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Verity Engels

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Shay Rudolph


Verity Themis Engels was born on May 23rd, 2011, as the oldest daughter of Daedalus Barlos Engels and a daughter of Aphrodite. Daedalus owns a small hotel chain that brings enough wealth for the family to live comfortably and more.

Not long after Verity was born, her father quickly married her now-stepmother Eulalie Ulyana Griffiths. Verity grew up with hobbies such as ballet, ballroom dancing, playing the harp, and other 'proper' hobbies a rich girl was meant to have. A few years after she was born, her little brother Cassius entered the world, someone she absolutely adores.

(not sure how to properly apply for this ability so if anyone could give me pointers, that would be amazing!) Verity is able to shapeshift as one of her unique abilities as a child of Aphrodite. It began with her eyes turning green instead of being her usual blue. Another day, her hair turned turned from her nearly-white blonde to a deep shade of chocolate brown. Her parents often dismissed it as a trick of the light since they never lasted longer than a few seconds.


Verity is a very cool-headed girl with a tendency for impulsivity, lack of patience, and restlessness.

About Me

Birthdate: May 23rd, 2011
Likes: ballet, ballroom, harp, beige/white colours, frilly skirts
Dislikes: most sports, getting dirty, fractions, spiders, cheap fabric
  • Mom: Aphrodite; Eulalie Ulyana Engels, stepmother, 33
  • Dad: Daedalus Barlos Engels, 35
  • Siblings: Cassius Asterion Engels, 6
Happy Thoughts: making flower bouquets
Nightmares: losing her brother
Fatal Flaw: impulsiveness
FACE CLAIM: Shay Rudolph
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