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  1. Tempest stood on the sidelines of the bustling camp, watching as the unsuspecting couple prepared for the cook-off. The duo, Isolde and Hector, were admired for their culinary prowess and were smug about it, a trait that rubbed Tempest the wrong way. Not to mention, they both were so utterly and disgustingly in love that it made her stomach turn. She recalled overhearing them sweetly jest about their winning streak and promising to celebrate their impending victory with a moonlit dinner. That was what sparked the idea; a wicked grin spread across her face as she thought about how that romantic dinner was going to turn into a disaster. She turned to face her little brother Derrick. "Listen, Derrick," she began, her tone serious but also a bit excited. "We have a job to do. You know Isolde and Hector, right? Camp's sweethearts and everyone's favorite chefs?" She gestured at the couple who were now deeply engrossed in their meal preparations. "I think they need to be taught a little lesson about humility. And about how fleeting love can be when you're...indisposed," she added, the hint of a smirk appearing on her lips. She held out a small container filled with laxatives, her electric blue eyes sparkling with mischief. "I need you to help me replace some ingredients with these. It's a short timeframe, and we need to be stealthy. What do you say? Help your older sis out?" She could just imagine the chaos that was about to ensue, the familiar thrill of potential drama fueling her resolve. She had a point to prove, and she was going to use every resource she had...including her little brother. @ Derrick Raines
  2. Finley sat on the porch of his cabin, feeling the warm sun on his skin and the gentle breeze in his hair. Finley was waiting on Petal, who went to get the nail polish for his toenails, Finley couldn't help but reflect on his time away from camp. Being out west, catching waves and meeting new surfers was an incredible experience, but it also made him realize how much he missed his family and his home at Camp Half-Blood. This place had been his safe haven for a good deal of his life. Growing up here was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. He was not along plus he got to be around hot campers which he would have fun with!!! Not to mention he was in a cabin with his family who he loved. Most of them were hippie children but what can you expect for their mother. Being out west meant there were a lot of monsters to fight off just to have a bit of a break. Which could get tiring time to time. It was good to see his dad who was doing great with the organic business. It seemed he had his hands full at the time so we didn't "It's good to be back," he said to Petal, wiggling my toes to get them separated for when she got back. "I didn't realize how much I missed this place until I was away from it." Finely looked back as he tried to see where Petal had gotten to. The two of them were close in age, making them super tight and all. @ Petal Price
  3. Andralyn loved her birth month; she was born on the best day of the month too. She loved to pull pranks on people, and most the campers knew by now that they have to watch their steps during the month of April. Her birthday was just a few days ago, and she still had a bunch of different color silly string and she had plans. The Iris kids were always so colorful and bright, so she thought they would be the perfect candidates for her silly sting. Gathering up four of the cans, the colors she decided to go with being neon pink, neon green, purple, and a bright yellow. With a mischievous grin on her face, she ran out of her cabin and headed for the Iris cabin, darting to the side of it, hoping to catch one or more of some of the Iris campers coming out of their cabin. Andralyn put the neon pink, and purple down near the wall of the cabin. She shook up the neon green and bright yellow, popping the caps off, as she awaited her victim. @ Petal Price
  4. It had been a week since Sage and Loukas became boyfriend and girlfriend. The two had been together even more than before which was shocking. They had planned this evening stroll through the woods together when she felt a drop. Looking up she could not believe it was raining as it only rained in camp when the God's wanted it to be so. Sage stood there, feeling the rain soak through her clothes, her mind couldn't help but wander to Loukas. She couldn't believe how much she wanted him, how much she craved his touch. Every moment they spent together felt like pure bliss, and she knew that she wanted more. The memory of his hands on her body sent shivers down her spine, and she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have him inside her. The two of them grabbed each others hands as they began to try and find cover from the rain as it soaked them. Sage couldn't believe her luck. Here she was, running through the rain with Loukas, feeling the drops splash against her skin and soak through her clothes. It was exhilarating, and for a moment she forgot everything else. They were like two kids playing in the rain, and it felt like nothing else in the world mattered. That was when she noticed the stables, pointing them out to Loukas. She lead him there, as they approached the stables, Sage's heart was pounding with excitement. What if they.......well, the blush came on her cheeks as they made it inside. @ Loukas Makris
