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  1. Levi woke up early, which was super unusual for him. Specially being on a Saturday, but since he was up he decided he would go see what kinda food they were cooking for breakfast at the mess hall. Going into the bathroom, he brushed his teeth, put on some deodorant. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He could feel today was gonna be a good day, even if he woke up super early. Grabbing his pants he pulled them on, and then slung a blue tank on. Making his way to the mess hall, he found himself daydreaming some of McKayla. Walking in, he grabbed some yummy looking breakfast, they had waffles and fresh fruits. Levi looked around and not many other campers were in the mess hall, one caught his eye, Shadow, he didn't know much about him, but he sure was a suspicious guy. Giving the guy a nod, he made his way to an empty table, and sat down, ready to dig in. @ Kendall Ray
  2. James could not get over the fact that Rissa had come back to camp and that the two of them were back to being what they were so long ago. He knew he was not going to waste any time wooing her as he wanted to be with her for real this time. To make her his and only his. The thought of her being with anyone else made him feel sick to his stomach. That is why when she arrived to the party he made his move as soon as he could so he could claim a dance with the sun child. Watching her laugh, smile and dance made his heart soar. But when the party was over and people began to leave. James leaned over to whisper the night was not over just yet. Grabbing her hand he lead her out of the cabin to pick her up and through her over his shoulder. "Alright, time for some more fun" he said laughing as he looked around to seeing a mostly dead camp. But he knew they couldn't be too loud as it would make up the rest of the camp and he did not want octavia to see him like what he had in mind for the evening. Walking them down to the lake he sat he down on her feet with a smirk on his face. Kissing her on her check he said "I was thinking of ummmm taking a bit of a skinny dip in the lake." Hoping she would be down for this he pulled off his shirt showing his fit and muscular body that he hit most the time in t-shirts. Putting it down on the ground he pulled himself closer to her as if to slow dance a bit. "Is that okay with you?" he said in his soft sweet voice. He did not want to rush her into anything she did not want to do. He loved her too much for that and he did not know when she broke it off with kyle. @ Larissa Souza
  3. Kendall's excitement grew as she received an invitation to a pool party in New Rome, Hosted by none other than Killian himself. She had heard whispers about his legendary parties, knowing for their extravagance and lively atmosphere. Eager to experience the fun and socialize with other campers, Kendal wasted no time in preparing for the event. She slipped into a stylish white bikini, the color softening her already sun kissed complexion. Kendall packed a bag with essentials, towel and sunscreen. With a quick check in the mirror to ensure she looked her best; Kendall was ready to make her way to the party. As she arrived at Killian's residence, the scene before her eyes was nothing short of spectacular. The backyard had been transformed into a tropical oasis. Complete with palm trees and colorful decorations and a sparkling pool that beckoned invitingly. The air was filled with upbeat music and laughter and the tantalizing scent of food being prepared. It made her drool. Kendall couldn't help but feel a surge of anticipation as she approached the gathering. The pool area was already bustling with activity, with campers mingling, playing games and enjoying the refreshing water. She spotted Killian, the host, greeting guest with a warm smile and a welcoming demeanor. Taking a deep breath, Kendall made her way to the edge of the pool, finding and open spot of land to lay on and sat her belongings there. She observed the vibrant energy around her, people laughing and splashing in the water, the sun casting a shimmering glow over the scene. Soon, she was unable to resist that allure of the pool. Kendall decided to take a dip herself. She waded into the cool water, feeling its embrace on her skin. The refreshing sensation washing away any remnants of the outside worlds. She joined in some of the games that were being played. the laughter and joy filled the air, creating a sense of camaraderie among the attendees. Throughout the day, Kendall enjoyed the company of her fellow campers, forging new connection and strengthening existing friendships. The pool party provided a space where worries and responsibilities faded away, replaced by moments of sheer enjoyment and relaxation. As she sun began to set, casting a warm golden glow over the party, Kendall found herself getting out of the pool to follow some of the guest to the dance floor that had been happening. She was one for dancing always. A friend of her went to grab drinks for them and brought it back to her within second. Her arms were already up in the air by the time the music started to get a little hotter. She found herself dirty dancing with some of her girl-friends there. Loving the attention that the men that were there were giving them. bathing suit @ Killian O'Connor
  4. Henry was enjoying the summer courses; as any child of Athena would agree, a lot of the fun CHB offers is in the competitions and training sessions. Goddess of war tactics, Henry's mum blessed her with a natural knack for fighting. And that was the aim of the game today: hand-to-hand combat. While she preferred to wield a weapon, Henry never had any trouble getting her knuckles bloody. She'd gotten into a far few fights during her time in mortal schools... lots of timid, bullied kids that needed protecting. One thing she didn't like about summer courses, though, was when they were randomly paired. As it was, Henry had few friends and even fewer confidants. She wouldn't suffer fools or tolerate idiots. So, when she was assigned Liam as a partner, safe to say she was pissed. He was a big, brutish Ares boy whom Henry hated as soon as she first saw him; a fool and an idiot through and through. "I am gonna have so much fun handing your ass to you, Daddy's boy." Henry scowled, her fists rising to block her nose from attack. Ares children always played dirty. @ Liam Santos
  5. Helena paced outside the Hecate cabin. She was an idiot, a stupid idiot. He wasn't supposed to hit him. She thought to herself. He was just supposed to get jealous and drag me away. It had been a dangerous game she played during the volleyball game. As soon as it finished she watched Mateo leave, and assumed he had gone to his cabin. When she arrived, however, he wasn't there. All she had wanted was his attention, and now Theo was hurt. Admittedly, she wasn't that broken up about it, he wasn't a great person. But she was upset at how deeply it had affected Mateo. How was I supposed to know he would get that angry? Lena knew that Mateo loved her. She could quite literally feel it as a child of Aphrodite. Even if he couldn't admit it himself, Helena knew. Still she was desperate for him to come to acceptance of it. She had waited years for him to notice her, and she didn't want to be patient anymore. She wanted that happily ever after she knew they were going to have one day. All she had wanted was for Mateo to get a little jealous and steal her attention for himself. It had backfired big time. She paced for hours before she finally heard footsteps approaching. Biting her lip, she looked up at him. "I'm an idiot..." She said by way of apology.
