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  1. Julia smiled when it seemed that Amelia wanted to go swimming, she didn't exactly say she wanted to put she did seem to perk up more to the idea. Julia smiles and looks down at her clothes, "Well I would love to swim, I don't have my swim suit with me, but if your willing, I would totally just jump into the lake with my my bra and panties on, its basically just like a two piece swim suit" she said with a slight giggle, but she was serious, she'd rather do that than walk her lazy self back to her cabin just to get it. The lake from where they were was a closer walk then it was from where her cabin was. "What do you say?" she questioned her with a smile.
  2. Julia listened and nodded her head as she agreed with Derrick. He really did have a point; this whole food fight thing was pretty fun, and it definitely made her feel more like a kid. Picking up some mash potatoes she decides to be silly and get the one person not expecting it from her. While he is preoccupied with throwing food at some other kids, Julia takes the hand full of mash potatoes and shoves it into the side of his face. She immediately falls over laughing uncontrollably "I'm...." still laughing "I'm, sorr..." taking a breath trying to calm down, so she could talk. "I'm sorry" she tries to look innocent as if her aim was just very off and it was a total accident. She couldn't hold it though, she just couldn't stop laughing, as she tried to sit back up. "Ok, maybe I'm not fully sorry. But you gotta admit, I got you?!" she exclaims with a smile spreading for ear to ear. Julia couldn't how this day had turned out, especially when she was slight irked with the boy at first; yet here they were under a table together playing in this food fight together. She actually really liked it; she was letting go and enjoying herself for the first time in a while. Without worrying about the consequences of her actions.
  3. Julia watched closely as Alyssa goblet magically filled its self-up with sweet tea. Her eyes went wide and smiled big "Wow that is so cool!" she exclaims. Julia grabbed a goblet "Pepsi!" she said happily as she watched the goblet fill up. Grabbing it she drank it down with a satisfied "aaahh" as she sighted. Julia was already loving camp; it was way better than the orphanage. She told the goblet to fill up again with Pepsi and then looked back up at Alyssa as she sticks a bite of waffle into her mouth, she had already ate over half her food on her plate because it was so good! Back at the orphanage, the food was nowhere near as good, and she would sit there and slowly pick at it trying to not have to eat much of it. She would rather go hungry on some nights when the food was horrible. Once she chewed the bite in her mouth she started to speak, "soooo, does anything else do what this goblet does? can I get more food to magically appear on my plate that isn't here at the mess hall at this time? Or can I get candy??" her smiled brightened as she started to ask multiple questions without waiting for answers in between them.
  4. Julia smiled as Abby finished up her picture, "very pretty!" she said with excitement, putting the finishing touches on her picture, before setting it off to the side. Looking up at Abby "let's see, what all do we need. Hmmm...." she started to think out loud as to what materials they needed to make bracelets. Hopping up from her seat she runs over to the shelf where they had a bunch of different kinds of beads, and strings that they could use. Looking through the beads she found letter ones and then she found some ones that she thought Abby would like, they were more dark colors then the bright colorful colors. Grabbing both kinds, with some string for them, she carried it all back over to the table "Look what I found" she said with a huge smile, she was proud of herself. Shoving the box of dark colored beads toward her, and then set out the other beads that also had different little shapes like hearts, butterflies, four leaf clovers, and other shapes. "I would love to understand my own lineage on my mother's side, I just wish I knew who my father was, but it's at least a step in the right direction" she comments as she grabs the string and starts to pull some out trying to figure out how long she should make, before cutting she looked at Abby with an innocent look "help? I don't know how long to make" she says to her. "Should we have at least one similar thing in our bracelets or a word that will make them match?" she questioned her.
  5. Julia had heard the rumors going around camp about a party going on, it was mainly for the older campers which she wasn't the happiest about. She would of loved to go have some fun at a party. That's when she found out that her friend Savanna decided to put on a sleep over, and Julia was happy once again. Throwing on her comfy pjs, packing a small bag, as if she needed to. Smiling as she tossed the bag over her shoulder, she walked out of her cabin, her older sister was already leaving for the big kids party. She didn't see her younger siblings, she thought maybe they heard about the sleep over before she did, so she shrugged and walked out the cabin, headed to the Hypnos cabin. Walking up on the cabin, Julia admired the look of it, it looked so different than most the other cabins. With a bright smile on her face she walked up to the open door and stepped it "Knock Knock" she said as she glanced around the inside of the cabin. Spotting the punch and snacks, she tossed her back by the door and headed straight for the table, making herself a glass she sipped on it as she turned to see where Savanna was. "Hi! Your cabin looks so neat inside" she comments, still looking around, when she notices some white stuff coming from the walls. Cocking her head to the side, she walked toward the wall, "woah, what is this stuff?" she questioned just ask she started to right for it with her left hand.