  5. Theo loved this particular part of the woods, it was quiet and peaceful. Needed solace when he found his mind running away from him. He had days like this: one moment he was feeling on top of the world, usually after a successful heist or causing chaos at camp, but the next day none of it seemed to matter. So on those days he liked to come to this little waterfall and let the water wash away any unwanted emotions. It would be a small hike into the woods for a normal camper but for Theo it was just a quick dash. Stripping down he placed his clothes by the water before stepping into the creek heading toward the fall, being a runner his body was lithe and thin but no less muscular. One thing he loved about this camp, the weather was always nice so the water felt like a nice shower. Sticking his head under the waterfall he looked down at his reflection as the water enveloped him, allowing himself to lose all sense of time and his surroundings. @ Evelyn Scott
  6. Killian had taken care of Willow after a crazy night after Lilythe's party. The poor lass had drink a wee welll more than a wee amount of alcohol. Which for someone who doesn't drink often made for a very bad night. After taking care of the lass, he then went back to his own cabin. See Killian had always looked up to his sister Vee as she was the older camper when he was a wee lad. She was one to always help him with thing plus when he went to new rome he saw her from time to time. The fact that she was back was big! He wondered why but then again he also just wanted to catch up with his dear ole sis! Getting to the cabin, he went to his room where he was making some of his special brew. Grabbing two glasses of the stuff he headed to her room to see if she was there. Knocking on the door "Knock Knock Sissy, I has a gift for you!" @ Vienna Pimm
  7. It was a bright and sunny day at Camp Half-Blood, as it often is. Activities were suspended due to a need to repair a small bit of damage in the Boat House that housed the canoes. As such most of the campers were free to do as they liked around the camp. With little direction to their day, @ Elena Clarke and @ Derrick Raines found themselves with nothing to do and running into one another on the grounds.
  8. Leroy and Old man Salomon had been traveling for what felt like forever to get to wherever they would be heading. Leroy would turn to Salomon “Have y’all always been this half donkey, no not donkey, deer, no too fat to be a deer,” Salomon would interrupt and say “goat it is half goat, also know as a Satyr and I was sent to watch over you and your family a long time ago.” They would be trudging through the Forest and swampy areas by now Leroy had rolled up his blue jeans and in his white shirt would inevitably get bored. He would take off his shoes and start walking again. After a while they would happen upon the gates at camp half-blood. “I ain’t going in ther not without some reassurance. Some camp somebody gunna give me the grid-gris”. He would pull out a coin from his pocket “It has never let me down before, call it in the air Salomon. You win I’ll go I win, wait wait my coins all of my coins in my collection well if I win we go back for those. I can’t believe you forgot my coins.” Salomon would react “we do not really have time to do this.” But it was too late Leroy’s coin was flipping in the air “heads”. And hit would land on a stump and start to spin then fall and it was heads. “ come on Salomon allons, why were you so scared anyways?” They would continue and enter a building right inside. Leroy would continue “I was only half jokin about the coins.” Salomon would ring the bell on the counter and say “hello?!”
  9. MK thought that night in new york was just a fling. For years she fought against the aphrodite and hecate boys, finding them kind of repulsive. But something changed in her that night at fireworks where Levi got her mind thinking of the possibilities. It was then when she messaged him an iris message saying she couldn't get him off her mind. The boy that once made her want to angry scream had her screaming in others ways! The two had a night full of passion in new york that she wished she could relive over and over again, but Levi was not the type to settle down. Well that was what she thought when she caught him trying to hook up with none other than the camp nun Samantha Adams. MK was just going to turn a blind eye but something was different in the way that Levi begged her to stay. He wasn't his normal self but wanted her to be there with him. While in her room she went over this time and time again. It made no sense why, but she had to find out the truth. That was when the bonfire happened, her heart was so happy that was until Ares brought destruction to the night. Her stomach felt so sick as she watched Levi and Arsen fight. Part of her wanted to run in between them as she was worrying about Levi. Shaking her head she pushed her way out of bed, it was around 10pm at night so most of her siblings were in bed. Looking out her door she snuck out of the cabin to the Aphrodite's one. Looking down on the ground she found a few pebbles so she began to throw them at his window, hoping that maybe just maybe she could see him once more. @ Levi Jones
  10. School had been horrible for her. She had made one friend but they had ended up saying that they didn't like her, so she stuck with Derrick most of the time. Though there were girls trying to get at him and giving her mean looks. So that wasn't fun. She didn't know what she did but Derrick was her friend and that was the way it was going to be. The both arrived at the camp happy to be back and of course she had to her her siblings all about the time that she had in school that wasn't fun at all. James seemed to lift her spirits a little better. Always the best big brother. She was so lucky to have him with her. Though she had went over to grab Derrick from his cabin and pulled him along with her to go find a craft to do. "Come on slow poke." she giggled as her hair bounced around behind her as she walked. @ Derrick Raines
