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Camp Half-Blood RP

Innocents, I think not.

Andralyn O'Dell

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Andralyn couldn't believe what she just got handed to her, well ok, not fully handed to her, she had a bunch of chores to do now that were even hers. She debates on doing them but honestly, she didn't care, she was to focused on what she got out of it. A favor from Petal. Oh, the joys of what she could have her do. Andralyn decided she was going to rummage through the fridge at her cabin to see what they might have, she ended up finding chocolate syrup, grabbing it, she closed the fridge and decided to check the freezer. Andralyn had a sadistic mind set, the fun she was going to have with Petal, and it was all going to be a huge surprise to her. The smirk played a crossed Andralyn's face when she came across popsicles in the freezer, looking she finally found one of her favorite flavors (cherry). Grabbing it as well and shutting the freezer, she grabs a bag and puts both items into it. Walking out of the cabin in a sexy but casual outfit, she had a huge smile playing on her face as she headed for the Iris cabin.

Getting to the Iris cabin Andralyn walks in, looking around. No one was in site, so she walked over to their fridge/freeze and stuck her items into it. Walking off toward Petal's room, she knocks but starts to walk in before she can even respond. "Hi Petal" she says with a bright smile. 

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