  6. Character Name: Lilythe Rayne Cabin: Cabin 11 -- Hermes Other Characters involved in Plot: Azrael Blackburn (want ad here), Shadow Moore (want ad here), Vienna Pimm (want ad here), @Dustin Graves and @James Selway, plus whoever else wants to be involved. Plot Overview: Lilythe has returned from an extended leave from Camp Half-Blood only to have her world completely turned around as her ex-boyfriend and old friend vie for her affections. Shadow, the ex, isn't above using his magic to secure Lilythe for himself when he realizes what a threat Azrael poses. Meanwhile Lilythe's friends have noticed that she's acting particularly odd lately. Can they undo Shadow's plot and return her to Azrael's arms where she belongs? Plot Outline: Lilythe and Azrael reconnect Shadow returns to camp Shadow uses the volatility between cabins at camp as a cover for using his magic to bring Lilythe back to his arms Shadow will essentially be brainwashing Lilythe repeatedly with magic There are some non-violent sexual assault issues Friends begin to notice something isn't right with Lilythe Friends convince Azrael to save Lilythe from Shadow Azrael struggles to figure out how to save her, until he finally catches Shadow unaware using his abilities to manipulate the mist on Lilythe As Shadow and Azrael confront one another, Shadow goes too far and significantly harms Azrael causing Lilythe to remember how she truly feels about Azrael and breaking the spell. Plot Locations: Camp Half-Blood, mostly. Though some activities in the city or wherever site-wide plot events occur may also happen. Full Plot: Lilythe, daughter of Hermes, has recently returned to Camp Half-Blood from an extended leave of absence. Before she left she had broken up with her long-time boyfriend Shadow Moore. Though the two appeared to part on amicable terms from Lilythe's perspective, Shadow has been obsessed with getting her back ever since. Now, after her absence of several months, he has a plan to win her back and nothing is going to stop him. At least, that's what he thinks. Azrael Blackburn is Lilythe's former best friend. Recently, she's began to realize that she may care for him as much more than that. He left camp 4 years ago to attend Camp Jupiter's university in New Rome and she hasn't heard from him since. However, Azrael also missed her. Azrael had always felt something more for Lilythe but could never bring himself to tell her. It was a large part of why he left for university in the first place. But now that he's graduated, and a little birdie named Vienna has told him that Lilythe and Shadow broke up months ago, Azrael is ready to return to Camp Half-Blood and reconnect with his old friend. As Lilythe begins to reconnect with Azrael, sparks fly and it's as if no time has passed. Just as it looks like the two are finally about to enter a relationship, Shadow begins to work his vile plans into action. First he begins to sew doubt with Lilythe by telling her lies about Azrael's intentions with her. Then he makes sure to have Azrael walk in on moments where he and Lilythe are alone, in an effort to make it look like Lilythe still wants to be with him. Finally, as rifts are formed between cabins (not uncommon), Shadow seizes the opportunity to use his mastery over the mist to brainwash Lilythe into believing she still loves him and to steal her away from Azrael by causing more and more fights between them. While she returns to Shadow, Lilythe and him essentially pick up where they left off. Only Shadow tries to push things further and further. He wants all of Lilythe, and he can convince her that she wants it too. But each time he manipulates her, Lilythe becomes a little bit more and more odd with her friends. Eventually Vienna, James, and Dustin get concerned enough to bring things up with Azrael. Azrael is reluctant to accept that Lilythe isn't acting of her own accord--pessimistic about her ability to ever return his affections after the second heartbreak from her he's had--but eventually succumbs to their pleas. Every effort he makes to bring Lilythe back to her friends ends in vain and Azrael begins to lose hope. That is, until he sees Shadow using his ability to manipulate the mist on Lilythe and realizes what's going on. After coming up with a battle plan, Azrael confronts Shadow, but gets significantly hurt. In that moment, no amount of magic can overcome the real love and despair that Lilythe feels upon seeing him so hurt. Lilythe breaks herself free from Shadow's manipulations and runs to Azrael's side. Thankfully his wounds were not as grave as they appeared and after several days of love and care, and a lot of ambrosia, Lilythe and Azrael can finally have their happily ever after.
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