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  1. Thalia Grace biography Born to Zeus and Beryl Grace, Thalia is the first of 2 demigod children she bore. Zeus left the house immediately after her birth--not atypical for godly parents--but it caused Beryl to become unstable. She began to think she was better than all other mortals for catching his attention. He returned when Thalia was seven, but as his Roman personality Jupiter (a small, but important distinction!), and gave Beryl another son by the name of Jason. Zeus, in the form of Jupiter, attempted to stick around longer, and seemed a bit more fatherly, if strict, as his Roman Aspect. But Beryl managed to pester him so much about giving her eternal beauty or a visit to Olympus that he eventually left once more. Beryl descended into alcoholism and any chance at childhood was lost for Thalia. When Thalia was nine, her mother took her and her small brother on a picnic, but tragedy struck. Juno stole Jason away. Thalia returned from a brief time away to find her mother crying and her brother gone. To Thalia this was the 'last straw' with her mother and she ran away. Thalia believed her brother dead for many years after that, and refuses to use her last name of "Grace" as a result, unless absolutely necessary. Shortly after running away Thalia follows the mythical goat Amaltheia and meets Luke Castellan, a demigod child of Hermes. The two became fast friends, and even developed some romantic feelings for one another, briefly, after their time together. After 3 years with just the two of them dodging monsters and running around following Amaltheia, they came across... Personality Here About Me Birthdate: December 22, 1987 Likes: -- Dislikes: -- Family: Mom: Beryl Grace Dad: Zeus Siblings: Jason Grace (deceased) Other: Best friends include Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase Happy Thoughts: -- Nightmares: Thalia is Acrophobic and afraid of Heights, despite being a child of Zeus. Fatal Flaw: Weak to resist power (mimicking her father, Zeus). She has an additional fatal flaw of being stubborn especially when it comes to finishing tasks or quests she has started. PLAYED BY: -- Artist: Viktoria Ridzel (will be replaced when cast is announced)
  2. Friends: Sage Roberts (sibling), Petal Price, Tempest Truett (mentor + first friend at camp) Enemies: Liam Santos Henry dislikes all Ares campers, but particularly Liam. They first spoke in 2021 during a combat training session; that night she slipped a note under his door tallying her win over him. She continued to chronicle their scores over the next year. Love interest: Liam Santos Sexual tension to the extreme, culminating in a fateful iris message during a game of truth or dare. Henry was challenged to flirt with her greatest enemy at the camp, and Liam fit the bill perfectly. When she spoke those words to him though (calling him baby, suggesting a one-on-one training session), everything changed. They each stayed up all night trying to process the feelings they thought they understood. As Henry rolled over in bed, she caught a glimpse of the paper tacked to her wall. Her tally, keeping score on who won every battle the two had ever had. It was evenly matched. Henry had defended that particular piece of wall decor to her sister Sage on many occasions; her wise sister had always raised a smug eyebrow and muttered something about the way he looks at you. Henry hated her sister's teasing, and yet... closing her eyes brought images to her mind, the kind she'd always been able to brush off before. Liam, shirtless and glistening in the sun as he trained. Triumphing in war games over the Athena cabin and giving her an infuriating wink. That iris message, him wearing only a towel... oh gods. Henry was furious at him for being attractive, and at herself for being so charmed by his cocky, arrogant, Ares boy charm. She had strange dreams that night, and woke up with her lips feeling cold. Smut AU turned canon! After Liam gets a troubling visit from his dad, Henry finds him at the lake. Her sarcastic remark turned into a heated spar, clashing swords and bickering back and forth. Liam tackles and pins her to the ground, where he surprises himself with a suggestive comment. Henry counters every quick remark, bratty and challenging, until they finally submit to their true desires.
