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  1. FULL NAME biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: When were they born? Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: (Name and Age or Unknown) Dad: (Name and Age or Unknown) Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Something that makes them happy Nightmares: Fears, etc. Fatal Flaw: Hubris? Inferiority Complex? Etc. PLAYED BY: YOUR ALIAS HERE FACE CLAIM: CELEBRITY NAME
  2. Willow Grace biography A man walked through the forest after just burining his late wife. He was tired and teary-eyed. Clark used to have an amazing spark in his eyes, that is what caused his wife to fall in love with him, but now that spark is gone. He felt tired and decided to stay in the forest for the night, he wanted to be alone with the trees. He soon dozed off to sleep, and stayed asleep for half the night. Then around two in the morning the man woke with a start. A mysterious figure with glowing white eyes was stairing at him. "Where is she?!" It said in a demanding voice. Terrified he aksed the being; "Where is who?! I don't understand!" "Foolish mortal!" The being replied with anger, "Where is your child!" Clark looked at the being with great confusion, "Child?! I have no child!" The being seemed to get angrier, it's eyes faded to a blood soked red, and Clark knew that this was the end for him. Suddenly, just as Clark accepted his death, an owl appeared. The owl grew into the shape of a women. She wore white and gold armor, with a helm the same color. "Leave." She demanded the being. "I have defited you twice already brother. Would you like me to add a third?!" The being seemed to cower in the women's presence, and then faded away. "Who, who are you." Clark asked appaled. The women turned to him, "You know me by a different face..." The women said, reaviling herself and a small bundle of blankets. "Olivia?" Clark says saddened but amazed. "Yes, Clark, but my name is Athena." Clark stood and held out his hands as Athena handed him a bundle of white and gold blanlets. Inside the blankets lied a small, newborn, baby girl. She haden't even opened her eyes yet. "Protect her, Clark. They're after her. I have many other children so I don't know why it is just her, but please keep her safe." Athena Pleaded with him. "I will do my best." With that Athena faded away and Clark was left alone with his daughter. He looked down at the blankets and saw, what he mistook as a willow tree, but was really an olive tree. Because of this he decided to name her Willow. As Willow grew her father made sure she was strong. SHe joined the fencing team at her school, and was enrolled in martial arts by the time she was five. She also was always a straight A student, not by force of her father, but of her own will to be the best she could. Because of those qualities of her life Willow never had many friends, and she wasn't very good at being social, mostly sticking to herself. Then came the day she will never forget. Willow woke in the night to her fathers voice shreeking and she heard clawing at the walls. She ran to her fathers bedroom and saw a red eyed figure over her father. She screamed, "Dad!" "Willow, run!" Her father yelled. "But-" "Run!" he insisted. Willow ran to the forest. When she got there, she saw no trace of the figure and so she walked through the park, along the hiking trails, until she noticed a pair of glowing eyes staring at her from behind a tree. Her instincts told her to run. She trusted her them and ran further into the park. After about twenty minutes of running she slowed her pace, and looking behind her, Willow saw no trace of the thing with glowing eyes. Because she was running she hadn't noticed how far she had gone, and was now off the trail. She looked around but couldn't find any reminites of the trail to tell her where she should go, so giving into her impulsive desions, instead of finding her way back to the path she went deeper into the woods. She heard rustling in the bushes and was frightened into a statue-like nature. When she saw just another girl, her body seemed to realses, and she sighed a sigh of relief. The was tall, probably around 16 or 17, she looked at Willow, "You good?" Willow couldn't answer, although her body had calmed down her mind was still racing. For some reason the minute this girl spoke to her all of that fear came rushing forward, tears streamed down her face and she sank to her knees. "Hey, hey, hey it's ok. Your safe." The girl said consoling Willow. "I'm Arija, daughter of Artemis, why don't you come with me? Please, I can help you." Arija's voice was calm and soothing, Willow allowed her to help and the two walked into the camp. Arija told Willow all about the Gods, and sytars, and monsters, she helped her to learn many things about herself, including her godly parent, Athena. And as worried as she was about her dad, she was too scared to go home so she now stays at camp all year long. Personality Willow is shy, yet impulsive. She has always been very protective of people, esspecally the ones who say they can protect themselves, funny enough she tries very hard not to let anyone protect her. She is quiet, yet assertive, and if you cross her, she may reak havoc, it all depens on how she is feeling that day. She gets overstimulated very easily and uses music through headphones to help. If you see her with headphones on it's best to stay away, unless of course you want to see what happens when you get near her. About Me Birthdate: Willow was born 14 years ago on October 13th. Likes: Music, Scilence, playing the tin whistle, reading, and writing. Dislikes: Loud noises, big crowds, yelling/verbally fighting, Things with lots of ruff textures, peas, and spiders, she hates spiders. Family: Mom: Olivia Sieiera-Grace(A.K.A. Athena), died at age 47 Dad: Clark Grace, died at age 33 Siblings: Other Children of Athena Other: Arija, 17, Help Willow in a time of need and is now one of her best friends. She is a Daughter of Artimis. Happy Thoughts: She loves to write, you will find many journals, pencils, pens, notebooks, and other writing supplies near her at all times. She carrys a satchel with a blue notebook, with a whight and gold flower desing on it, and an array of colored pens for when she gets random ideas. Nightmares: The Glowing eyes, they haunt her dreams and she rarely sleeps at night. She ends up either drawing or writing about the glowing eyes. Fatal Flaw: Keeps her emotions to herself, until she finds someone who is willing to listen, and that she trusts to tell, or they build up inside her and come out once it's to much, or she is pushed over the edge. This can happen when she is overstimulated, and doesn't have her headphones with her. PLAYED BY: DayDreamer FACE CLAIM: Emilia Clarke (The picture won't work, but any picture of her is good)
