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  1. The seasons had begun to change, and the Summer Campers were all gone. All that was left now were her fellow year-round compatriots. Things always seemed to slow down and grow boring as the Camp's population diminished with the rush of Summer Campers heading out. Fewer people to fuck around with. Fewer bits of drama to get involved in. Aislynn was bored, and when that happened it quickly became everyone else at the camp's problem. Her siblings were never very hard to convince to throw a party. In fact, they had gotten the art of changing the main room to a good party stage down to a science. Ash pulled out the punch bowl and quickly mixed together a bit of jungle juice, though she wouldn't name her sources for where the alcohol came from--it was likely she had brewed it herself. Grabbing her guitar from under her bunk, she plugged it into her amp. A few seconds later she strummed the chords. "Hello there Camp Half-Blood! She called into the microphone, making sure it was loud enough to echo through every cabin. With a free hand she reached for the table beside her and raised a cup of questionable liquid above her head in a cheers salute, then downed its contents. "Are we ready for the biggest party of the year?" Flinging the empty cup across the cabin she began to sing and play the guitar to get the party rolling.
  2. Pleased to see that he didn't dismiss her after all, Ash let herself walk in as he gestured for her to enter. However, instead of guiding her towards his room, he guided her towards the couch. Curious choice of venue, but I don't mind. She thought to herself. Naturally the thought hadn't even occurred to her that Theo might actually enjoy her company in a non-physical sense. Aislynn simply assumed that tonight's adventures were going to be a bit more exhibitionist than the previous encounter. Ash's suspicions felt confirmed at Theo's choice of words when he next spoke. Grabbing the cup from him, Ash tapped it against his and took her first sip. "To unexpected things." As the alcohol entered her body, she felt herself immediately relax. It wasn't actually effecting her yet, but the association she had between it and soothing herself was strong enough that it had a psychosomatic effect long before it had a physiological one. Looking over at Theo her mind still raced though. She couldn't figure out why he was kind to her. She couldn't figure out why he didn't seem repelled the same way others were. And that just made her want him more. Because for once, someone might actually care. And that wasn't something she was prepared to accept at face value. Not yet, anyway.
  3. With each slap of the flogger against her skin, Ash let out a yelp of pain, and a "Thank you master!" that was muffled by the bed her face was planted in. When he delivered the final lash against her skin, and dragged her up by her hair, she whimpered. "It's good master, thank you master." It wasn't a lie. After everything that had been passing between them, the training he was putting her through, Ash was starting to find the pleasure within the pain. That didn't mean it wasn't new territory that she had crossed into. It didn't mean that she didn't still find it all intimidating. But the trust was starting to form between her and her 'master'. She knew, ultimately, he wouldn't let her come to real harm. As Levi gave his next command, Ash slowly began to sink down in front of him to her knees. As she sat there, she placed her hands on her thighs as instructed. She knew better than to cover any part of herself, so she left her legs apart. Ash chewed nervously on her lower lip as she awaited the next set of instructions from him.
  4. Ash smirked as Theo asked about her visit. He seemed surprised, but not in a bad way. That was a good sign at least. So she felt a little bit more confident as she continued to speak. "Thought you'd be happy to see me after last time." She said with a wink."I came prepared." She said, lifting up another bottle of the mead that she brewed in her cabin. Her father was banned from drinking, but she wasn't. At least, not in a divine intervention sort of way. And alcohol always seemed to soothe her in a way that nothing else could. "Would you believe me if I said I got lonely?" Her fingers from her free hand tiptoed up his chest. It wasn't that far from the truth. She certainly was lonely. But that was an emotional state that she found herself in constantly. Even her siblings found her a bit too intense for their preferences sometimes. Aislynn's reckless behavior got carried away more than it should, and she didn't even attempt to curb it. That rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and as a result she found herself with quite a bit of alone time, whether she wanted it or not. The only times that changed were when she through a party, or when she let herself be used for someone else's pleasure. This was, however, the first time she had actively sought out someone else's company to remedy that since she had been a little girl. It was the first time that, deep down, she wanted a connection with someone that was more than just physical. But she couldn't even recognize that herself, so there was no way she could express that to Theo. "I can go back to my cabin if you'd rather though."