  11. Julia had been out about that day, finding whatever she could get into, she never really liked to stay at her cabin. She just had way too much energy. Wondering around where the older campers usually work out and stuff do, she found herself a jump rope. Grabbing it, she took off to a nice big open area to make sure she wouldn't both anyone or worse accidentally hit someone. She was so accident prone, her biggest impression at camp so far as been running into people. Which isn't a bad way too meet them and say hi, luckily no one has gotten hurt. She's made a few friends around the camp, but she was always on the lookout for more. Specially if they were new to camp, she wanted to be able to meet them and be almost like their own personal welcome committee to camp half-blood, even if she hadn't been to camp that long herself. Finding a good spot, she grabbed the rope handles into each hand and started to swing the rope. The first few times, she almost fell flat on her face, tripping over the rope, not jumping when she should. They had jump ropes back at the orphanage, but she was never really the best at it. After about the third try she finally got into a good rhythm, smiling brightly as she was proud of herself. @ Amelia Celeste Martin
  12. Derrick had been stewing on the whole Forest thing since he woke up. Which Azrael had told him not to do. Their mother would be one proud of the young boy's feelings of revenge but he had no way to act them out. There had been rumors that maybe they were trying to track the monster who killed forest but he had no proof. Sitting at the table where his cabin sat for meal times. He was angry and not in the best moods. So Derrick was playing with his food as he was grumpy and such. Why did the others hold back information from him when he could try to do something about it????? Stabbing the food he then began to play with the full silverware as he pulled it back but then got even more angry and flung. it. The food shot across the room and landed on @ Julia Dutkiewicz who was sitting at her own table. Derrick's eyes got real big as he waited to see how the girl would react!
  13. Winnie Sullivan was new to Camp Half-Blood. Indeed, she was practically new to the world; she certainly looked around like that was the case. Walking through the forests that skirted the camp grounds, Winnie's eyes were trained above her, wondering at the sunlight that dappled through the leaves. Her mother had kept her so sheltered growing up that the grounds often overwhelmed her. The campers were loud, often violent (even if only in training), and almost always guarded. Fascinating to watch, but difficult to join. Suddenly, something interrupted Winnie’s view. Someone. A pretty girl with dark hair sat in the crook of a tree above her head, holding a book in one hand. Winnie smiled dreamily, noting that she looked completely at home there. Like a fairy, she observed, tilting her head for a different angle. The morning sun haloed the girl, painting her warm and magical-looking. I suppose we technically are magic, she pondered, still getting used to the reality of her heritage. Not loud enough to frighten her, but still to be heard, Winnie called out. “Hi! What are you doing up there?” @ Dahlia Wakabayashi
  14. MK was excited that the end of her school year was just around the corner. That meant a few things for her, one that her graduation was coming up fast and two that she needed a dress for the occasion. So sending her sister an Iris message to meet her in NYC for a girls shopping trip. Her excitement overtook her as she took the train in from Boston. Maybe her sister would want to go to a place much warmer after this? As she got out of the train she held a taxi to time square where she would wait for her sister. The thoughts of the beach made her want to go home, pack and then head to Florida or somewhere much warmer than here. Looking around she was beaming as it had been since the volleyball game since she had seen her sister. @ Krystal Rose
  15. A couple days had passed since the encounter with Kendall. Shadow needed a new knife, and of course he always had his knives made from a camper born from Hephaestus. So as he headed toward cabin 9, he thought long and hard, he knew he was going to see her there, but is hoping one of the others will be there. The last thing he wanted was anything made from her. Sure she is probably really good, but he couldn't accept something from her, how would that look in her mind! Shadow sighed as he approached the cabin, taking a deep breath he walked in, hoping that he caught her on a day that she would be gone. Opening the door, "Hello, anyone here?" he questioned going up to the little desk they had set up in their cabin to help them take orders for weapons. He waited patiently, praying Kendall wasn't the one to answer him.
  16. There was a lot going through his mind at the moment. Mostly the fact that he had his girl in his hands. He was loving every second of it too. He had a shit eating grin on his face as he walked through the cabin with her hand in his. He needed to have this alone time with her. They had all kinds of things that they needed to talk about. Mainly what happened to make them break up in the first place. He moved to his room and allowed her into it before he walked in behind her, locking the door as he went because he didn't want the others to just walk into his room, like the normal would do. He motioned for her to sit on his bed. It shouldn't be new to her at all. He climbed up into the bed himself, propping himself up with his pillows. "So, what is it that you wanna tell me?" he questioned her a little curiously. He couldn't help but watch her intently. He wanted to remember her every move this time.
