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Camp Half-Blood RP

I'm New, What do I do?


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Getting Started

Step 1: Register with your character's name, first name and last name, for example -- Harry Potter. This character must be an Original Character without use of canon names.

Step 2: Fill out an application, and post it HERE

Step 3: While waiting for acceptance or feedback, feel free to place your reserves in the claims board HERE.

Step 4: Familarize yourself with the site rules and plot. The rules can be found HERE while the plot is located HERE

Step 5: Hear back! Once you've been accepted, you'll be given information on where to go, while if you're pending you'll be given a PM that explains what we felt could use tweaking to be a better fit.

That's it! If you have any further questions about starting, please create an account with your character's name and post it below.
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