  5. ~~~ Early February 2022 ~~~ Aislynn didn't develop attachments. Nobody ever cared for her, so why should she care for them. However, there was one boy who, recently, had been kind to her. Seemed to genuinely take interest in her and tried to talk to her about more than just what she could do for him. That boy was Theo. Ever since she went to go cheer him up after he got sucker punched during the volleyball game a few weeks ago by Mateo, Aislynn found herself wanting something she hadn't wanted since she was little. A connection with someone. Of course, being the absolute wreck of a person she was, Aislynn didn't know how to connect with others. The only thing she felt like she was good for was 'a good time'. Whether that was partying, substance assisted escapes, or sex, that was the only way she really knew how to connect with anyone. So it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that she figured that was the only way to connect with Theo as well. Ash wasn't sure how she expected things to go, or what she planned to do. But she knew she needed to explore her need for a connection. With that in mind, she walked towards the Hermes cabin, across the way from her own cabin. Hoping that Theo answered the door. @ Theodore Thatcher
  6. Aislynn let out a soft moan, her body still sensitive from the plug which filled her mere moments before, as he continued to seek his own gratification within her. "Yes, sir. I love it rough." As if to emphasize her point another moan, this one a bit louder, left her lips as she tried once more to kiss at his body. She moaned and writhed, and begged, and pleaded for release until finally Theo gave it to her. Her orgasm washed over her and Aislynn's body continued to writhe in pleasure as Theo praised how good she felt. She continued to tense and pulse around his firm cock, completely overwhelmed by the sensations in her body. The wave that had washed over her finally peaked and began to relax just as he spoke again. Over the last long while that she had been sleeping with the young men around camp, Aislynn had managed to get herself on birth control. She knew that she wouldn't make a good mother--at least, she didn't think she would--and it was much better to be pre-emptive about it than wait to react. This, it turned out, was a blessing that she had done, as Aislynn didn't even have time to process what Theo had said before she could feel him unloading himself inside her. Ash blushed bright red as she felt him filling her, as this was the first time she had even had someone actually cum inside her. At least, in that hole. It was a feeling she wasn't used to, but she couldn't say she didn't enjoy it. The pulsing of his cock, pumping cum deep into her. It was over almost as quickly as it began. Theo had collapsed next to her, and Ash was gasping for air. The plug, still in her ass, reminded her of its presence anytime she tried to lay her legs flat rather than keep her knees bent. As she finally had the breath to speak, she smiled over at Theo. "Very much." She rolled over, tracing her fingers across his chest. "I'm happy to provide distraction whenever you want, sir." She said with an impish wink, despite her common sense telling her this was all a terrible idea. She would only fall harder, each time he spoke his sweet words or played roughly with her. It was better to cut her losses and keep her distance if she could. But she didn't want to. Not really. Even if it's just in my head, it's nice to feel wanted.
  7. Aislynn's cheeks flushed at Theo's words. Forever. The idea that someone would be willing to put up with her for that long was a completely novel idea to Aislynn, let alone have a desire to. Don't make promises you don't intend to keep. She thought to herself. The likelihood that he really meant it was slim, in her mind. However, she couldn't deny that there was still a part of her that hoped she was wrong. It had been a long time since Aislynn had been denied a release. It came as a surprise when he told her she needed to wait. The young girl struggled and whimpered as she tried to hold back her climax through the pleasure that Theo continued to wash over her. To her relief he switched her position shortly thereafter, and she was given a brief reprieve. On her back, facing him, she let out a muffled scream as she bit her lip while he thrust himself into her eager pussy. His thrusts brought out moan after moan, and her climax began to build once more. Aislynn had closed her eyes briefly, consumed by the pleasure and trying to focus on keeping her release back until Theo gave her permission. It was in that moment that she felt something slick and firm pressed gently into her ass. The sensation was overwhelming. She had never been so full before, though she couldn't say she hadn't fantasized about the idea. Aislynn's moans grew louder, and she opened her eyes, begging with them for him to take mercy on her and let her have her release. "Yes sir, I'm so greedy! Please... Please!" Her efforts were finally rewarded, as Theo granted her permission. Her pussy began to pulse around his cock as her orgasm washed over her. "Thank you sir! Thank you!" She moaned out before pressing her lips against him anywhere she could reach.