  3. Otto Staten biography Otto’s mother, Gina, was a bohemian who loved to travel; for many years, she was constantly on the road, bringing her daughters (Clem, Rory, and Olive) from her previous marriage along with her. It was in Greece where she had an affair with a strange and alluring man, whose real name she never told her children. Nine months later, Otto was born. It was then that she decided to settle down in a small Idaho town to raise her children in a stable environment. Otto Staten had a very happy childhood. The working theory is that his older sisters sprayed so much Hello Kitty perfume in the house that his scent was masked, leading him to have very few encounters with monsters. He was painfully shy but his people found him, and he fell into a group of rowdy but good-hearted boys; they got him into skating at nine years old, and he spent almost every day since at the park. When he wasn’t there, he and his mates were breaking into abandoned houses and building sites on the town’s outskirts. Nobody in the world loved Otto more than his older sisters. He spent time with them every evening, playing boardgames or letting them give him makeovers. They protected him fiercely when his gentle nature got him ridiculed at school, which was a fairly regular occurrence. One day, Rory was confronting a bully in Otto’s class when the child suddenly turned into an awful creature, a three-headed beast: part lion, part goat with a snake-headed tail. It swiped at Otto’s sister while he watched, frozen with fear. While everyone gossiped about the ‘mountain lion’ that tore open his sister’s arm, Otto and Rory were whisked back home by Otto’s best friend Nox. Nox explained that he was a satyr from Camp Half Blood, and that he and Otto’s mother (who he had approached weeks ago) had been planning his transfer even before the attack. Stunned and traumatised from watching the attack, and being helpless to save his sister, Otto agreed to go to Camp Half Blood to keep his family safe. He remained disassociated for some time and has little memory of the journey to CHB. He was claimed by Hermes almost as soon as he arrived and has been keeping mostly to himself since then. Personality Otto is an exceptionally gentle boy. Soft-spoken, non-confrontational, and deeply kind. He's a bit of a people pleaser and struggles with social interaction, so can come off as awkward and even dorky. For that reason, he often "pairs up" with extroverts who will take charge and let him observe rather than participate. He can blend into the background, but he doesn't mind. Despite his shyness, Otto is very earnest -- sometimes off-puttingly so. He was often teased growing up for being emotional; he cries fairly easily and isn't concerned with traditional masculinity. After a friendship bracelet incident growing up (don't ask), he learned that it's safest to hide this part away. He seeks connection and comfort, getting attached to people very easily if they fulfill these criteria. He shines when engaging in his hobbies, which include skateboarding and photography. He's a rule follower in most areas, but loves urban exploration: growing up, he was often in trouble with the local authorities for trespassing and loitering. This, along with this athleticism, makes him fit right in among his Hermes siblings. You can always find him skating around camp, and he often has injuries from bailing. He has countless scars, each one with a story about whichever trick he was trying to perfect at the time. About Me Birthdate: July 3rd, 2005 Likes: Skateboarding, urban exploration, midwest emo music, photography, cats Dislikes: Confrontation, cruelty of any kind (especially against animals), judgemental people, strict authority figures, surprises Family: Mom: Gina, 49 Dad: Hermes Siblings: 3 older half-sisters. Rory and Clem (19, twins). Olive (22) Other: N/A Happy Thoughts: Froot loops for breakfast with his sisters, all sitting around their circular dining table on a sunny summer morning. Finally nailing a difficult skateboard trick. The purring of a cat. Nightmares: Freezing and failing to save a loved one in a dangerous situation. Being stuck in life and never finding a greater purpose – doomed to always be a “jack of all trades” but mastering none. Being called on a quest. Fatal Flaw: Indecision; Otto is overwhelmed by the weight of commitment and quick thinking. He may be paralysed with fear, hesitation, and anxiety in life-or-death situations. PLAYED BY: CICADA FACE CLAIM: Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
  4. Hera biography Here Personality Here About Me Birthdate: Ancient Greece Likes: -- Dislikes: -- Family: Mom: Rhea Dad: Kronos Siblings: All of Kronos's Children Other: Husband: Zeus Happy Thoughts: -- Nightmares: -- Fatal Flaw: Prejudice, Pride PLAYED BY: -- Artist: Viktoria Ridzel (will be replaced when cast is announced)
  5. Chiron biography Here Personality Here About Me Birthdate: Ancient Greece Likes: -- Dislikes: -- Family: Mom: Philyra Dad: Kronos Siblings: All children of Kronos Dolops (half-brother) Aphros (half-brother) Other: Stepmother: Rhea Wife: Chariclo Daughters: Pelionides Nymphs, Mellanippe Son-In-Law: Hippotes Grandson: Aeolus Happy Thoughts: -- Nightmares: -- Fatal Flaw: -- PLAYED BY: -- FACE CLAIM: Glynn Turman
