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  1. Dahlia's heart raced as she made her way towards the Hypnos cabin for the slumber party. She clutched her small bag of snacks and nervously adjusted the strap of her overalls, the only child of Demeter among a sea of other Demi-gods. She wasn't used to social gatherings like this, always more at home in the peaceful company of plants and the soothing presence of her mother's green thumb. As she approached the cabin, the soft murmur of voices and laughter reached her ears. A wave of apprehension washed over her, and she hesitated for a moment, considering whether to turn back and retreat to the comforting embrace of the Demeter cabin. But she had promised herself that she would try to make more friends, and this was an opportunity. Taking a deep breath, Dahlia entered the cabin. The interior was dimly lit, with the other campers her age there talking. Seeing Savannah and Rebecca she felt a little more at home. "Ummm hi everyone" she gave a smile as she walked over to the cookies. "Hey rebecca" she grinned as she took a cookie.
  2. Dahlia couldn't help but be filled with joy as she looked at Winnie, her new friend who had brought so much light into her day. The connection they had formed in such a short time was something she cherished, and she felt a sense of gratitude for the universe for bringing them together. "Yes, the universe brought us together, and I'm so glad it did," she replied with a warm smile. As they held hands and ran toward the Demeter cabin, Dahlia couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement bubbling within her. The cabin was like a sanctuary to her, a place where she felt the most connected to her divine heritage and where she could share her love for nature with her siblings. Stopping just short of the cabin's steps, she turned to Winnie with a bright smile. "I'm more than ready, Winnie," she replied, her voice filled with anticipation. Together, hand in hand, they climbed the steps and entered the Demeter cabin, ready to explore the cozy garden that awaited them and create new memories that would solidify their blossoming friendship. The End~~~~~~~~~
  3. Winnie's enthusiastic squeal of happiness was contagious, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of happiness herself. As Winnie extended her pinky finger for their promise, Dahlia smiled warmly and hooked her own pinky around Winnie's. "I, Dahlia Laurence, pledge to share souls with my wonderful friend Winnie," she said with a touch of playfulness, sealing their promise with a pinky swear. It made her giggle and cover her mouth with her other hand. The moments of loneliness she felt in the past really made this worth it now that she was making a new friend. "You already sparkle, Winnie, in your own unique way," she reassured her as she blushed. As Winnie spoke about the universe's love, Dahlia couldn't help but nod in agreement. "Exactly, the universe has a way of guiding us and showing us the path we're meant to take," she said, her voice filled with a quiet wisdom beyond her years. With Winnie's enthusiasm to see the Demeter cabin, Dahlia's heart swelled with happiness. "Oh, my siblings will be thrilled to meet you," she replied warmly, feeling a sense of pride in her cabin family. "Let's go, Winnie. I promise you'll love it there, and you'll always have a place in our cozy garden." Dahlia began leading the way through the forest, excited to share her world with her newfound friend and create even more cherished memories together. They made it out where the whole camp laid in front of them. Looking towards the cabins, she saw cabin four, held out her hand for winnie to take. They could then skip, run or walk to the cabin to explore it more!
  4. Winnie's suggestion of singing together filled Dahlia with excitement and a hint of nervousness. It was a vulnerable proposition, but Winnie's sincerity made it feel right. "That sounds wonderful," she agreed with a warm smile. The idea of sharing their musical worlds felt like the perfect way to strengthen their friendship. As Winnie mentioned French music, Dahlia's curiosity piqued. "French music sounds lovely, and I'd be happy to swap songs with you," she replied, her eyes shining with anticipation. "It's a deal – a piece of our souls in each note." Standing in a patch of sunlight, Winnie's words about stardust touched Dahlia deeply. She had always felt a connection to the natural world, and now she felt a similar connection with Winnie. "I believe we're all connected to the universe in some way," she mused, her gaze softening as she looked at her new friend. "And I'm glad I haven't lost my stardust." Winnie's request to visit her cabin and have a sleepover took Dahlia by surprise, but it was a delightful surprise. "Of course, you're more than welcome anytime," she replied warmly, her heart swelling with the thought of sharing her safe haven with Winnie. "We'll have the best time, I promise." That was when she thought of the cleaning harpies. They just had to make sure they were in their cabin by a certain time. "Do you want to see it now or later? I bet one of my siblings are baking something good!!!"
  5. Winnie's laughter was like a soothing melody, and Dahlia found herself giggling along, feeling a sense of lightness she hadn't experienced in a while. She noticed Winnie's curiosity about J-POP, and her cheeks flushed slightly as she explained, "J-POP stands for Japanese pop music. It's this really catchy and fun genre from Japan. I love how upbeat and energetic it is." She appreciated Winnie's interest and felt a sense of connection, knowing that they could share their musical tastes with each other. Listening to Winnie's description of her cabin and their musical talents, Dahlia found herself intrigued. It seemed like a lively and creative place, and she could imagine the vibrant energy that must fill the air during their campfire gatherings. When Winnie mentioned that she did her singing in private, Dahlia couldn't help but smile reassuringly. "I'm sure your voice is lovely," she said sincerely. "And it's great that you have your own space for it." Winnie's question about the Demeter cabin made Dahlia's heart swell with pride. "Oh, our cabin is like a little piece of nature inside," she explained, her eyes lighting up with fondness. "There are plants everywhere, and it feels like a cozy garden. Plus we have really good cooks so you best bet there is good food being made." Dahlia's gaze then drifted to Winnie, her newfound friend who had brightened her day in ways she couldn't have imagined.
