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Camp Half-Blood RP

A time when things were simple.....enough.

Mateo Sanz

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(Rated M: For the simple fact that it talks about BDSM and it might Involve sex)




It was just after lunch and people were going their own ways. Some going to class. Which was something that Mateo should be doing. Hand to hand combat with Dustin. But the reason why he wasn't going there today was pulling him by his arm. A smirk pulled at his lips as his eyes roamed around her body. Her blond hair swayed every time she walked, and it was almost like she had done it on purpose. They were in their orange camp shirts at the moment which of course was tacky enough, it took away from some of the individuality he thought. But there was no telling anyone that at the moment. She turned around, an innocent smile playing on her lips. He knew better than to believe it at all. He chuckled a little as he allowed her to pull them into the forest. They were far enough away from prying eyes that he, in his teasing way, pushed Cora up against one of the trees there. He stood taller than her by a foot and some inches. He smirked down at her with something in his eyes that told her that he knew better than her to be innocent. 

They had been fooling around for a couple of months now, and Mateo had liked where things were going at the moment. She seemed to like it as well, and the best part of the whole thing was that she wasn't being clingy. Which is something that he wouldn't be able to handle at all. They had had a talk about everything beforehand. He didn't want to bring her in if she was going to be like that. However, he couldn't help but feel comfortable with her. He lent down, his lips finding hers in a fast second. He couldn't help but trail his hands down her sides. His thumbs found their way under her shirt, caressing her soft skin. He liked to be able to touch her in certain ways. It made things easier in his mind. He let the kiss linger a little longer before he pulled away and smirked down at her. "I think that we should take this a little farther." he told her with one of his rare smiles. 

Within a second, one hand moved away from her side and did a wave in the air, where a scroll had formed. He grabbed it with his hand and then a pen soon followed as well. "We've been playing around a little, but I was thinking that we could take it a little father." he told her, handing the rolled-up paper to her, allowing her to look through it. " There is a lot going on there, so I figured that we could talk about it here, no one is around." He said, sounded more like a man on a mission. There was going to be a bon fire later that night and he didn't really want to miss it, besides he knew one of Mr. D's kids would bring something to drink and he was all about that. He stayed silent for a moment before he tilted his head a little watching her read it. "It goes over the bases that would need to be filled. If you're not okay with something let me know and it will be taken off, no if ands or buts about it." he told her. "After all it's about you and what you are safe with doing." he told her honestly.

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Cora hated going to classes it was her least favorite thing to do at camp. So, after lunch she grabbed her favorite person to be with and convinced him that she would be worth skipping classes. But, before he could really even agree or disagree, she grabbed him by the hand and started to pull him towards the forest with a huge smile spreading across her face. Mateo wasn't exactly a goody too shoes that needed to be at his classes and try to protest. Dragging him down the trail, she had a spot in mind that was deep into the forest, she had found it one day exploring, and it was the perfect place to have some fun. Giggling as she tried to play innocent, not telling him of her plans. They had a very active relationship, and he knew her a little too well for her own good. Next thing Cora knew, she was pushed against a tree, by Mateo, his dominates was impeccable, as she looked up at him innocently, trying to play off how it made her feel when he used his size against her. 

"Hey" she giggled "We aren't there yet, can't you contain yourself a little longer" she smirked, sticking her tongue at him, she wasn't a full-on brat, but she did like to push Mateo's buttons just a little sometimes. When Mateo lent down, Cora pushed up on her tiptoes to meet his kiss, as a small moan slipped from her lips, when she felt his hands linger on her skin. She loved the feel of his soft but rough hands on her bare skin, it always gave her goosebumps. 

 "I think that we should take this a little farther."

The words that came from him, hit Cora hard, she knew what she was getting into with Mateo, they had talked about it multiple times, but she had yet to actually give herself over to him, sign his contract and forever be his 'pet'. She loved the idea of it. She knew exactly what he meant before he even said it. She was ready, she wanted to sign his contract, and be able to please him how ever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Within seconds a scroll appeared out of thin air, which made her smile, she loved his magical powers. Reaching up she grabbed the scroll, tucking it into her back pocket of her jeans, she used her size to slide out from under him, and take off running, she was so excited that he wanted to take it to the next level, she couldn't help but be giddy and playful. "Come on!" she yelled "I have a special place to show you, and we can go over the scroll there" she yelled with excitement. The place she had found wasn't that far off from where they were. 

Coming to a stop when she reached the spot. It was a small quite area near the far end of the lake, there stood a huge weeping willow that she absolutely loved. Once Mateo was in sight, she walked through the leaves of the tree to sit underneath it. When Mateo joined her, she smiled up at him from her seated position "isn't this beautiful?" she questioned him. 

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