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  1. Elliot Payne was in a bit of a slump. It had been weeks since his arrival here at this gods-forsaken camp. Weeks of sunny days under an ever sunny sky. Weeks of watching happy children in orange t-shirts play sports and sing by the fire. So many weeks of complete and utter boredom. His instincts had driven him here with promises of a show like none he'd seen before - chaos that would shake the world to it's very core. But so far there had been nary a sign of such a thing. Had the feeling not been so strong, and had instincts not been so accurate before, he might have he'd have long since taken off. But they were accurate. Something was coming, he was sure of it. But gods it sucked to wait. At the moment he was out for a stroll. Not the most exciting pastime, but it was a good deal better than doing his assigned camp chores. A brief smile flitted across his face when he spotted the Arts and Crafts tent. The smell of paint conjured up so many pleasant memories. There was that one time in elementary school when he'd snuck into the art room during recess and swapped the labels on all of the different colored paints. Oh how he'd reveled in the confusion when it came time for class. Ah, and the time he'd rigged one of the glue bottles to empty itself with full force at the slightest touch. That prank had been particularly successful, as the girl who'd been caught in the blast had been certain that his victim had targeted her intentionally. Those two girls had been rivals for at least the rest of the year. Such fun times. Those kinds of pranks were a bit childish for him now. He was a grown man after all. But perhaps the craft tent would offer him some way to entertain himself. It certainly couldn't hurt to poke his head in and look around...
  2. Lilythe had made plans to have a picnic with Shadow. It was something they hadn't done since they had dated, and Lilythe missed it. Lately she could feel her heart being pulled in two separate directions. She found herself being drawn more and more back towards Shadow, and doubting the purity of Azrael's intentions with her. She found herself being afraid that he would run away again and she would be alone and heartbroken again. Shadow was comforting. And from what she could tell, he seemed to genuinely be trying to change from what she could tell. He no longer tried to control who she spent her time with. She just happened to want to spend a lot of her time with him when she was free. Lilythe laid the blanket down on the grass and set the basket off to one side, sinking down onto her knees. She wore a short sun dress today, the kind with the lacing in the front that was easy enough to undo. Beneath it, she wore not a stitch of clothing. No underwear, no bra. Exactly as Daddy liked it when we were together. She had thought as she got ready for the day. Since Lilythe had let him talk her back into his bed that one time, she had gone back several times. Lilythe had missed the intimacy, and Shadow knew her body like no one else. He was able to completely surrender herself to him and she knew she would be safe. Lilythe found herself calling him 'Daddy' once more, and craving his gentle domination of her. Today was no different, really. Even the picnic had been in an effort to please him and bring a smile to his face.
  3. ~~~ Mid-December 2021 ~~~ Lilythe awoke with a headache. She hadn't remembered drinking anything, so it couldn't be that. Over the past week or so, her mind had been incredibly foggy. She felt a bit light-headed more often then not, and it was hard to focus on anything. Anything that wasn't Shadow, anyway. Thoughts of him seemed to come to her mind clear as day, while even though it hadn't been long since their last encounter, she was struggling to remember Azrael's face. Popping a couple aspirin, Lilythe got dressed. She had decided that she needed to see Azrael. If for no other reason, than because she missed him. At least, that had to be what forgetting what his face looked like meant, right? She wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but she figured it wouldn't hurt to try and spend some time with him to get her head back on straight. Once dressed, she applied a thin layer of natural looking makeup and hopped out of her cabin, making her way to cabin 16. As she arrived, she chewed nervously on her lip. What if Azzy had been trying to avoid her? She wasn't sure where that thought had really come from, but she couldn't deny it evoked a lot of anxiety in her. Azrael had left camp for several years because he couldn't stand to watch her date someone else. It would make sense if he was avoiding her again now that Shadow was back at camp, right? She would just have to convince him not to leave this time. That everything could be okay. And she was still just figuring things out herself. Please...I can't lose him again. She prayed internally to whatever god might listen.