  6. Julia listened as the girl told her about some of the things she liked to do. "Oh! I like piano, but i don't know how to play it" she giggled thinking about how bad she was when she would mess with the one at her orphanage. "Me and my friends where I use to live had a small one donated to us, so I got to mess with a piano but never actually got to learn out to play any songs on it" she comments as her mind raced trying to figure out what we could do. The girl mentioned that there wasn't any ice for ice skating, and Julia got an idea "I've never been ice skating before, and ya no ice around here, we might have to find one of those Hecate campers, maybe they had some kind of magic that could turn water into ice" she rambled for a second, and then she giggled "how about we go swimming? I love to swim, and its a nice day out to get into the water!"
  7. "Hi Amy!" she exclaims, as she giggles. Smiling brightly, she dropped the jump rope, "that's ok, I'm not that great at it either, but it was something I could do by myself, but since you showed up" she trails off, looking around wondering what they might be able to do together. "Hmmm" she wasn't a fan of that rock wall, especially after her experience with that Ares boy. "Let's figure out something we can do together, what do you like to do for fun?" she questioned the girl, as she continued to kind of look around to see if something might catch her eyes as to something they could possibly do together.
  8. Julia was just starting to get the hang of jumping rope, when a girl she didn't recognize approached. This got her excited to see a new face, which costed her. She smiled brightly as she lost concentration of the rope in her hand. Julia swung the rope around, but her jump was off and she caught one foot in front of the rope and the other behind tripping herself. Falling forward she giggled at herself, as she stumbled to catch her footing. Holding on the rope, she looked up at the girl "Hi! I'm Julia, what's your name?" she questions the girl, and than holds the rope out in gesture "are you good at jump rope?" she shoots off another question before the poor girl can even answer the first. Julia always gets excited anytime she meets a new person, because to her it meant more friends!
  9. Julia had been out about that day, finding whatever she could get into, she never really liked to stay at her cabin. She just had way too much energy. Wondering around where the older campers usually work out and stuff do, she found herself a jump rope. Grabbing it, she took off to a nice big open area to make sure she wouldn't both anyone or worse accidentally hit someone. She was so accident prone, her biggest impression at camp so far as been running into people. Which isn't a bad way too meet them and say hi, luckily no one has gotten hurt. She's made a few friends around the camp, but she was always on the lookout for more. Specially if they were new to camp, she wanted to be able to meet them and be almost like their own personal welcome committee to camp half-blood, even if she hadn't been to camp that long herself. Finding a good spot, she grabbed the rope handles into each hand and started to swing the rope. The first few times, she almost fell flat on her face, tripping over the rope, not jumping when she should. They had jump ropes back at the orphanage, but she was never really the best at it. After about the third try she finally got into a good rhythm, smiling brightly as she was proud of herself. @ Amelia Celeste Martin
  10. Julia was so excited to meet a new camper, she forgot her manners when she grabbed the boy. Stopping in her tracks when the words hit her 'no friend' she let the boys hand go and turned to face him. "I'm sorry, I just like to meet new people. I wanted to show you around camp" she says with a half-smile. Taking a breath and calming her excitement down, she extended her hand "let's start over" she says with a smile. She was one to be impulsive sometimes when she got excited, her biggest mistake was not thinking about the fact that someone new to the camp and being new herself the campers didn't know how she acts, and maybe her impulsiveness could seem rude, especially when she just randomly grabbed Jules without his permission. "I really am sorry, would you like to follow me and I can show you around camp?" she questioned the boy, hoping to make a mends and maybe he might change his mind about being friends.
