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Meshach Willem

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Meshach Willem


Meshach was born on October 19th. No one knows how he was born and his father kept it a secret. he lived with his father alone. His father, Peter Willem, was an unknown author and poet. Almost all of his poems was about his adoration on the sun, natures, and Apollo.

Meshach was enrolled in a public school. His socials was so-so, nothing special, and he was just like any regular kids. Sometimes he saw something that couldn't be seen by his father or his peers but he kept it alone after one of his peers called him weird. His favorite thing in school was music class, He was praised for his flute and oboe skill by his teacher. Knowing this, Peter bought him an ocarina that had his name carved on it. The ocarina easily became his favourite obsession.

When he was nine, in early summer, he was having picnic with his father in a lake. They were having fun until Meshach felt something off in that place. Someone or some people seemed to look at him non-stop. It made Meshach uncomfortable but he couldn't tell his father because he didn't want to ruin the day. The first thing that happened was something tripped him and made a wound on his knees. His father ran towards him but helpless since there was no first aid kit around. Peter remembered something. He asked to follow him singing something. Meshach was clueless that time but couldn't help to follow his father. And magically, the wound was healed.

Meshach became puzzled but no words could come out of his mouth. His father asked what had happened but Meshach himself didn't know. Then they continued picnic. There was a boat near them. It looked like completely fine. Peter asked him to go rowing on the lake. Meshach nodded, completely ignored his uncomfortable feeling. Once they were off the shore, the boat was shaking. Not only that, Meshach once again grabbed by something, an ugly creature. The boy fought for his life to release himself from the grab and he succeeded. But the oxygen in his lungs was depleted. It was too late for him until he felt another grab from the surface. Peter quickly pull Meshach and row quickly to the shore and did chest compression to save Meshach. That scene attracted some crowds to surround them and some helps also came to them.

It was night when they were home. Peter brought his sleeping son to his room. That day exhausted the father and the son. And the feeling of drowning was still haunting the boy, made him awoke at midnight. All he saw was his dark room that somewhat made him suffocate. There was a glimpse of light that comes from a small space under the door. He focused to see that weak light for some moment before it becomes brighter for some moments. It of course frightened the nine-years-old boy. It kept like that until the door was opened. His father told him to go outside to meet someone.

A short-stature man with a weird posture was sitting on a couch in the living room. The man told him that he was demigod. Then his father told him that Apollo was also his parent. Everything was clicked in his small brain. That was the reason why he experienced that weirdness that day. The man then asked him to go to the camp that full of the kids like him. It was also for his father's safety. Meshach agreed. He wanted to know about his heritage more and how the kids like him lived. So, in the early summer, he went to the camp with the weird man bringing his belonging that was already prepared by his father. He also didn't forget to bring his ocarina along with him.


Meshach is a calm boy and unbothered by his surroundings. He prioritizes himself first before the ones he loves. He always brought his ocarina with him.

About Me

Birthdate: October 19th, 2014
Likes: Sweets, Plants, Hiking, Wind Intruments Sounds, Archery, Poems, Day Light
Dislikes: Bitters, Dark Places, Thick Books, Loud Screams, Deep Water, Water Sports
  • Mom:- 
  • Dad: Apollo and Peter Willem (36)
  • Siblings: -
  • Other: -
Happy Thoughts: Meshach likes his time with his father hiking. His father shared a lot of stories of some plants and sometimes makes a poem from the view.
Nightmares: Meshach doesn't like deep water like pool, lake, and sea due to his experience being drowned in a lake when he was seven. Fortunately, his father still could save him. But the feeling of drowning was still haunting Meshach.
Fatal Flaw: Thallasophobia
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