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Mateo Sanz

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Please only take if you are interested and okay with writing mature themes.

Megan is an eighteen-year-old daughter of Hebe and ex-sub of Mateo.

Megan has been obsessed with Mateo since she was about fifteen years old. She was drawn into the lifestyle of BDSM because of him. Being his sub for years before she wanted more in their relationship, which he couldn't handle. So he called everything off with her, as it was part of her contract.
I would say that Megan will do just about anything to get Mateo's attention as she knows what he likes (can talk about this further)
She will also love to rub that in any girls face that he seems to be getting close to.
Other than that the rest of her story can be up to the writer. Playby can be discussed if you want to change it. 
  • Obsessive 
  • Competitive
  • Flirty 
  • Aggressive
  • Spirited
Wanted By: NickyNack
Character: Mateo Sanz
Megan Cox/ Ex-sub
Edited by Mateo Sanz
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