  4. Lilythe had been trying to figure out exactly how to show Azrael how much she appreciated his birthday gift to her. Vienna, her best friend, was home. Lilythe had been over the moon and spending much of her time catching up with her best friend since the night of the party, and hadn't yet found the time to thank Azrael. With Vienna spending some time with her siblings, Lilythe decided to take advantage of this and snuck her way into the Nemesis cabin. As soon as she was in, she went straight to work. The cabin leader's bedroom was at the back of the cabin, and Lilythe made a bee-line for the door. Once inside, Lilythe set her backpack in the corner and began unpacking. There were candles, and a few symbolic items that she had brought with her, as well as a negligee that left little to the imagination. Over on his bedside table, Lilythe laid out a note. It read as follows: Azrael, Thank you for the most meaningful gift on my birthday. As a token of my thanks, I'm yours to play with tonight. Completely under your control. You have my consent to do whatever you please. The safeword is Blueberry. Yours, ~Lilythe Changing into her negligee, she then lit the candles on either nightstand. Laid an array of toys for his use out on the night stands. And blindfolded herself as soon as she heard his voice and footsteps nearing the door.
  5. It had been a couple days since Azrael had confessed his feelings to Lilythe. She had calmed down and no longer had the excess of nervous energy that he had the day of. Her talk with Joaquin had also helped her begin to sort her thoughts, though she wasn't certain she had truly come to a final conclusion of what she was going to do moving forward. And since that day she had managed to keep herself busy in an effort to help reduce that feeling of overwhelming confusion she had. However, her shift that day at The Big House was quiet and that left her with a lot of free time for her mind to wander. Lilythe was lounging in a chair in the living room, raking her fingers through her hair as she thought about things. Azrael... and me. Lovers? That was the million dollar question right now. Am I even ready for another relationship? Her mind continued to race with similar thoughts as the minutes passed by slowly. Do I even feel that way about him? She was so deep in thought, she never heard the door as it opened and another camper came in. @ Larissa Souza
  6. The last person Lilythe had anticipated walking through the door to her little birthday party had been Vienna Pimm. Vee had been one of her best friends since childhood. They had been thick as thieves since the moment the girl arrived, even if Vee's walls had been firmly up until after the Second Giants War. Vienna was one of the few people that got to call Lilythe 'Lithe', which was a play on both her name and the fact that she could be very forgetful. But she had gone off to New Rome to find some much needed normalcy in her life, and Lilythe had thought she would never return. Content to keep in touch with Iris messages and letters. Having her best friend returned to her, in the flesh, had been the most wonderful gift anyone could have ever given her. And Lilythe knew the only person who could have arranged it was Azrael. She didn't know why, or how, but she knew that he had managed to bring Vienna back. The fact that she was planning on staying for a while was doubly fantastic. So after making sure that she had properly thanked Azrael for his gift, Lilythe found herself a bottle of wine and grabbed it to bring to Cabin 12. "Hello! Paging Vienna Pimm! I come bearing Merlot." She said with an impish grin.
  7. Lilythe Lilythe Rayne Highly intelligent and resourceful, Lilythe can be counted on to find a way out of any situation. If there is a problem to solve she is often the first to find a solution. Should there be a limited selection of tools available she can usually still find a way to fix the problem with what is available. She is creative and can sometimes get lost in her own little world.The creativity has its uses, but can be a source of distraction more often than not. It is often the case that her friends need to pull her out of her daydreams to keep her focused on the task at hand. When she daydreams like this, she often misses things--people who don't know her may think that she is forgetful when they ask her to recall something they said while she was lost in thought and she fails to be able to, thus resulting in her nickname "Lithe". She seems most able to focus when taking the time to educate others. She is very nurturing and supportive. She is quick to reward those campers and individuals that she believes to be excelling. And she is slow to punish, believing that embarrassment of failure can be its own form of punishment. However this does not make her soft, she will punish should the offense call for such a measure. She has a melancholic side, and can be quite easily drawn into bouts of reclusive and quiet. This usually occurs around the anniversary of events she finds to be traumatic. At these times she would rather be left alone than have others try to cheer her up. There are a select few people that she is not bothered by at these times. 