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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

It has been years since Percy and friends stood up against Kronos, Gaia, and Nero. Things are quiet at Camp Half-Blood. But how long will it stay that way?

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood RP. An interactive, post-canon, play by post forum-based roleplay site. We hope you'll bring your original character to join us! After you register, please click the button below to be taken to New Member Orientation if you'd like some help navigating the site.
New Member Orientation

New to Rick Riordan's Universe?

Don't worry, we were all new once. We're happy to show you the ropes. You don't have to be aware of everything that's happened in the books to make your character.

As part of the tour for camper characters aged 13 and younger, an explanation of the basics of Camp Half-Blood, the Gods, and how the world works will all take place. So if you want to try it out, but don't know anything about Percy Jackson or Riordan's other works, that's okay!

We strongly recommend joining our New Member Orientation too, to help you get your feet wet.
New Member Orientation

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Welcome! Please register with your character's name. Out of Character accounts are for Staff.

You may use your drachmae to purchase anything you can afford! 

Sending an item to another character does have an upcharge of 10%. So oftentimes it's cheaper to donate the drachmae to the character you wish to give them to so that they can purchase it directly themselves. 

Legacy status must be purchased on characters that have not been created yet. It is something you are born with, not something you can become. So please purchase it on, or for, a character that you are currently developing, instead of one who has already been approved. 

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