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Trilore Sarn


Trilore was born on April 17th, he lived alone with his mother, Canarea Sarn, for the most part of his early life. His father disappeard when he was young. When Trilore turned 10 he went to a private school in Washinton D.C. he wasn't the best at his academics, well all except math and history. For some reason trilore adored math it was his second favorite class, his first being frencing. He was the best at fencing in his school, it just came easy to him. Trilore was happy for the longest time, well until the anger issues started and he picked fights with everyone. At the age of 12 he noticed that everyone he was around started becoming anrgy as soon as he walked in the room, so for most of his freshman year he managed to learn to control his anger and didnt talk to anyone, since that seemed to be when people fought the most. That didnt seem to matter everytime he entered a room a fight would break out, it could be anyting from a samll argument to a full on fight, his mother was the only one not affected. One the day he turned 13, during lunch Trilore noticed something he couldnt quite explain. The creature looked like a women, no a snake, maybe both, all Trilore new was no one else seemed to see it and it was looking right at him. That day Trilore ran home and told his mother of what he saw and she told him that his father was a god and that he will have to go to a camp in long island. A week later Trilore had begun to pack for the camp, which started at the begining of the summer, he didnt really want to leave but his mother had insisted. He grabbed a bag and put his journal in it as well as a few outfits. So once he was packed he began to say goodbye to his mother and as he did she began to cry and once she stopped Trilore was about to leave when he remembered to grab his fencing saber, which his mother said his father left for him, the saber was able to retract into the hilt he didnt really know how it worked it just did. Trilore gave his mother one last hug before he left and as soon as he stepped trought the door an image of the head of a boar appeared above his head, Ares his father was Ares.


Trilore is a seemingly shy boy who is a tittle rough around the edges and is always looking around taking in his surroundings. He rarely talks to anyone unless he sees them as a potential ally. He always carries his fencing saber.

About Me

Birthdate: April 17, 2011
Likes: Fencing, sour food, history, math, chess, and hunting.
Dislikes: Cats, insects, calm games, nosey people, and sweets.
  • Mom:
  • Canarea Sarn(35)
  • Dad:
  • Ares
  • Siblings:
  • -
  • Other:
  • -
Happy Thoughts: Trilore enjoys when he first hunted deer when he turned 13. When he first picked up a fencing saber.
Nightmares: Trilore has a fear that one day everyone he has cometo care about will turn on him, this has become a reacurring nightmare. Which this nightmare has transformed into extreme paranoia.
Fatal Flaw: Trilore beleives everyone even his closest friends will turn on his so he a always ectremly paranoid. Etc.
PLAYED BY: Aldrean
Edited by Aldrean Valorian
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