  3. Nero Zhang BIOGRAPHY Nero was born into a community of East Asians in Hot Springs, Arkansas. From a young age, he was fascinated by modern art and architecture (particularly Frank Lloyd Wright). He skipped a few grades as a kid and started an internship at the Crystal Bridges Museum - which he enjoyed a lot - but dropped the ball quickly as he began to have nightmares about being in a burning cabin, and he was losing sleep. This all culminated in him being brought here... Personality Nero comes off bubbly but is actually a bit jaded and very self-sufficient. He was raised in the Deep South by queer activists like his mother, and it becomes very important to him that Camp Half-Blood acts as a haven for people who are rejected by the rest of the world. About Me Birthdate: March 21st, 2011 Likes: Seafood, Architecture, Planes, Musicals, Jean jackets Dislikes: Bugs (especially spiders, obviously), men who play guitar, mean girls, bad breath (she has a sensitive nose) Family: Mom: Tara Kwon Mom: Athena Siblings: None Other: Aunt May (Deceased), Cousins Chris (17) and Kylie (14) Happy Thoughts: Getting to know restaurant owners Nightmares: Fire, enclosed spaces, heights to an extent Fatal Flaw: Can be quick to judge PLAYED BY: Nero Zhang FACE CLAIM: Ke Huy Quan
  4. = Eliza Genevieve Hemingway biography What happened before camp? Personality Of course, the Hemingway's wealth didn't help with the natural coldness, cunningness, and sarcasm she inherited from her mother. Eliza would either greet others with a look of pure boredom or, if she was in a better mood, her needle-like tongue, filled with force, yet, to her, so delightfully witty. Eliza possesses talents of deception, with lies rolling off her tongue like breath in her lungs. She manipulates, she exploits, if only to achieve her ambitions. She acts as if she couldn't care less about others - which, perhaps, might just be true. Yet, it was important to remember: if Eliza was ice, she would, one day, break, melt, disappear. Were the traits she dismissed for nature and inheritance actually her fault? It would be embarrassing to admit fragility, but she felt the need for recognition and respect, being under the shadow of her younger brother. It was her armour she wore, a facade, perhaps to lure prying eyes away from her reality. So what was the reality? Her wealthy father provided Eliza with an excuse for her haughtiness. She was arrogant, pompous, and vain. A narcissist, she is imperious and demands the respect - or even fear - of others. Eliza enjoyed being in absolute control, whether of a group of people, herself, or a situation. For her, with all of her skill, it is simply well-deserved to be in a position of power. But, what she detests about her family is the lack of freedom she is given. There were always expectations, rules; she couldn't be what she wanted to. So perhaps that was what hid the reality? In truth, Eliza dislikes people. Whether she was born this way or whether it was because of her relationships with her brother and mother, it didn't matter. She would rather spend her time ice skating, skiing, or reading rather than socialising. While she occasionally enjoyed poking fun at others, every interaction simple felt like another facade she had to keep up. About Me Birthdate: 21st December, Winter Solstice of 2008 Likes: winter & winter sports (esp. skiing and speed skating), cold treats, positions of power, fear/respect, reading Dislikes: heat, doubt & disrespect, ignorance, over-the-top strictness, Augustus & Astrid, out of control situations, patronising people Family: Mom: Khione, Astrid Hemingway (neé Korolyova)(+35) Dad: Edwin Hemingway (+41) Siblings: Augustus Hemingway (-5) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: her last ski trip with her father, before he remarried Astrid Nightmares: people not accepting her true self Fatal Flaw: self-deception PLAYED BY: Zoe FACE CLAIM: Nastya Kusakina
  5. Loki Dacivs biography Before camp Loki Davis was a straight A student having prase from his teachers made him happy but it didnt help with his street credd through out school. At 6 years old he found out he had adhd and deslexia which made bulling worse. Thankfully his mom and dad where there to help him whenever he needed. Loki loved playing stratagy games like risk and magic the gathering. As he got older the bulling got worse so he started to work out more and more and got strong fast. faster than what should have been possible for a ten year old boy. He started to notice his grades slipping and weird things happening around him. One time him and his mom when out for icecream and a huge what they thought to be a cayote attacked him and only him. Eventually it got to the point he wasnt safe anywhere now his mom and dad had adoptied him from his birth mother at a younger age and they knew of camp half blood and decided to help him get there. Eventually explained everything to him but they didnt know who his father was and told him if he wants he can be summer only but they understand if he chooses to be a year rounder this was a year ago. So far he has been a year rounder as undfined as he just turned 13 this year he hopes to be claimed. Personality Loki took his name sake to heart. He loves to prank and scare people houwever he was always saying sorry afterward he is kind and caring so long your kind and caring toward him. He is always a loner enjoying books and music more than people seeing as he was bullied alot as a kid for the name loki. So he used the name jack in more recent years. About Me Birthdate: October 10th in 2011 in CHandler Arizona Likes: Books, Myths ,Greek history, Music, He loves animals Dislikes: Bullies Family: Mom: Gabby (adoptive Mom), 34 yrs old Dad: Xan (adoptive dad), 40 yrs old Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: friends such as alyssa and amanda both are 12 or 13 Happy Thoughts: Thoughts of his mom and dad, playing dnd with them, and listening to music as well as training Nightmares: Fear of abandonment and fear of being alone Fatal Flaw: Personal loyalty ALIAS: Jameson FACE CLAIM: tom hiddleston