  6. Dahlia felt a warm sense of camaraderie with Rebecca, their shared enthusiasm for learning and improving their skills making her day brighter. As she retrieved her arrows, she couldn't help but appreciate the bonds being formed at Camp Half-Blood. "I'm glad you're excited," she replied, a genuine smile on her face. "We can start right after this practice session, if you want. The sooner we get our hands in the dirt, the better!" Dahlia started to put her things away as the two of them had been shooting for most the day. It wasn't like she had a watch, but the sun was in a way different position then it had been last time. "Let's wrap up here, and we can dive into the world of gardening!" Dahlia's heart swelled with anticipation, looking forward to not only honing her archery skills but also sharing her love for plants and nature with her new friend. Maybe camp could get better after all. Once her things were put together she waved for Rebecca to follow her. the end
  7. "You're right, nature has its own rhythm, and honestly I just loving giving a boost to things" she said, as she blushed a little. "Oh yes I do love to sing, I sing to a lot of JPOP in my room." As a rush of joy as Winnie took her hand and twirled her around. In that moment, the forest around them felt like a magical place where anything was possible, and Dahlia was grateful for this newfound friendship. They continued walking, Dahlia's gaze settled on the gleaming Apollo cabin in the distance. It was a striking sight, and she couldn't help but admire it. Winnie's comment about finding each other made her giggle, and she felt a lightness in her heart. "Well, it was a memorable entrance, to say the least," she quipped, sharing in Winnie's amusement. It felt good to have someone who appreciated her quirks and found humor in them. Winnie's suggestion of picking strawberries together with the satyrs brought a smile to Dahlia's face. "I'd love to," she replied eagerly. The idea of helping out and making friends with the satyrs sounded like a delightful adventure. As they walked deeper into the forest, Dahlia couldn't help but feel that her life at Camp Half-Blood was taking a turn for the better, all thanks to the unexpected friendship she had found in Winnie. "So ummm what do you do for fun? Like is your cabin always singing or playing music?"
  8. As Winnie's eyes sparkled with interest and her questions continued, Dahlia found herself opening up more and more. The dreamy curiosity in Winnie's demeanor made Dahlia feel like she was sharing her world with someone who genuinely appreciated it. The idea of controlling plants made her chuckle softly. "Well, I can help them grow, but it's more like encouragement than command. Well and in battle I guess it is more of a command to control them, I do love to sing to them" she explained, feeling a certain warmth in discussing her abilities with Winnie. It was a skill she was still honing, but being able to bring life to the natural world around her was a gift she cherished. Listening to Winnie reveal her own heritage, Dahlia felt a sense of awe. Apollo's child – the sun god's daughter. It suited her somehow, with Winnie's radiant energy and the way she seemed to light up the forest around them. "Daughter of Apollo, wow" Dahlia echoed, her tone holding a mixture of admiration and fascination. Cabin 7 – that must have been where all the Apollo kids resided. Winnie's comment about not having made friends yet resonated with Dahlia. It was strange how they could be surrounded by others like them, yet still feel alone. With a sympathetic smile, Dahlia nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's pretty surreal to discover you have a whole bunch of siblings you never knew about, plus we can all be so similar but yet different" she said, her voice tinged with understanding. "But hey, at least we found each other." She squeezed Winnie's arm gently.
  9. "Yeah, like the flower," dahlia replied, her smile growing wider as Winnie's dreamy expression made her seem even more enchanting. Her innocent perspective was refreshing, and it made her feel surprisingly at ease. Dahlia chuckled at her comment, raising an eyebrow playfully. "Well, I'll take that as a compliment." Her curiosity about manga seemed genuine and endearing. It was refreshing to meet someone who wasn't familiar with the term but was open to learning about it. As she hooked her arm in Dahlia's, she felt a warmth spread through her, the feeling of an unexpected bond forming between them. Winnie's casual gesture felt like something a lifelong friend would do, and it was a comforting thought. Dahlia had made friends with those in her own cabin sure, but people outside seemed to avoid her for some reason. Walking alongside Winnie, she couldn't help but enjoy the shared exploration of the forest. Winnie's questions flowed freely, and her curiosity was infectious. Dahlia could not help but chuckle at her rapid-fire inquiries, finding them endearing rather than overwhelming. "My mom is Demeter, goddess of agriculture and the harvest," she began, feeling a sense of acceptance in sharing this piece of her identity with Winnie. "I'm in the Demeter cabin...... A manga is a type of Japanese comic or graphic novel, and for the hair, it's all about using the right shampoo and conditioner, I guess," She began to giggle again as she found this all too funny. "What about you, you got claimed the other day right?"
