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Adjustments to Minor Deity Parent Rules

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Adjustments to Minor Deity Parent Rules

It is so awesome to see the enthusiasm that everyone has for having a minor deity as a parent! When we first introduced them, we weren't sure how many people would really go for it since they don't get a cabin of their own and are housed in the Hermes cabin. We are blessed that it has taken off as well as it has! 

That being said, in order to stay in alignment with canon, where children of minor deities are rare, we have had to change the way that minor deities work ever-so-slightly.

The way you apply for one hasn't changed. What has changed is that now we are limiting how many can be on the board per parent at a given time.

Unlike other slots that reset every 6 months, these spots are static and only change when people make or retire characters. So if a parent is full, they are full; you'll have to wait for someone to retire a character or miss 2 consecutive activity checks before a spot will open up again.

You can read more about the rules for Minor Deities as parents in Article III, Section 8

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