  6. Jules Vivian biography Jules Greins was sent to an orphanage after his alcoholic father died. It is said that after his wife disappeared, he immersed himself in alcohol and ended up choking after vomiting. Everything was discovered after neighbors heard his son cried. Since then, he had lived in this orphanage. After they caught him raising a spider, everyone isolated him. Everyone, except Sandra. Jules and Sandra befriended each other when they were both punished for not paying attention during class. After talking, the two saw the similarity, so they became friends. When the whole orphanage went to the zoo, Jules and Sandra thought it would be great to sneak out a few minutes when they were having lunch. Sandra picked a small stone and threw it to the person sitting far from them then pretended talking nonsense with Jules. She's always good at throwing stuffs, she could do it since she was a child but no one except Jules knew that. It immediately turned into a fight. They waited until it became a big fight and the chaperone came to stop it then they sneaked out to watch the lion by themselves. On the way, they came across an old woman falling on the ground. They stopped to help her, lifted her up and placed her on a seat. Jules was beside her, listening to the old woman talk about her age and the regrets she hadn't been able to do. She was too old for that. It was strange for Jules to hear about it and remember his father, who died before could even see him go to college. He held the old woman's hand, uttered a few comforting clichés, not knowing what emotions were in his heart. He looked up at the sky and wished the old woman would be young again while Sandra went to see if the chaperone knew they sneaked out. He didn't realize what was going on until Sandra came back and asked where the old woman was, why was there a middle-aged woman sitting there. Jules froze as he looked back at the person sitting next to him, who immediately brought out a mirror to look at. Unable to believe her face, she kept thanking God for sending an angel while he stared blankly at her. No one could explain what was going on but he understood he couldn't say this to anyone, he pulled Sandra and made her promise not to say a word. However, the chaperone finally realized they disappeared and went to seek for them and found them sitting next to a woman crying and thanking the God for something. They were both punished but he felt relief when there was no one saw what happened. The next day, Jules and Sandra are both adopted by Max Vivian. Both were later changed to the last name Vivian. Since Jules is older, he is the older brother. However, this happiness was short. After a few weeks, Max began to complain about the lack of money and less and less food was taken home, while Jules always felt that his new father meant something. After seeing that he didn't understand, Max immediately showed his intention. Max dragged him into a room while Sandra was sleeping. It turns out that Max knew what happened in the zoo and wanted him to do the same thing to make money for him. Jules refused to do it since he didn't know how but Max threatened to beat Sandra. To protect her, he agreed to do anything and wouldn't tell her anything. Thinking that only the two of them knew the story, Jules thought that Sandra had revealed it to Max, so he was very angry with her. Even though Sandra didn't understand what was going on, she couldn't make Jules happy. Max became close to her, which made Jules and Sandra even more distant. As for Jules, Max found him a shop on the black market, advertising that he could make people young again. The first guest, Jules couldn't create the miracle he did that day. However, Max immediately pulled him behind the store and hit him. Jules, after returning, somehow captured the anger in him and thought the client was young again. The angrier he gets, the younger the customer looks. Realizing that, Max beat him even harder and gained a lot of money. Jules, because of his anger, blamed everything on Sandra, saying harsh words when she asked about bruises and scratches. This angered Sandra and she decided not to ask anything. However, she still sang an old song everytime Jules was sleeping. Somehow, the bruises started to be faded while he felt comfortable. One night, after they both slept, there was something suddenly roared. The two children looked at each other in horror, and Jules decided to go see what was going on. The sound was coming from Max's room. He opened the door, holding a baseball bat and discovered in the corner of the room there was a scary-looking monster roaring at Max. He dropped the bat and went to Sandra's room pulling her out of the house, leaving Max behind. She asked for coming back for their father to take him running away with them, but Jules did not agree. She cried, she screamed until she saw what was chasing her and fainted. He immediately sat down to pick her up but there was no time left, the monster was approaching. He held her in his arms, closed his eyes waiting for the pain but didn't feel anything but the screams of the monster. Opening his eyes, he saw a man with the legs of a goat and a monster lying unconscious in the street. The creature said if he wanted to survive, went with him. Jules was suspicious but still gave Sandra to the creature and ran, behind him the roar of the monster that had just woken up. However, he no longer saw it chasing them. The creature took them to a forest, he stopped in front of a tree and then dropped Sandra and told Jules to take Sandra to a place called Half-Blood Hill as both were demigod. Although he didn't understand demigod mean, he still thanked the creature and headed to a place that looked like a summer camp. Personality Jules always doubts everything and builds a wall around his heart to protect it from harm. He speaks a bit harshly but is always full of love even though he tries to act like he doen't care. He is very protective of his sister and will do anything for her even though they are both mad at each other Jules hates the power he has and wants to give it up and become a normal person About Me Birthdate: April 16th 2009 Likes: Sports, cookies, a cat named Fifi he played with when he was with his biological father, playing with Sandra, video games Dislikes: Max, his power, anything bad happens to his sister, girly things, his previous job Family: Mom: Unknown Biological father: Daniel Greins (died) Adopted father: Max Vivian Siblings: Sister: Sandra Vivian - 11 Happy Thoughts: Sandra and him were adopted by a lovely couple. Nightmares: Something bad happened with Sandra Fatal Flaw: He needs a strong feelings to activate his power and after he uses it, he feels like he is going to faint PLAYED BY: Philippa FACE CLAIM: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