  6. Rachel Elizabeth Dare biography Rachel was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dare, a very wealthy couple in New York. As such the world was basically her oyster. Open to her so long as she took the opportunity to do so. Rachel's life was so comfortable that the loss of her hamster when she was six years old produced so much trauma she required therapy. Over the years, Rachel's relationship with her parents became more and more strained, and Rachel began to become more and more involved in the arts and conservation. When she was 14 years old, she ran into Percy Jackson as he was running from skeletons at the Hoover Dam. At this point it is learned that she could see through The Mist. She manages to get the skeleton's off of Percy's tail, but then he disappears just as suddenly as he arrived. It would be another year before she met him again and this part of her life would make sense. During orientation for Goode High School, Rachel ran into Percy. Seeing the threat of demonic cheerleaders--because of course this boy was once again surrounded by monsters--she pulled him off into another room. It was there she received the explanation about who Percy was and what those monsters she kept seeing were, though there was still no explanation for why she could see them. Unfortunately the Empousi found them and they had to make a quick escape. Rachel encouraged Percy to run with Annabeth, and she attempted to handle things as best she could. A few short weeks later, Percy walked up to her while she was doing a street performance. It was explained to her that she had something called "Clear Sight" which allowed her to see through the Mists. They needed that to be able to navigate the Labyrinth. Rachel travelled the Labyrinth with Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson. Along the way they found Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades, the lost god Pan, and a slough of problems. They survived though, barely! The following summer began with Percy and her driving out to the South Shore. Rachel told Percy she was being sent by her parents to Clarion Ladies Academy despite her protestations. She wanted Percy to join her for a relaxing summer trip with her family, but he wasn't able to because of the impending war with the Titans. Even though she understood, Rachel was definitely hurt. Their "date" was interrupted by Charles Beckendorf coming to bring Percy on a mission. She kisses Percy goodbye and tells him that she'll tell his parents what happened. The next time Rachel saw Percy, it was because she had a vision during her vacation that prompted her to return to New York immediately. But he had been clouding her dreams for weeks, as had Luke Castellan and what would later be called the Battle of Manhattan. As Rachel convinces her father to let her leave St. Thomas, their vacation spot, with a helicopter in exchange for willingness to attend Clarion Ladies Academy, the pilot falls asleep at the wheel as they reach the city because of a spell from Morpheus. Annabeth manages to save Rachel in the nick of time. As she meets back with Percy she tells him about another vision she's had about how the battle would end. A vision that allowed him to bow out when he needed to, to let the battle be won by someone else, Annabeth, when the time came--though Rachel never revealed who it would be. Just before the battle was over, Rachel was able to go to Olympus where she met Hestia. Hestia explained that she would need to let go of distractions, and she understood. It was time to leave Percy behind. Her attraction wasn't to him, but to the world he had introduced her to. A world she was now a part of in her own right as the Oracle of Delphi. After the battle, she stole the pegasus Blackjack and flew to The Big House on Half-Blood Hill where she became the new host for The Oracle. Becoming the Oracle allowed her and Annabeth to become friends, however, so it wasn't all bad! And it was, and always had been, her destiny. Immediately upon hosting the Oracle, Rachel reveals The Prophecy of the Seven. This began a new chapter in their lives. One filled with even more turmoil. The next time we see Rachel is when Annabeth Chase and Piper McLean go into Hera's cabin after Percy's disappearance. Rachel was there chanting. After a brief catch-up with Annabeth, Rachel once again becomes possessed, but this time not by the Oracle, but by Hera herself. She instructs Piper to free her before The Winter Solstice. Piper ended up fainting which caused a whole panic. But she was okay in the end. When Piper regained consciousness, Rachel explained about Hera's possession of her, and comforted her when Piper discussed her insecurities about Jason Grace. She reassured Piper that they would figure it out. At the bonfire that night, Rachel revealed to the camp that the next Great Prophecy, the Prophecy of the Seven, had begun. She also revealed that not all of the participants where there that night, some weren't at Camp Half-Blood yet. Jason Grace corroborated her words with his own experiences. Shortly thereafter, Jason discovered his father was Zeus (well, really Jupiter but he didn't know he was Roman at the time so we'll cut him some slack), he said he intended to go rescue Hera. Rachel reminded him that he needed a prophecy but almost immediately began to give one. The quest only took a few days, and Rachel saw them after its completion during a council meeting at Half-Blood Hill in the The Big House. Rachel plays a pretty passive role in The Prophecy of the Seven until Annabeth sends her a message via folded napkin at a Hermes statue telling her to ask Reyna to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood. Connor