  8. A soft moan crossed over Aislynn's lips as Theo began to prepare her ass. She bit her lip softly, trying to stifle the sound, not wanting to seem too eager. Aislynn's reputation wasn't exactly pristine around camp, but for some reason she cared if Theo thought of her as just an eager slut, the way she assumed some of her other flings had. It had never once bothered her to be viewed that way, not really. But right now the very thought that he could see her that way made her hold herself back just ever so slightly. As the head of his cock entered her, however, Aislynn was unable to hold back her moan. And she continued to let them out with each inch that Theo pressed into her. His first slow and methodical movements were met with efforts to restrain herself, but as his thrusts increased in their intensity she abandoned her restraint. As his hands wove into her hair, pulling her ass back along his shaft roughly, Aislynn let out loud and eager moans. And his words of praise felt like music to her ears. "Thank you sir!" At his command, her cheeks flushed. She wanted nothing more in this moment to be a good girl for him. His good girl. She slid her fingers down to her clit and began to circle and tease it. As she did so her pussy began to grow more and more damp. The combination of his thrusts in her ass and having her tease herself, sent Aislynn to new heights. Her cries of pleasure were loud, and as she felt a climax beginning to unfurl, she called out. "Please sir, please can I cum?" Her words somewhere between a question and begging as she sought his permission. In part out of habit, and in part out of a desire to please him. To let him know that even this he controlled--as best she was able to let him anyway.
  9. Ash felt nervous as Theo failed to respond to her question. For a moment she worried that she had somehow managed to under perform. But before she could muster up the courage to offer to fix it, she felt his hands grasp her hips, and she knew that everything was fine. As his cock teased her pussy, Aislynn could feel herself growing wet with desire for him. An ache began to spread within her and she almost wanted to beg him to just press into her. But his fingers began to tease at her other hole. She moaned softly as he began to tease her ass. The more he teased her pussy and ass, the more she could feel her own desire building within. Soon she was desperate for him, and willing to do just about anything that he asked of her, so long as he would fulfill her desire. Her pussy grew more and more damp as he continued to tease her. It didn't matter which hole his efforts were focused on at the moment, both were bringing her sensations that filled her with a near primal desire to seek release and pleasure. He was so quiet that she couldn't focus on anything else. Aislynn almost begged for him to break the silence; to give her a command, and request, anything. Anything to help her mind focus on something other than the teasing. He was driving her absolutely wild with desire and longing for him. He asked her for a preference, but Aislynn couldn't choose. He had teased both areas to the point where she felt that she needed them filled. Aislynn bit her lip, and said. "Can I be greedy and ask for both, sir?" She tried to look back at him with an impish smile on her face. "I'll be a good girl and do anything you ask..." And it was true. Aislynn had yet to truly find her limits. She had been made to feel uncomfortable before, sure, but nothing that pushed her to the point where she felt she had needed to stop. And with the way Theo had managed to worm his way past her barriers, Aislynn found herself with an extra strength dose of desire to please him.
  10. The idea that she was even allowed to have boundaries, let alone have someone promise to respect them was insane to Ash. She was so used to having to run away to protect herself from getting hurt by others that she couldn't even fathom someone promising to respect her as Theo just had. He's... kind... She found herself thinking wistfully. Ash offered no resistance as Theo began to guide her to her towards his cock. Aislynn didn't need to be told what he wanted, it was clear. She was only too eager to oblige. Eyes locked on him, she took him into her mouth giving him the best performance she could muster. Feeling his motions growing rougher and rougher, pleased her in a way that she couldn't truly define. To her, the more rough he played the more his passion was controlling him. A passion that she had inspired. In her mind, it was direct correlation to his desire for her. Aislynn did her best to demonstrate skill while under his control. Desperate in that moment to please him as much as his words earlier had managed to--loathe though she may be to admit it--please her. The tears welled in her eyes as his cock hit the back of her throat repeatedly. Yet she never moved her gaze. He wants me. There was an audible pop as her mouth finally left his shaft. She gasped for air as she listened to his praise. The words were like honey, sweet and warm. As he pulled her to her feet, kissing her with passion, Aislynn found herself completely lost in him. As the kiss broke, she pulled gently on his lower lip. "Yes, sir." Biting on her lower lip, she moved to obey his first real command. Slowly, Ash bent herself down over his bed so that her hard nipples barely grazed the mattress. Aislynn spread her legs apart slightly, knowing that she would need to widen it once her panties were off. Hooking her thumbs beneath her panties, Ash began to slowly pull them down off her hips, revealing her already wet and eager pussy as they pulled lower and lower. As her hands met the edge of their reach, she let the panties go and stepped her legs out of them one at a time. As she returned each leg to the floor, she positioned them wider apart than they had been before, and Ash reached her hands back to spread herself for him. "Was that show pleasing, sir? Or do you desire more?"