  7. ELENA MILLER biography Elena is the daughter of a single mom. As far as she could remember, she had never seen her biological father, as in person or in photograph, as if he had never existed. However, she still lived very happily with her mama as Angela really loves her and so does she. Elena is not a very outgoing girl, she never finds the joy of going outside or the beauty of sports so she only goes out when she needs to. Her mother always complained about this, but she didn't think this was a problem. In class, she was not liked by her teachers and classmates, except for Alden, a close friend of hers. She was always isolated because she was the daughter of a single mom while their parents thought their children shouldn't play with someone like that. They often say, "Like mother like daughter". Elena never really understood their words but she knew it's bad and in one time, she had a fight because of it. She likes it most when she wears headphones, turns on a song she likes and falls asleep. In her dream, she can do anything, the world in it is also much more beautiful although she felt different. She had searched about it and the result was lucid dream. Gradually, she slept more and more. In there, she has more friends, sometimes she also sees an unknown man playing with her but when she wakes up, she cannot remember his face but she found peace when she was sleeping. One day, during the break, Alden insisted on waking her up, not letting her sleep. Angry, she ran out of the classroom and ran to the basketball court. Her Math teacher was there, asking her why she came out here. She gave a brief answer about what had happened and then, following the Math teacher's instructions, went to the empty room at the back of the building. When she entered the room, she didn't realize that the teacher was behind her trying to arrest her. She only realized it when there was a loud roar behind her. Alden, who now had a horse-like lower half, hit the teacher, who could now only be recognized by his clothes. Before she could react, she was dragged away by Alden, followed by the monster in pursuit. Alden kept saying something about how quickly time passed while she could only tremble at the roar that was resounding behind her. The monster's heavy breathing was getting closer and closer and she wondered why she didn't practice more. Suddenly, she tripped, Alden rushed to protect her but she could no longer think, she fainted. Personality Elena is a dreamy little girl, both literally and figuratively. She is not an outgoing person, she chooses to stay at home even though it is the most beautiful day of the year. She is a bit shy when meeting new people but gets very angry if she is woken up while sleeping. She can’t do anything when she lacks of sleep. She isn't a fan of book either. About Me Birthdate: July 7th 2008 Likes: Sleeping, fried chicken, music, rain, her mom Dislikes: Being woke up while sleeping, sunny day, sports, vegetable, lack of sleep. Family: Mom: Angela Miller, 34 years old Dad: Unknown Siblings: None Other: Alden, friend. Happy Thoughts: Sleeping in a rainy day, listening to music, eating fried chicken with mom. Nightmares: Monsters from her dream Fatal Flaw: Being sedentary, she is not physically as good as others PLAYED BY: PHILIPPA FACE CLAIM: ELLE FANNING
  8. Codie Floyd biography Codie was born in Seattle, Washington, to a woman named Ingrid Floyd. His mother never really talked about his father other than that he loved her art. Whenever someone asked her where she came up with the concepts for her pieces, she would say her dreams. Codie loved his mother's art because the dreamscapes she created seemed so real. Sometimes when he fell asleep, he would think of those paintings and be teleported there. It took only a short time until he started painting with his mother. He didn't have a typical childhood, as his mother had them traveling all around America from the moment he could walk. The longest they ever stayed in one place was a month, and that was only due to his mother being able to sell several paintings. Usually, she had difficulty selling them because most people found her paintings disturbing. When she couldn't sell her art, she would find men or women at the truck stops they would stay at. She would return with a handful of cash which would follow with her giving him money to go to the convenience store at the truck stop; when he would return from the store, his mother's behavior changed and seemed more erratic. These were the moments he didn't like because he knew his mother wasn't being safe. In these situations, he was glad that he could fall asleep with a snap of a finger. Codie loved his mother dearly, and she showed him how to find beauty in anything, even when everything seemed wrong. So it crushed the 10-year-old boy when he woke up one morning to find that his mother had OD on drugs. Strangely there was something so beautiful about how she lay there dead. Codie stared at her body for a good hour, letting it sink into his mind before he left their van to call for help. He was brought to a boy's group home and attended public school for the first time after being homeschooled by his mother all of his life. His grades were awful since his mother could only teach him the basics, it didn't help that he was often found either sleeping in class or sketching. He kept having strange things happen to him, especially when he turned 12. During Halloween, someone dressed in this realistic monster costume tried to kidnap him while his group home was taking them Trick or Treating. Luckily one of the House Dads saved him by getting into an intense scuffle with the person. This wouldn't be the last time that man saved his life. A few weeks before his 13th birthday, Codie woke from one of his naps to a loud crashing sound in the group home and children screaming. The same House Dad came rushing, but there was something different his legs weren't human. Before he could say or think anything, he lifted over the shoulders of the man a rushed out before the building collapsed. Codie swore he saw another Monster, much like the one from Halloween, being crushed by the falling debris. Anxiety took over, and the last thing he remembered before passing out was the man saying, "I'm sorry." Codie woke up to the House Dad nudging him intensely. Dazed he looked around realized they were no longer at the group home. Codie looked at the House Dad about to ask what happened. Before he could ask the House Dad gestured to a building telling him to head in. Personality Codie keeps to himself for the most part as he doesn't have that great of social skills. When people approach him, he opens up quickly and can become attached to them easily. He is optimistic that even in the gloomiest situation, he will find beauty in it. If Codie was at a gathering with a bunch of people, he would be found in a comfy spot listening to an audiobook or listening to Lofi while napping. He has difficulty picking on social cues and will speak honestly about situations without thinking. If two people were flirting in front of him but not acknowledging they like each other, he would be the person that would say, "wow, you really like her." It's jarring for people when they discover that he finds beauty in everything, even the most gruesome deaths. He can be seen staring in a daydream-like state at dead animals letting every detail sink in. Codie always wants to help others, but when given a task, he can be found napping on the job even though he genuinely wants to do a good job. He loves sketching people, things from his memories which are often pretty grim, and his dreams. Even though he loves his art, he rarely shows it to others. It's one thing he holds dear and could bear losing of people criticizing it. About Me Birthdate: 1/26/2010 Likes: Sleeping/Naps (anywhere especially outside), Listening to audiobooks, Drawing things he dreams of, Listening to Lofi Music, Herbal Tea, Traveling and Lavender. Dislikes: Interruptions to him sleeping (napping doesn't bother him), Caffeine, Technology, People who hurt others on purpose, Drug, and Loud Sounds. Family: Mom: Ingrid Floyd, 38 (Deceased) Dad: Unknown Siblings: None Other: none Happy Thoughts: Painting with his mother. Nightmares: His art being ruined or criticized. Fatal Flaw: Loyalty is his fatal flaw. He wants to believe the best in everyone even when things points towards danger. PLAYED BY: SaltyWalty FACE CLAIM: Thomas Barbusca