Stoll thankfully finds this message and delivers it to Rachel. Upon receiving this message, Rachel makes her way to Camp Jupiter where she parleys with Reyna and Octavian. It wasn't until Rachel gave Reyna the note from Annabeth that things were taken seriously. She thoroughly chastised Octavian for not respecting her as the Oracle, because even the Romans respected The Oracle at Delphi. Unfortunately, Rachel was too late and the Romans had already planned their invasion due to Octavian's deceptions. Though she did convince Reyna to return the Athena Parthenos. The next time we see Rachel is at the council meeting just before the Siege of Camp Half-Blood where Clarisse blames her for the incoming invasion. Will Solace defends her as Rachel says she knows how to make things right. She also reminds all the demigods that Annabeth knows what she's doing and that they'll need to aim for peace lest Gaea destroy them all. After the end of the Second Giant War, Rachel returns to Camp Jupiter and helps Ella and Tyson reconstruct the Sibylline Books to help make amends and restore their ability to run quests. Unfortunately, at this time, Apollo--and thus Rachel--loses his gift for prophecy because Python takes over the cave at Delphi. During the days of peace, Rachel began to look into an entity known as Triumvirate Holdings--because she got a weird feeling about the building they had been in while she was at Camp Jupiter. Upon doing research she discovered their connection to both The Second Titan War with Luke Castellan and The Second Demigod Civil War between the two camps. Triumvirate Holdings had existed for decades and seemingly had ties to all the antagonists for the last several years. Rachel arrives at Camp Half-Blood to find Apollo there as a mortal. After hearing his story about Python still being at Delphi, Rachel informs Apollo, Meg, and Chiron about the information she had gathered on Triumvirate Holdings. PICK UP FROM TRIALS OF APOLLO HERE Personality Here About Me Birthdate: March 1, 1993 (estimate, canon birthdate not given) Likes: -- Dislikes: -- Family: Mom: Ms. Dare Dad: Mr. Dare Siblings: None Other: Ex-Boyfriend (sort of): Percy Jackson Happy Thoughts: Art and creation Nightmares: -- Fatal Flaw: Prone to sudden prophecies PLAYED BY: Lilythe Artist: Viktoria Ridzel (will be replaced when cast is announced)
  7. Legacy Characters So you've purchased the right to make a legacy character from the shop, but now you have to start creating that character! Here is some information to help you out! Procedures: Ensure that the purchase was completed from the Member Shop for the character you're making. Legacies can only be created at birth, so they cannot be applied to existing characters. Legacy characters must be 3 generations away from their godly ancestor (great grandparent, or further) for most deities. The Big Three will need to be 5 generations away (great, great, great grandparent, or further). Your character cannot be a descendant of a canon character! (other than the gods, obviously). We may, at some point, create children of canons as site canons. But we will not be allowing original characters that are descendants of, say Percy or Nico. Look Below to see which powers you might want for your character! Note, if it has an asterisk (*) next to it in the major powers section, that indicates that it must be applied for and that there needs to be room in the claims for it. If there is no room in the claims, you cannot have that ability. You may choose one major and one minor ability from your godly parent. Universal abilities are given to all legacies, however if your legacy is not also a demigod they will be weaker in these areas than a demigod, and this should continue to diminish in strength with each generation until they are relatively normal after 4 generations. Legacies must attend Camp Jupiter, and not Camp Half-Blood unless they are also a half-blood of a Greek God. In canon we only see legacies at Camp Jupiter for certain (even though Frank is a legacy of Poseidon, his father is Mars so he attended Camp Jupiter). However, it is likely that Meg McCaffrey from the Trials of Apollo is also a legacy of Poseidon since she is descended from Plemnaeus. The staff will address opening Camp Jupiter when it's appropriate, as the site grows. It mostly just involves logistics of creating groups and what that hierarchy will look like. Until this happens, the forum labeled "The World" is perfectly acceptable to house RPs with characters that are Camp Jupiter only. A user group will be created when it is necessary. In all other ways, the application process will still be the same. Universal Abilities Certain abilities are considered to be commonplace in the demigod world, while others are more rare. This will help you know what your character is capable of doing based on who their godly parent is. It will also alert you to which abilities are limited and must be applied for. This information was pulled, in many cases, directly of the Riordan Fandom wiki. Some information has been altered where appropriate for the site. These are abilities inherent to all half-bloods regardless of who their godly parent is. Though if you are not also a half-blood character, and are only a legacy, you will not have these to the same degree as a regular half-blood. Superhuman Strength: Demigods are far stronger than any human. The children of the Big Three: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are even