  11. Aislynn smirked at Theo's desirous statement. "Then take me." She said, by way of permission. Theo's words were almost as intoxicating to Ash as his actions. His earlier kindness, his desire for her that seemed--at least on the surface--to hold more than the regular lust she'd had from some of the other boys at camp; all this drew her in on an emotional level too. Something Ash had been very careful not to allow herself. She would likely regret it later. But for now, she let herself believe that the words weren't just words. I'll pay for it later. She thought to herself. It wasn't hard to see what so many other girls had found intoxicating about Theo. It was obvious with the attention that he paid to her body that Theo wasn't inexperienced in matters of desire. The way he managed to bring pleasure from the smallest bits of attention to her body, and then focus that attention to drive it further, only served to demonstrate that skill. And we've barely started. Ash let a soft gasp pass through her parted lips and arched her back slightly. As he moved his attentions from her breasts to remove her pants, Ash chewed on her lower lip absentmindedly. Her eyes were locked on his, a desperation building within her, pushing her further. She offered no resistance as he helped her slide out of her pants, and she stood nearly naked before him, one last barrier between them. Ash ran her hands from his back towards the front of his pants. She unfastened the button slowly, purposefully, not breaking the eye contact. As she began to slowly, and in a controlled manner, remove his pants, she hooked her thumbs in his boxers to pull them down as well. Then with deliberate intention, she moved to kiss his chest, inch by inch, lowering herself as she drew his pants down. She continued to keep eye contact with him as best she could, letting herself kiss all the way down his stomach. "In here." She began, from her knees looking up at him. "For today, at least, you don't have to ask. I give full consent and permission." Her cheeks flushed a bit as she said it. Theo was, by no means, the first she had let see her like this. He very likely wouldn't be the last. But Aislynn found it difficult to explain without becoming at least the smallest bit self-conscious. "For now, sir, I'm yours to do with as you will. So long as you agree to stop if I say 'red', and ask what's wrong if I say 'yellow'." Ash could be pretty reckless. She had never really set safe words before. She probably should have, but she hadn't. But for today, she felt like she should. Like it was important to do it right this time. Stupid feelings... The thought came unbidden at the back of her mind.
  12. Ash smirked as Theo grabbed her hand and led her into the house. She could feel her heart pounding in anticipation of the events about to unfold. Unwilling to admit to herself that this was an ill-advised plan, she took the pounding and adrenaline as confirmation that she was doing what was best for her. She had always sought the next thrill, why should now be any different? Before she knew it, her back was pressed against the wall. His lips had met hers with a hunger that she was all to happy to feed. She kissed him back with the same fierce passion that he had kissed her with, and Ash let herself drown in it. Giving in to the cravings of her body, she felt her skin come alive with every touch of his hands against her skin. All too willingly she let him remove her shirt and bra, baring her chest to him, with no second thought or hesitation. She almost whimpered as the kiss broke off...but then he spoke. Don't say things like that... She thought to herself, her cheeks flushing. Aislynn hoped he hadn't noticed, or that he took the pink tone in her cheeks to simply be the heat built up in that moment. If you say things like that, you'll only make me want something I can't have... Ash was a firm believer that nobody would ever really love her. After all, her own mother couldn't have been bothered to, so why would a boy be any different? Not one person had shown the care for her that Theo had shown her today. And despite her efforts to keep him out, he had managed to sneak his way past her barriers. Ash was past the point of no return, however. She no longer cared if this was the right decision. Here was a boy, who saw her, recognized how broken she was, and still found her beautiful. Maybe he had known what he was doing, calculated it. Maybe he was being genuine and honest. She didn't know, couldn't know. But for once in her life, she wanted to believe in something. So for now, she let her guard slip away. His next kiss held a different type of passion. It was far more intimate than the kiss before. She met his lips with hers, and as his hand slid lower she could feel her skin come alive. She placed her hands firmly on his hips, pulling him against her as tightly as she could from her position. She suckled softly on his lower lip, and slid one hand to start pulling off his shirt. Ash longed to feel his skin against hers. She was simultaneously desperate for him to take things faster, and to let this play out for as long as he could make it last. In that moment his bedroom had become her entire world, and for so long as he could make her feel this way, it would remain so. Aislynn resumed the kiss once his shirt was off, and let out a soft sigh of bliss.
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