  9. SILVIO SUAREZ biography Silvio’s father, Hektor, was involved with the drug cartels. He got into it because it used to be his family business, but it was taken over by another family. Yet he still tended to the field of poppies that would later be reaped and harvest for its opioids. He longed to be free and raise a family in a happy home. But he knew that could never be as he was bounded to his job and the business. If he were to escape he was a dead man for sure. One day he met a beautiful lady. They talked a lot and shared an interest in botany. Hektor was delighted that he could talk about plants other than poppies and marijuana. They had a passionate encounter that resulted in a child they named Silvio. When Silvio arrived however, the woman Hektor called as his lover disappeared without a trace. Even without his lover present, Hektor’s dream of having a family came true, for a while, with his son Silvio. However, when Silvio was just about to turn two years old their home was raided by the cartel. Nobody raise a family in the shadows of the cartel leader. Hektor broke the code, and for that he must pay. Now they were on the run. Hektor thought that they were all dead for sure, but somehow they always managed to escape. They ran and ran, from place to place. This on the run lifestyle of his, eventually drained on Hektor. He felt such deep sorrow that he wanted to end it all. In a way, he did. For the years to come he would intoxicate his body and mind with alcohol, to distract him from whatever sadness and anger he had in him. With him being almost always drunk, Silvio had to learn to take care of himself and his father. His father still showed some love towards his son but also, intentionally or not, had abused him physically and emotionally. But Silvio was just a child, he did not understand much of what was happening. Just before Silvio turned thirteen, the cartels found them. Hektor was ‘in debt’ with the cartel leader, for his freedom and family. But with no money to pay his debt, he had to pay it with his life, and son. They tortured him in his own house, in front of his own son. Silvio could do nothing as he was forced to watch the horrors before his father was finally killed. They then abducted Silvio and would raise him as their own. But on their journey back their vehicle suddenly rolled over. Somehow Silvio survived the accident. While his abductors were still unconscious, he took the chance and escaped. He ran as fast as he could, into the forest. He ran for days, terrified of what was behind him. He never want to look back ever again. In the cover of the darkness of one night, something caught up to him. Something big had pounced on him. He shrieked in fear. At first Silvio thought that it was a bear, but he felt like it was something much more sinister after staring into those glowing red eyes. Then something else had rushed in and knocked the creature off of him. In the glimpses of the moonlight, Silvio made out horns and hooves on a big tall figure. The red eyed creature snarled. Now having a more proper look at it it looked more like a canine, a big one, it could be a wolf. But those red eyes tell something else. Silvio just watched as the tall figure dealt with the red eyed creature swiftly. Once the creature fleed, the tall figure turned to the frightened Silvio, “Are you hurt?”. It was a Satyr who saved Silvio. The Satyr then explained that he was sent to bring him to the sanctuary of Camp Half-Blood. Silvio asked a few questions, like what that creature was, what the camp was. The Satyr calmly explained that the red eyed creature was a hellhound, and that there would be more monsters going after him. Silvio thought about it, with the cartels on his tail and monsters thirsting after his blood. Following this satyr might just be the best option he had. It was a quiet journey to the camp. Looking back at his childhood now, everything felt like a blur. He couldn’t remember much of what had happened. Only glimpses and flashes of memories. He would get dreams of his father, or certain things would trigger his memory and remind him of certain events from his past. But he does not like to dwell, he likes to keep himself distracted and occupied. He likes to suppress. But all of it will come back to haunt him. When Silvio arrived at Camp Half-Blood, he was very confused of everything. But by observing others, he began to learn and understand. He did not speak much. Before the fire, the symbol of sickle and wheat appeared above him. He had been claimed he heard. By the Goddess Demeter. He felt at home when he stepped into the Demeter Cabin. With the soft grass below his feet, the smell of flowers that grew just outside the walls and the oak tree growing at the centre. During his time at the camp, he didn’t interact much with the others. He preferred to be a wallflower, in the background. He especially loved reading. He does struggle with reading and still have difficulties getting through a book. But this has never stopped him from enjoying a book and all the new knowledge and new learnings he would gain from it. He read everything he could find about his mother first. Attempting to get in touch with that side of himself. Eventually he learned that he had some control over plants. It did take him a few while to learn how to use his powers but he managed a certain level of mastery over it. Silvio was interested in reading on herbs, getting to know the uses of certain plants. Some are deadly, some are beneficial. He became knowledgable of plant types and their uses. He had never been much of a fighter. His strikes were weak and his reflexes were slower than average. So he had requested to volunteer in the infirmary instead where he could be of more help. It did take him a while to learn the art of medicine, but he studied hard. He read books on it, observed the children of Apollo, and eventually learned a thing or two. Besides the infirmary, he liked to spend his time in the kitchen, where he will be