stronger than normal demigods. Superhuman Speed: Demigods are far faster than any human, and possess greater swiftness. Superhuman Agility: Demigods possesses agility, equilibrium, and bodily coordination that are far greater than that of humans. Meaning, they possess great acrobatic prowess and maneuverability helping them in the midst of battle. They can move, jump very high, flip, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Superhuman Durability: Demigods possesses much greater durablity, resilience, and constitution than any human being. Therefore, they are capable of withstanding and surviving blows that would otherwise leave a human dead and/or injured if lucky. Superhuman Endurance: Demigods can endure physical stresses beyond the capabilities of the greatest humans, allowing them to operate efficiently for extended amounts of time, even if they are weakened or exhausted. Above-Normal Healing Factor: Demigods can heal faster and with more finality than humans and sustain far greater damage than humans. Heightened Senses: Demigods' five senses (hearing, smelling, sight, etc) are greatly increased. The senses of a demigod helps them notice small details and unusual attributes that shouldn’t be there, which help keep them alive in battle. Superhuman Stamina: Demigods have an unusually advanced musculature, granting them exceptionally high stamina and endurance surpassing most mortals. Demigods can perform rigorous physical activity for hours, until fatigue toxins in their blood stream begins to impair them, and they will begin to show signs of fatigue. Superhuman Reflexes: Demigods have far above average reflexes that can keep them alive during a fight (diagnosed as ADHD in mortals). It allows them to dodge inhumanly fast attacks that mortals wouldn’t be able to react to. Their reflexes also enables them to keep pace with beings faster, or as fast as them when in the midst of combat. Legacy of Zeus Children of Zeus's children have the following major abilities as options for them (choose one): Aerokinesis: is the elemental ability to create, control and manipulate the air and wind in a variety of offensive or defensive ways. Electrokinesis: the ability to mentally and/or physically manipulate and control electric currents and static electricity. Additionally, they may choose one of the following minor abilities, three if they do not take a major ability: Natural Leadership Bravery Excessive Strength: More than typical demigods (other than Poseidon and Hades children who are equal). Legacy of Hera This will be decided if/when the Child of Hera for the site has children... Legacy of Poseidon Children of Poseidon's children have the following major abilities as options for them (choose one): Aerokinesis (limited): They have limited control over the wind. They can summon strong winds, which allow them to create miniature hurricanes and typhoons. Geokinesis (limited): They have a limited amount of control over the earth. They can create earthquakes as their father is known for creating them. Hydrokinesis: The ability to control water with the mind. They can will themselves to stay dry in water, extract water shoot from petrified seashells, create oxygen bubbles underwater for people who cannot breathe underwater, and harden water to form solid ground to walk on or shields. They even can make giant fists of water that mimic whatever they do, which can be used to grab enemies or smash them into the ground. Cryokinesis (limited): They have very limited control over ice; such as create an icy hurricane to attack all nearby monsters. Additionally, they may choose one of the following minor abilities, three if they do not take a major ability: Water Immunity: If they fall into the water, they will be immune to water pressure. Additionally, they can breathe underwater for unlimited amounts of time and see in the darkness underwater. Watercraft Manipulation: When they are in saltwater, they always know their exact nautical coordinates, wherever they are (such as in water or on a ship or boat). They have the telekinetic ability to control boats and ships. They also know exactly how to work the boats and what all the parts do. Excessive Strength: More than typical demigods (other than Poseidon and Hades children who are equal). Zoolinguism (Horses and Marine Creatures): They can understand and talk to marine animals, equines, and similar creatures. Heat Immunity (limited): They have a higher resistance to fire and burns than regular people Vitakinesis (limited): They can use water to strengthen themselves and heal most wounds, the amount of water and time needed for the healing being proportionate to the severity of the wound. Legacy of Demeter Children of Demeter's children have the following major abilities as options for them (choose one): Chlorokinesis: As children of Demeter, they have the ability to control plants. Plant Teleportation: The children of Demeter can teleport using plants. Additionally, they may choose one of the following minor abilities, three if they do not take a major ability: Plant Sensitivity: The children of Demeter can sense the location of various plants with superhuman precision. Plant Growth Acceleration: The children of Demeter can make plants grow more faster than normal or even in enormous proportions. Wood Sensitivity: The children of Demeter can sense the location of wood with superhuman precision. Culinary Arts: They are natural cooks
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