't entirely true; he simply hadn't found the right leads yet, but he wasn't about to let that on. "Besides, it's not what you know, it's who you know," Theo continued, tapping a forefinger to his temple, "and I figured you're the 'who' in this scenario." He let his smirk grow just a fraction, hoping to pique Arsen's interest with the semblance of camaraderie in mischief. The air between them was a canvas of unspoken truths, and Theo was content to paint only what served his purpose. Stepping back from the doorway, Theo gestured expansively, as if he was already including Arsen in the escapade. "Think about it, you and I, tearing up this so-called Olympian Club. It's got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?" Theo needed a night out in the city after all the drama that had been happening in his life lately, the good and the bad. There was a part of him, a sliver of uncertainty that whispered doubts, but he quashed it quickly. This was no time for hesitation; it was a moment to dive headlong into the thrill of the unknown. That was exactly what he needed right now! Theo's heart thrummed with a mix of adrenaline and the primal beat of the night's possibilities. "And who knows, we might just make it a night that even the gods will envy," he added, his invitation hanging in the night like a challenge, waiting for Arsen to snatch it up and weave his own strand into the tale.
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