helping preparing meals. He had developed a natural talent for cooking ever since he joined the camp, and was a familiar face in the kitchen. He really enjoyed the kitchen atmosphere, it felt comfortable to him in a way he couldn’t explain. Sometimes he would teach others how to chop certain vegetables, suggest what ingredients they should add and if the meal need any adjustments with its seasoning. He never boast or look down on others for doing things wrong, he’d simply teach them, and he feels more than happy feeding a few mouths. Even though they probably wouldn’t know that he had cooked for them. Personality Silvio is a gentle and kind-hearted person. But he also bites. He is very shy and closed-off when you first get to know him. But once he gets comfortable enough he will show you his more expressive and cheerful side. He is often found being by himself doing his own thing, this could be reading, bird watching, prepping food, etc. But he would always welcome a companion. He’s just shy, but he’s actually very friendly. Silvio likes people, he loves to observe them, their behaviour, what they like, what ticks them. He appreciate all their beauty and flaws, like a rose. Being more on the gentle side, he chooses to see the good in people. Though this might sound good, he trust too easily that he get used easily as well; And most of the time he would not even realise that he had been used. You would not be wrong if you were to call him naive. This does not mean that he would not snap or incapable of putting two and two together. If he somehow manages to see through things and feels as if things did not make sense, he will try to speak out his thoughts. This is especially if there is a continuity error, he notices small details like this often and would point it out. He often notices small changes to details, like one’s haircut, if someone had touched the food cabinet, the amount of daisies that grows outside the porch, etc. Having an abusive father and having to always take care of him, Silvio developed an avoidance to intimacy despite craving for them. This is reflected by how he enjoys making friends and having romantic interests but as soon as the other person starts to get too close and things begin to get serious he would run away in fear, ghosting, isolating himself, silent treatment are the things he would do often in his relationships. It is also important to mention how emotional Silvio is as a person. He feels his emotions intensely and easily absorbs the emotions of others. He also often gives in to his emotional desires like cravings and often act without thinking. This had led him to many misadventures. Though gentle he is, he will stand his ground and defend what he believes in. He might not be what you call a warrior with sword and armor but he has his own way of fighting. About Me Birthdate: 11th October 2003 Likes: Flowers, Reading, Tea, Music, Singing, Breezes, Food Dislikes: Storms, The Ocean, Cheese, Strenuous Physical Activities, Bugs Family: Mom: Demeter Dad: Hektor Suarez, 42 (Deceased) Siblings: None Happy Thoughts: The warm sun rays shining through the parting of leaves of the forest trees as a breeze rustles through carrying along the scent of poppies. The daisies that grow along the porch. The smell of pancakes and syrup. The smell of roasted chicken, the warmth of the flickering flames and distant laughters. Nightmares: His father’s abuse. His father being tortured and murdered. He fears his own emotions, anger, guilt, sorrow, loneliness. Fatal Flaw: Emotional driven, reckless and irrational behaviours. PLAYED BY: Sammey FACE CLAIM: Omar Rudberg
  10. Penelope Belleci biography Mirabella (Miri to her friends) had always been a diligent and hardworking student through school and university as she grew up in Italy. Through study and dedication she pushed towards her goal of rocket science. She ended up moving to Frascati, Italy for her dream job, working on the satellite design at ESA Centre for Earth Observation. The gods could rarely avoid looking in on the latest technologies being developed in the mundane world and the exploration of space was definitely no exception. This god took the form of an eccentric West Coast American engineer/mechanic coming along with a bunch of other American Colleagues visiting Frascati to share knowledge between space agencies. He spent his time with very in depth questions and even made a few suggestions that, although very American, actually provided insight into mew areas of development for the launch process. Their discussions moved to dinner and even the suggestion of a job over at Cape Canaveral. One thing lead to another and their discussions lead them to a night of passion in his hotel room. It was a whirlwind time as she accepted the job and planned to uproot her life but when she arrived in the states, the visas were sorted, the job was real but the engineer she had grown to know was no where to be seen or known of. The strangeness cast by the mists was made worse when she found herself pregnant and alone in a new country, the only thing keeping her sane was though the chance to work on the next big NASA project and that deep connection to the child. Named Penelope Luna Belleci, the child grew up in the states as a slightly awkward but technically gifted girl. She was the kind of child who would dismantle electronics if left unsupervised. She definitely inherited her mothers technical aptitudes but this did not extend to the rest of her academic abilities, she had trouble concentrating, trouble following along with text and it frustrated her as she could see how things worked so well in her head but all the words just got in her way. As she got older she learnt the hard way that making friends wasn't easy and mom was always busy with her work - still they found time to hang out and talk about how they were doing. She would tell mom about her current building projects and mom would tell her of her other siblings - the space satellites, one out orbiting the sun and another being built and prepared with scientific research. It wasn't until around 3rd grade she actually made a friend she somehow kept. It wasn't so much as she befriended Barnaby as much as he kept up a friendship with her. He was funny and pretty popular and knew all sorts of weird things and could do all kinda gross tricks. Her Aunt ended up moving over to look after her while her Mom went back to Europe to talk about the part of the US in the ESA programs.. It wasn't until she heard from her Aunt that mom had had a heart attack while on stage that she worried. After a few weeks treatment mom was able to come back to the states but the trauma had taken its toll and Aunt Ophelia ended up staying on to help out for a while. It was into 4th grade when a dark cloud cast a shadow over the school, soon the screeching of birds