24 years old | Hermes Cabin Leader | Single | Clever Azrael Blackburn It's Complicated (future husband) Lilythe and Azrael were very close until she started dating Shadow. For some reason, after that, Azrael began to withdraw from her and eventually left to head to university. She hasn't seen him since then and misses him terribly. Shadow Moore Ex-Boyfriend Shadow and Lilythe dated throughout their teens. The two were never really all that compatible though--despite Shadow's best efforts--and Lilythe eventually broke it off with him. Now she's returned to camp after an extended stay and Shadow's trying to win her back. Vienna Pimm Best Friend Lilythe's best friend and confidant. There isn't anything going on in her life that Vienna doesn't know. And Vienna's one of the few people that can get her to relax and cut loose. Though Vienna isn't always the best influence on her, she really does care about Lilythe deeply. James Selway Good Friend James is another one of Lilythe's closest friends. The two of them do quite a bit together, and Lilythe can't imagine not having him to talk to. They've gone on countless adventures together and James always seems to know just what she needs to hear. Dustin Graves Friend Despite being a few years younger, Dustin has slowly worked his way into Lilythe's inner circle. He's definitely someone that she knows she can rely on if ever in need. Though he's not as close as her older friends are, Lilythe still considers him very important in her life. Dustin looks up to her in many ways, too, which helps keep their friendship strong. Larissa Souza Good Friend Larissa's been around camp almost as long as Lilythe has been. She's one of the original group of friends (Lilythe, Azzy, Vee, James, Shadow, and Rissa). They drifted apart in their friendship when Shadow got possessive of Lilythe, but now that things have settled down they're reconnecting. Larissa's always available when Lilythe needs someone to distract her or comfort her. character name type of relationship detailed info in here character name type of relationship detailed info in here Helena Helena L'Amour Helena always felt the most comfortable in the shadows. Very rarely does she make an effort to stand out in a crowd or draw attention to myself. She, more often than not, would rather support someone else and be the wind beneath their wings than be the one getting the attention. However, when she chooses to speak up, people should listen. If she is making the effort to be noticed, that means that she must have something important to say. Her family and friends are the most important thing in the world to her. Helena would spend all her time with them if she wasn't so busy defending them from the monsters that seem to show up wherever she goes. But since they are in danger when she's around she ran away to Camp Half-Blood. Helena still writes when she's able, to let them know she's safe. She would rather they were able to live normal lives than have to deal with the problems that seem to surround her. Helena is an outgoing person and it is never really hard to decipher how she's feeling. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Some people may call her "sensitive", but she prefers to think of it as honesty. Helena doesn't see the point in hiding what she's feeling about something, after all, nothing is going to change if she doesn't make an effort to change it herself, and sometimes change can be sparked by the simplest things like admitting how you feel. 17 years old | Child of Aphrodite | Dating Mateo | Flirty Mateo Sanz Boyfriend Mateo is just three years older than Lena, but he's never paid her any attention until recently. One day while she was sunbathing he happened to stumble upon her secret spot on the beach and as it turned out he suddenly became very interested in having her. After getting to know her, Mateo eventually began to fall for her, but he was unwilling to commit until very recently when he decided to punch someone for flirting with Helena just a little too much (nevermind that Helena had sought that attention to make Mateo jealous in the first place). Evelyn Scott Older Sister Evelyn is a little older than Helena, but they have a close relationship. Evelyn is dramatic and chaotic, but loves her sister dearly. Helena turns to her or Levi for most things when she needs a confidant. Levi Jones Older Brother Levi is not only Helena's older brother, but he's also the best friend to her one and only love as well as being the only other camper with Charmspeak. They are incredibly close when she's not trying to put him in the middle of things with her and Mateo, and he's one of the few people she can rely on to have her back most of the time. He's a little rough around the edges, and he has more than earned his bad-boy reputation around camp, but Helena knows that once he truly cares about someone there's nothing he wouldn't do for them. character name type of relationship detailed info in here Aislynn Aislynn O'Neill Slightly over-the-top in everything she does, Aislynn finds that the best cure for boredom is to go out and cause a little scene. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and some people think that means she's being rude then she's okay with that. At heart she cares very deeply about people, but she learned from early on that you have to look out for yourself. That means standing up for what you think and feel, and not everybody is going to like you when you do that. She can be very reckless, however, and doesn't always think her plans through. This gets her in trouble more often than not. 18 years old | Child of Dionysus | Single | Reckless Theodore Thatcher old flame Aislynn doesn't let people in very often. But Theo managed to worm his way in there. For a while he even had her believing that they could be something more. But of course, like everyone else, he let her down in the end. character name type of relationship detailed info in here character name type of relationship detailed info in here character name type of relationship detailed info in here Willow Willow Iris Hazelwood When attempting to describe Willow, the term "Flower Child" comes to mind. Indeed, before she was old enough to comprehend the entirety of what the hippie lifestyle was like, Willow sought to embody the Peace and Love part of their lifestyle. She is accepting of others, and recognizes that all people are human and make mistakes. Sometimes that works against her though, as people will often take advantage of someone that is willing