  10. Dahlia steadied herself on the ground as Winnie's arms reached out uselessly, attempting to catch her during the fall. Despite the minor embarrassment of the tumble, the genuine concern in Winnie's attempt warmed her cheeks. She accepted the offered hand and allowed Winnie to pull her back to her feet, the corners of her lips curling into a grateful smile. Winnie's soft giggle in response to the situation was infectious, causing Dahlia to chuckle along. There was an unexpected comfort in Winnie's presence, as if they had been friends for longer than this brief encounter. The comparison to a swan's attempt at flight, though unconventional, drew out another laugh from Dahlia. "I suppose graceful falls are my specialty," she quipped, amusement dancing in her eyes. She even moved her arms out like a birds arm flap! Dahlia mirrored the gesture, extending her hand for a handshake. "Dahlia," she replied, her grip meeting Winnie's with a sense of excitement. Watching Winnie pick up her fallen manga and express genuine fascination with the artwork, Dahlia felt a blush come on. She had not shared too much with others about her heritage as she had been picked on in school for it all. "Ohhhhh that is my manga" she said still blushing "One of my favorites."
  11. Dahlia had been feeling a bit lonely in her cabin, so she found a book in her room of one of her favorite manga's Miramaya!!! Taking it with her, she went outside where she felt most connected!!! Her mom was Demeter and even though she just found out. Dahlia thought it brought a lot of light to her life as she had always been one that being outside in nature made her feel connected and grounded. Once she made it to the forest, Dahlia began to look around for her favorite tree. It only took her a few minutes to spot it as she ran over to begin climbing. Humming a JPOP song to herself, she made it perfectly in the branch she loved to sit in day after day!!! Stretching she then pulled out her manga and leaned back to read. A hour went by when she was so caught up in her manga that she did not even hear the girl come walking towards her. It wasn't until she spoke that she was spooked. Dahlia lost her balance and began to wave her airs to catch herself "WOAHHHHHHHHHH" but it didn't help as she then fell out the tree onto the ground. Her manga falling at the feet of the girl while dahlia as another bit aways pushing herself up. "Well that wasn't graceful" her words to herself were stern as she began to rub her head.
  12. A genuine smile spread across Dahlia's face as Gael responded positively to her suggestion of dumplings. It was wonderful to see him excited, and she couldn't help but share in his enthusiasm. "I'm glad you're up for it!" she replied, her eyes bright with anticipation. As Gael began to open up about his experiences, Dahlia listened carefully, her heart going out to him. She could feel the connection forming between them, a bond of understanding that was both unexpected and comforting. When she reached out and gently squeezed his arm, she hoped her gesture conveyed the empathy she felt, reassuring him that he wasn't alone in his struggles. Gael's surprise at her words made Dahlia smile even wider. "Absolutely," she affirmed, her tone sincere and kind. "You're part of this camp now, and we're all in this together. It might take some time, but I believe you'll find your place here." As Gael complimented her, Dahlia blushed slightly, feeling a warmth spread through her chest. "Thank you, Gael," she said, her voice soft but genuinely appreciative. Maybe it was the fact that she had so often gone unnoticed by so many here that she felt forgotten. Even her sister Dawn was off doing something in the real world...making her feel so isolated. "Sooooo Gael what are you going to do for the rest of the day? Maybe we can go out and do whatever training or chores together?"
  13. Dahlia's excitement grew as she thought about the possibilities of teaching Rebecca about planting. She loved sharing her knowledge and seeing others discover the wonders of nature. "That's great!" she exclaimed, her eyes shining with enthusiasm. "Vegetable gardening is a fantastic place to start. We can learn about different types of vegetables, how to prepare the soil, sow the seeds, and care for the plants as they grow. It's such a rewarding experience to watch your own food come to life and eventually harvest it." Dahlia took a deep breath, focusing on her next shot as she knocked her arrow and drew back the bowstring. She tried to apply the techniques she had been practicing, her mind clear and determined. With a release, the arrow shot through the air, landing closer to the center of the target. She couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing that her skills were improving with every shot. "When do you want to start? We can go now orrrrr maybe sometime later?"
  14. Gael for you...he might be scary but i think he is cool dude
  15. Dahlia watched Rebecca's arrow hit the bullseye with precision, and her eyes widened in awe. She couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement and admiration for her friend's skills. "Wow, that was incredible!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands enthusiastically. "You really are a natural at this, Rebecca!" Dahlia wondered if all apollo campers were just naturals or if any of them actually struggled a bit? I mean some in her cabin were connected to the earth but struggled to use their ability. As she listened to Rebecca's suggestion about sharing planting skills, a smile spread across Dahlia's face. "Oh, definitely!" she replied with genuine enthusiasm. "I'd love to teach you some planting skills. It's amazing what you can create with plants, and I think you'll enjoy it." Dahlia knew that each of the Demi-gods were so different with their skills based on their parents. So they could all bring things to the table. "So what kind of things do you want to learn or know?"
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