could be heard as they descended towards Penelope as she moved between classes. It was only Barnaby who was able to drag her into the music rooms to escape the worst of their talons. From within here they crashed through the instruments, throwing noise and disruption into air and causing the birds to drop onto the ground. and Barnaby dragged her from the school (leaving a pretty wrecked music room in their wake) After a startling discovery that her friend had horns and goat hooves and that there would be more monsters coming their way, the pair quickly made their way to speak to Penelope's mom and aunt. It was then that Barnaby dropped the second revelation that she was the daughter of a god and that she needed to go to camp to learn how to be safe. It took the two of them a good amount of time to travel over from the West coast over to New York, though a pair of flight tickets were sorted for the majority of the trip. There were scuffles with monsters and troubles with the long trek from the city out to the camp but they finally made it there. Physical Description Penelope is young with light brown, nearing blonde hair that tends to be kept out of the way in a braid or ponytail. She tends to go for practical choices of clothing, sturdy dungarees or simple jeans and a tee, often with a plaid shirt. her resting look tends to be pretty studious but likely half caught up in her own thoughts. Her prized possession is her mothers flight jacket, although she was never a pilot, it had been her way of collecting and storing patches form each of the organizations she worked for and with. Personality Penelope is very analytical in her ways, she assesses the weight of ideas and the best way to implement them with the available material. She prefers to talk about machinery which, if constructed properly, would not break down or betray them. Her favorite pass time is to work on transparent systems like car engines, the basic principles could all be observed, understood and then repeated to keep it all going. About Me Birthdate: 1st Nov 2011 (just turned 10) Likes: lego building, cooking, cars, engines, gummy sweets, melon, corn on the cob, that switch on the inside of the fridge for the light when the door opens. Dislikes: the dark, heights, relationships, Aphrodite kids, bad design theory, perpetual motion machines, aeroplanes Family: Mom: Mirabella Belleci (Rocket Scientist - Satellites) Dad: (God: An unknown and shadowy male god of Olympus) Siblings: (None) Other: Aunt: Ophelia Belleci Others: Satyr: Barnaby Happy Thoughts: When a creation comes to life. Nightmares: The monsters within the dark coming for her Fatal Flaw: Over Deliberation PLAYED BY: SHADOWSOVERSCOTLAND FACE CLAIM: Anna Chlumsky (my girl) 25 plus posts on TJ, Active on both TJ and Azrael
  11. Katie Rae Rose biography Katie is born to an ordinary family of four in Autumn. She has an older brother, Sean whom has the same bloodline as hers, since their mother is one of the demigods, who come from one of the god’s bloodline. Ever since young, she never knew who her grandparents were, since she grew up without them, but she never gave up in finding that out. She worked hard in elementary school, being far more intelligent in her age group, unusually great at Latin and Ancient Greek, and also tends to be active in sports. She is also good in strategy games like chess, which she finds quite odd herself. She is natural at leadership and tends to fall into the prefects line in school, but more so she loves to lead. Sometimes she had the same dream about her vague grandparents’ voices telling her that she had a different bloodline than the people around her, and she could hardly forget those voices, but still she had no idea who they were and has no clue with how their faces look like. Before the age of thirteen, she is chased by monsters for as long as she could remember whenever she was alone since her demigod sense was quite powerful itself, but was quickly saved by her brother, who has been in Camp Half-Blood for a year until he could find a time to tell her when she is near the age of thirteen. A satyr and her brother brought her to Camp Half Blood a few months before she turned thirteen and that begins her life as an Olympian. Personality Katie is quite outgoing herself, brave, curious, smart, loves to lead, cares for one another, matured for a girl her age, and believes that laughter is the best medicine, where most people are drawn to her because of that. About Me Birthdate: July 22 2008 Likes: -family -leadership -parties -her besties -her pet dog -summer and autumn Dislikes: -eggplants -darkness -bullies -prejudice -fights Family: Mom: Rosalind Rose nee Carter, 38 Dad: Sam Rose, 40 Siblings: Sean Rose , 14 Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Sun, sea, icecream, her family Nightmares: Monsters from her dreams Fatal Flaw: Somewhat inferior due to her uncontrolled abilities during her school years that makes her unable to share her secret with her friends PLAYED BY: VIV FACE CLAIM: CAILEE SPAENY
  12. Oliver “Ollie” Grayson Carter biography The only way to describe Ollie’s feelings on his childhood is a feeling of inferiority and of being unwanted. By all accounts, the Carter family was happy and normal prior to Ollie entering the world. Christian Carter, an attorney, and Lindsey Carter, a teacher, had cultivated a securely upper middle-class lifestyle near Nashville, Tennessee. The eldest, Elizabeth, was four when Ollie was born, and his twin siblings, Brittany and Juliet, were two. Christian and Lindsey were doting parents with a perfect, happy family. Until Ollie was born. Despite having wanted a son, everything started crumbling when Ollie was born. As soon as Ollie was born, Lindsey divorced Christian and essentially disappeared from their lives. It wouldn’t be until he learned of the demigod thing - that one of his parents was not his real parent - that he actually suspected the split was because of him. Waiting to be claimed, he wondered if it was that Lindsey couldn’t get over his father’s cheating or if it was her own guilt that forced her to leave. Though perhaps he should have realized it was his fault sooner; after all, his siblings certainly seemed to place the blame squarely on his shoulders for as long as he could remember. Now a part of him would always wonder if they knew what had happened or if they were too young and just knew their mom left as soon as he showed up. Ollie was six when the Carter family, sans Lindsey, picked up and moved to New Jersey after his dad got a new job. At ten and eight, respectively, it was clear that his siblings were all fairly smart. Definitely smarter than Ollie, or so it seemed. As a first grader, his ADHD and dyslexia was already causing academic problems, and he perpetually felt less than the older siblings, for whom school had always