to give them multiple chances. Willow has a kind heart, and as a result she attempts to befriend everyone she meets. No amount of heartbreak from those that were unkind has been able to break her of this, though there were times she faltered and grew more hesitant. Because she trusts so completely, and accepts people where they are at, Willow occasionally finds herself in less than ideal situations. It usually takes realizing that others, besides herself, will be hurt if things continue before she can give up even in the most dire of situations, however. No stranger to hard work, Willow enjoys going out and getting her hands dirty. She isn't unintelligent, but at times she can be a bit of a daydreamer and lose focus in class which makes acquiring knowledge from a textbook or lecture difficult. As a result she appreciates the classes where application is more important than the ability to regurgitate facts. Willow feels things very deeply. While more often than not she can be seen smiling and happy, when something bad does occur she can be prone to melancholy. It takes her several days to get over even the smallest of emotional injuries. She's worked very hard to not take out her emotions on others, but that doesn't stop her from wallowing in depression when events occur. 19 years old | Child of Apollo | Single | Kind Killian O'Connor Talking (future husband) Killian is one of the residential playboys of Camp Half-Blood. His reputation was well-known to Willow. So when he took an interest in her after she sang at one of their parties, Willow of course thought this interest was fleeting. She's fairly certain that Killian just wants her for the chase and once she gives in, he'll lose interest. Still, she thinks he's incredibly charming and isn't sure how much longer she can hold out. Samantha Adams Friends Very few people share Willow's hesitance to get in a relationship. So it was a relief for her when she met Samantha, queen of the "purity club", who didn't find it weird at all that Willow wanted to protect her heart. They didn't have a lot in common, but friendships built on respect can be just as valuable as those built on shared interests. Willow finds herself going to Samantha for support when she needs it because oftentimes Samantha's able to at least understand and support her. character name type of relationship detailed info in here character name type of relationship detailed info in here Alyssa Alyssa James Alyssa is a carefree spirit. She tries not to take things too seriously, and go with the flow. She loves her father dearly, and writes to him as often as she can. Alyssa is funny, outgoing, and her smile lights up a room. She's kind, but can have an attitude when people cross a line. She isn't the most athletic of campers, but she likes to play games and stay active anyway. She can be a little vain, often taking an interest in keeping her 'youthful glow' but she doesn't let it get in the way of having fun and getting dirty. Largely it comes from her overwhelming fear of death. 16 years old | Child of Hebe | Single | Carefree Damien Dawn Friend With Benefits (end game ship) Damien is perhaps the most arrogant and self-centered guy at Camp. For whatever reason he seems keen on spending time with Alyssa. Being a free-spirit, she believes everyone has redeemable qualities, but boy does she have to stretch herself to find his. Still, she can't really bring herself to kick him out of her life either. There's just something about him... Finley Walker Old Flame Finley was Alyssa's first crush. He was her first fling. With his quick wit and charm, he managed to intrigue her during a party and what transpired thereafter was enough to captivate a part of her. What they had was short-lived, as Finley quickly found himself with other entanglements, but it left its mark on Alyssa. There will always be a part of her that wonders what would have happened if she had spoken up first. character name type of relationship detailed info in here character name type of relationship detailed info in here LYDIA Lydia Hawthorne Upon first getting to know Lydia, on the surface she seems like an airhead. Often seeming to be spaced out or daydreaming--well day-nightmaring?--she can be hard to get to know. For those willing to put in a bit of effort, however, they will discover that she's quite intelligent and a brilliant artist, if a bit macabre in her choice of subjects. Lydia can be a bit melancholic and wistful, but she has a heart of gold and is happy to support and help anyone who is willing to accept her eccentric attempts at support. Lydia finds joy in things most people would find off-putting. Perhaps a side-effect of being the daughter of the Goddess of Nightmares. She prefers solitude or a small group of friends over crowds, and the company of ghosts over the living more often than not. Lydia feels most at home in a graveyard, but has learned to make due at Camp. 15 | Child of a Minor God | Single | Unique Abigail Asteria Anderson Best Friend Abigail and Lydia met shortly after Lydia's arrival to camp. Abby was the first person to understand Lydia's 'gift' from her mother and not shun her or use her for it. As a result, the two became fast friends. Even though Lydia can often have her head in the clouds, Abigail seems to understand her and accept her for who she is. That is something that Lydia finds rare indeed. It's likely that if someone should ever take interest in Lydia, though, it'll have to be Abby who points it out to her. PICTURE OF RELATION HERE RELATION'S NAME TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP INFO HERE PICTURE OF RELATION RELATION'S NAME TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP INFO HERE PICTURE OF RELATION HERE RELATION'S NAME TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP INFO HERE
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