  17. Finley arrived at the beach with his surfboard tucked under his arm and the warm sun on his Sun-Kissed Skin. The sound of waves crashing against the shore filled the air, and he couldn't wait to get out in the water. He had just gotten back from surfing on the west coast in California where his dad lived. As he walked along the shoreline, scanning the waves and looking for the perfect spot to catch a few waves. That's when I saw her, a girl he had seen around camp before but had never really talked to. Normally she was always hanging around Liam which he did not talk to. Trying to catch her eye, he looked over to her as his smiled. Knowing that most of the babes fell for his smile right off the bat! Then holding up his board above his head, he trotted towards the water to have a bit of fun in the sun on the east coast this time. The chilly water rushed around his feet as he ran into the water. Wanting nothing more than to be back where he belonged. Maybe if he showed off a little, then the girl might join him. Well this was his plan anyways. The waves on the east coast were nothing like they were on the west side of the USA. But he still got a little one here and there. Having a blast when he was feeling a bit winded. Swimming back to shore, Finley put his board in the ground as he took a seat on the beach as he turned to see if that girl was still there. @ Novalie Abrams
  18. Henrietta Abbot was sitting in one of the circular seating arrangements around the grounds. Her knees, bruised to the underworld and back from that morning's training, were pulled up to her chest. It was evening; the empty chairs around her were illuminated by the flickering light of a fire. If only the camp borders kept out those gods-damned mosquitos, Henry thought bitterly, blowing smoke from her lips in an amateurish cough. If a camp director -- or a particularly strict cabin leader -- had seen her, she would've been badly scolded for smoking within camp grounds. However rebellious a 15-year-old daughter of Athena might be, she would be uncharacteristically stupid not to have a fire nearby for quick disposal and plausible deniability. Henry may have been completely unwilling to admit it, but she was lonely. Being a grungey outcast was a cool image, but not a sustainable one for a place like Camp Half-Blood. The more connections you had, the safer you were as a demigod. You needed people to fight alongside you, or at least make perpetual summer camp a bit more interesting. As annoying as most of the campers are, you couldn't accuse them of being boring. Secretly, Henry had chosen this spot for its proximity to the more active places on the grounds, hoping to make a friend. Or an enemy. She wasn't picky.
  19. MK knew after that Volleyball, well incident you could say right? Well the look that both her sister Krystal and best friend Dustin had given her once she kissed Levi and him well smacking her ass. Yes she knew how it looked but they didn't understand everything but that was no time to talk about it. Dreading the conversation, she knew their feels about Levi. She used to feel the same way until that not so innocent night. Well anyways she was now on spring break from her last year at high school so she was visiting the camp. Putting her things down in the cabin she took her normal bunk and began to unpack. Oh how she could not wait until she was done with high school. It was such a drag plus she wanted to be here with her friends and family. Finding a magazine she must had left when she left for winter break she smirked as she jumped on the bed to read it. This one had the article about her performance in the regional finals. Opening up the pages she found it and began to read. @ Krystal Rose & @ Dustin Graves
  20. Derrick had been told by his older brother that a new camper had just arrived at camp. His face turned into a grin as he was hoping that maybe just maybe he would make a new friend this summer. Running from the Nemesis cabin to the big house he was out of breathe. He was only ten years old after all! The boy had been at camp for two years which had helped him in his get better at fighting and stuff. But he still wanted to have fun too. Stopping right in front of the Big House he hoped maybe the new camper would be done soon with their talk with a cabin leader. Putting his hands on his knees, Derrick try to slow his breathing in and out. He was now standing up as he took a seat on the front steps as he waited for the new camper to come out. Maybe he could show them around the camp or they could race to the cabins???? @ Leroy Bernard
  21. Liam had ended up sparring this big mouth brat out by the lake. He had been just minding his own business, training by the lake, shirtless of course. He had been rattled by his father who showed up out of the blue. So he was deep in thought when he heard her voice. Something about Henry always got up under his skill. Was it that she was a know it all or that she challenged him? Either way he wanted to put her in her place so he challenged her to spar. He had to give it to her though, the girl could hold her own in a sparring match. The two went back and forth as they both got their jabs in. He had respect for her, which he would NEVER tell her. But that still didn't mean he liked her. Henry always knew how to push his buttons, which was how they got into this situation in the first place. She had said something smart ass to him, making him move quickly as he knocked her off her feet and pinned her to the ground. His face was only inches from hers as he gave her a smirk. "Now be a good girl and keep that mouth shut okay" he said in a husky tone. @ Henrietta Abbot