  11. Julia was happy to hear that the food was usually good, she could be a picky eater, so being somewhere new made it kind of hard for her to want to eat there. Julia got into line, listening to her sister with a small laugh hearing her blame the Hermes cabin for taking up tables. That cabin was pretty packed when she had to stay there for a couple days before she got claimed. As she slowly moved in the line, she grabbed a tray and try to look around some of the other campers wondering what she was going to find for breakfast. Getting closer she seen scrambled eggs, bacon, and waffles, her eyes widened with excitement she loved herself some waffles. Once she was up, she grabbed a spoon full of scrambled eggs, two slices of bacon, and three waffles, she felt like she hadn't eaten in forever. Julia poured some syrup onto the waffles and then walked off to find her sister. Finding her sister toward the back, she smiled and hurried to her, siting her tray down and sitting across from her. "This is the best breakfast!" she exclaimed, as she sat down. Grabbing her fork she dug into the waffles "Mmmmmm, so good" she mumbled with her mouth full, covering her mouth with her hand, finishing her bite "sorry" she said innocently looking to her sister.
  12. Julia smiled brightly when Abby complemented her picture "thank you!". She got even more excited when made the comment that they could be really good friends. She was thinking about the same thing, she really liked Abby and was hoping that they could be great friends. "I feel the same way! You are so cool!" she exclaims. Jumping up out of her chair she ran over to a shelf that it had sparkly glue and some pretty colorful felt balls. She wasn't sure what she would do with them yet, but she really liked them. Coming back to the table, she looked over at Abby's better "you're doing awesome, I like your drawling as well!" she said beaming from ear to ear. As she started to work on adding the glitter glue, she outlined some of her drawings with it, making them look even better, in her eyes anyways. Looking up at Abby "awesome!!! we need to set it up, so we can make those bracelets" she was super excited that her new friend was willing to join in. Going back to her drawing, she started to add a few felt balls, some yellow ones and blue ones, big and small. "Oh, umm my cabin is pretty chill. My mom is Hebe, which makes me have long youth?" she kind of puts a question toward it, she was honestly still trying to understand it all herself. "I'm still learning myself honestly" she said with a blush.
  13. Julia took a deep breath and looked around. Maybe he was right, everyone else was having a good time, it seemed like she was the only worried. "Well, I guess that's true, but isn't there other ways of having fun without causing trouble?" she asked, deep down she wanted to join in. Grabbing a hand full of food, she looked from it to the other campers around and then to Derrick who had the biggest grin on his face. Bring her arm back she let the food in her hand fly across the room, hitting another camper that wasn't paying attention right in the face. She gasped "oh no" covering her mouth, and the giggle slipped out, and she looked to Derrick again "I hit that camper in the face, and I can't but laugh" she said in a questioning voice. 'Relax......lets just have fun!' I can do this, who cares if we get in trouble! she thought as she screamed with excitement and picked up more food throwing it out at other campers. In her excitement she grabbed a slab of mashed potatoes and threw them at Derrick hitting him in the side of the head laughing uncontrollably at him. "This is fun!"
  14. Julia had been at camp for a few months now, but she had yet to even wonder near the rock wall. It honestly scared her. She had been telling herself that she needed to get over her fears, and today was going to be the day. After days of walking pasted it and just staring blankly at it, she was going to conquer her fear. Julia got up early that morning, got a nice hot shower before heading out for some food. She had convinced herself the night before that she was going to climb the rock wall, so she was doing everything that morning that made her feel comfortable and trying to keep herself from stressing. Once she finished eating, she made her way over to the wall, the very, very tall rock wall. She gulped as she walked up to it, staring up at it as she got closer and closer to it, she felt so short. Not paying attention, lost in her own fear, she walked right into someone, jarring her out of her thoughts. "Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't see you" she says apologetically. She smiled brightly and moved to stand side by side, "So are you going to climb the rock wall?" she asked him in a shaky voice.
  15. Smiling when he joined her, of course, he would still throw more food every now and then but at least he got under the table with her. "Why would you start a food fight! I mean, it looks fun!" she admits with a blush. "B-but" she stutters looking around the room, the chaos unfolding, campers yelling in excitement. It really did look fun, but she was more scared of the consequences, she didn't want to get turned into a grape vine or something weird. "What if the God that lives here, gets mad?" she questions the boy. Does he even know much about the god, he was quick young. He looked younger than her, but she didn't know his actual age. She wasn't expecting her playfulness would backfire on her and cause a food fight, the boy may have initially started the food fight, but she felt like it was her fault, maybe she should have just left the boy alone and none of this would be happening. Julia was so torn between wanting to have fun and not wanting to get in trouble with the god. If this was back at the orphanage she was totally join in, they didn't have powers to do something crazy to her!
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