  22. Kenna nervously entered the weapon fighting class at Camp Half-Blood, her heart pounding with both excitement and anxiety. She glanced around the spacious training arena, taking in the sight of campers eagerly practicing their combat skills. The sound of clashing blades and the occasional cheer filled the air, making her feel even more self-conscious about her own abilities. Trying to remain inconspicuous, Kenna moved to the back of the class, hoping to blend in with the crowd. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, feeling the familiar smell of metal in the air. As the instructor, a seasoned demigod, started explaining the basics of weapon fighting, Kenna's attention shifted nervously from him to her fellow campers. They all seemed so skilled, their movements fluid and confident. Doubt crept into her mind, whispering that she would never be as good as them. Taking a deep breath, Kenna adjusted the grip on her training sword and attempted to mimic the instructor's stance. But her movements felt clumsy and awkward. Each swing of the blade seemed to lack the finesse she witnessed in the others. She couldn't help but wonder if she belonged in this class at all. @ Annie Hernandez
  23. A storm was brewing behind Vienna Pimm's eyes as she approached the Hermes cabin. An outside observer may have thought the woman was marching off to war - not that such a thing would be unheard of. But the one she sought out today would make no such mistake. Lilythe, if anyone, would be able to see that what ran through her now was a complicated mix of emotions. Fury, sure, but also sadness, confusion - and most of all worry. The feelings varied greatly but their source was the same. She'd just heard something... interesting. Vi was the camp's resident party girl, generally privy to rumors the moment they popped up. But the one she'd heard today? That one couldn't be true. She refued to beleive it. Not until she'd heard it from the woman herself. There's no way... her frenzied mind attempted to reassure her. She'd a people pleaser, but she's not stupid. She wouldn't. She didn't. There was a part of her who beleived that wholeheartedly. Vienna loved and trusted Lilythe more than anything in the world. That part was certain she'd discover that all the rumors had been lies, and she'd be left with the task of threatening whoever had started them. But she couldn't fully shake the odd feeling in the pit of her stomach. And her "protect my friend" alarms were all going nuts. Lil hadn't done anything wrong, she was absolutely sure. But something was going on. Something she was going to get to the bottom of. Her pace quickened. Storming into the cabin, she made a beeline for the cabin leaders door. A heavy fist banged into it, nearly knocking the old structure from its hinges. "Lilythe! Lilythe! It's not true, right!? Let me in!"
  24. Elena had been wandering about camp thinking of ways to approach this someone in her heart this Fall. To be honest after she had let her feelings out she became a little bit un-Aresed. She didn’t want her brothers or anyone to find out about how she was doing or struggling herself as they would grow protective of her…..period. But yeah, she had her heart sorted out and it was now only down to this guy….that surf boy. Part of her already knew how it would turn out and she only needed to be honest to herself. Speaking of honesty, her blood did all the work so she was glad that she was an Ares child. Her mind wandering aimlessly as she walked along the forest of the camp, nearing the boundary as she watched whether there was any sign of monsters, then she could relieve her thoughts out by fighting them. At least it was a way to let out her thoughts or she would be really troubled till who knows when. @ Finley Walker
  25. Theo had disappeared from Camp Halfblood for some time as he was wont to do, being old enough. He could be gone anywhere from a couple weeks to a whole month, only his closest friends knew what he was up to, well, his closest friends and whoever shared his bed; he did love to brag if he thought it would impress a pretty girl or boy. This particular time Theo found himself in his home turf of New Orleans attending a very fancy private party at a well known venue. Not as one of the VIPs, but as a simple waiter, unknown and lost in a crowd of people who all considered themselves more important than him. That was how Theo liked it, if they weren’t paying attention to him then they were not paying attention to his nimble fingers as he walked through the crowd offering drinks and horderves, but removing watches, bracelets and wallets as he went. Being a kleptomaniac these excursions are what he lived for and besides, these people weren’t going to miss their items, they were all wealthy enough to buy a dozen more. Theo’s eyes darted their way over the crowd looking for his next mark when he spotted her. A stunning young brunette woman who looked like she was there for business, he couldn’t see her face as her back was turned to him but the piece of jewelry on her wrist was his focus. Making his way through he approached her from behind, she seemed distracted so this should be an easy grab. He would do his old routine of accidentally bumping into her and while she was shocked he would make his move. It was only when he ‘knocked’ into her and she turned around did he realize this was no ordinary mark, but someone he knew from camp; Asher! @ Asher Harrington
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