come so easily. His father always seemed so proud of them; Ollie couldn’t say the same about himself. His father didn’t seem to be overly attentive to Ollie, not like he was toward his sisters, and his sisters didn’t seem to pay attention to him much, either. He was the opposite of his sisters throughout his schooling, such as it has been so far, as he was always acting out to get some attention and to unconsciously mask his difficulties in school. It wasn’t long before he was labeled as “trouble” or “the bad one” just because he wanted to have some fun and had trouble keeping his mouth shut and sitting still. And, in what was very apparently a disappointment to his father, Ollie didn’t particularly care about sports. If asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he’d answer a rock star or the next Banksy (once he learned of the street artist), but that didn’t fit into the narrative of what the perfect family - the perfect son - should look like. Shortly after the move, he was shoved into whatever age-appropriate rec league sports his father could find in hopes of finding something that Ollie would stick with, no matter how bored he inevitably got with what he was supposed to be doing. The team sports weren’t as bad; at least he could have fun with his teammates then. Another change at age nine, this time in terms of family make-up. Natalie Church entered his father’s life, and they were married within a year. Leo, age fifteen, Brett, age twelve, and Matt, age nine became his older brothers (though Matt only beat him by a few months) while Michael, age seven, became his younger brother. Ollie thought he might have the chance to actually befriend his new siblings in a way that he hadn’t with his biological siblings, as he finally had brothers and they couldn’t blame him for the familial changes, but they stuck with each other; they didn’t need another brother. Even when sharing a room with Matt, he was again left out of everything and left behind. The boys were what his father wanted out of sons - the perfect sporty type - and, while not as academically inclined as his sisters, definitely did better in school while causing fewer problems. Even though he would never be able to meet their expectations, Ollie did his best to try to appease his dad, and later, his stepmother when not causing problems. Which was why, when he was twelve, he was playing on a traveling baseball team with Matt. Ollie found it boring AF, but he was weirdly good at it. He had solid reflexes, was quick in the field, and was able to hit the ball pretty far when he managed to get ahold of it. They were at a tournament, conveniently located in New York City, when everything changed again. There was a boy that appeared slightly older than Ollie, who was given the honorary position of team manager. The boy seemed to have some physical troubles that prevented him from playing, though he still wanted to be around the team. Ollie befriended the boy who saved his life when a couple of Stymphalian birds attacked between games. His friend - who turned out to be a satyr - grabbed both of their bat bags (which conveniently held a bat for Ollie to swing at the birds to fend them off and a spare shirt to change into since he ended a bit cut up) before dragging him to the nearest subway station. A couple transfers and a bit of a hike later found Ollie at Camp Half Blood and onto a new phase in his life. Personality Having never gotten much attention at home, Ollie was always searching for attention elsewhere, causing everything about him to be loud, from his appearance (such as clothing and hair color choices) to his voice. Whether it is wanted or not, he can talk about anything and everything, no matter how annoying he may be (or how little knowledge he has of a given subject). Ollie is the type of kid that wants to befriend everyone. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Even if someone is trying to rile him up and is antagonistic towards him, he usually just lets it roll off his shoulders. That being said, he can be a bit of a nuisance, as he enjoys lighthearted pranks, though he does his best not to harm others during them. He generally doesn’t take things too seriously. He wants to be the funny kid, the class clown type that makes people laugh. Ollie has always been the type of kid to march to the beat of his own drum. (Literally. He plays drums (and guitar)). He goes with the flow and follows whatever his heart desires in pursuit of fun. He’s a bit of an artsy type as well, enjoying painting and, more specifically, spray painting. Outside of the things he really enjoys, Ollie has a tendency to get easily bored, and his attention wanders. Additionally, Ollie is one of the laziest boys you’ll ever meet. About Me Birthdate: September 2, 2010 Likes: sweets; sleep; bright and obnoxious neon colors; joking around/pranks/getting into trouble; music; spray paint; attention; soft, fuzzy fabrics; sunny days; talking; stargazing; dying his hair fun colors; cuddly animals Dislikes: quiet; schoolwork/chores; being alone; talking about feelings; healthy foods; detention; dull colors; when his phone isn’t working/not having his phone; responsibility; being told what to do; fighting; monsters Family: Mom: Believed to be Lindsey Carter (37) Dad: Believed to be Christian Carter (39) Godly parent: Currently unknown Siblings: Elizabeth Carter, halfsister (15) Juliet Carter, halfsister (14) Brittany Carter, halfsister (14) demigod siblings, halfsiblings, variable ages Other: Natalie Church, stepmother (38) Leonardo Church, stepbrother (18) Brett Church, stepbrother (15) Matthew Church, stepbrother (13) Michael Church, stepbrother (10) Happy Thoughts: Jamming on his guitar or drums; dying his hair/painting his nails fun colors with his friends; making people laugh Nightmares: Being alone or forgotten. And, more recently, monsters. Fatal Flaw: Laziness and an inability to be serious. Unless it’s related to music, art, or pranks, he generally doesn’t put much effort into anything, including things that could save his life like learning about monsters and how to fight them. PLAYED BY: Jill FACE CLAIM: Tanner Buchanan
  13. Jayda Barnes biography Jayda never had the best home life. Since she was a middle child, and the result of an affair, her parents sort of shunned her and ignored her existence. Her little sister never talked to her, and her older brother hadn't even made eye contact with her since she was 3. She was in 2nd grade when she saw her first monster. She had been walking home from school, her curly hair up in a bun on the back of her head, wearing a Dora the Explorer backpack. She noticed a tall man in a trenchcoat following her, and she nervously walked in random directions to not lead him to her home. By the time he had given up and left her alone, she was already in tears. It was bad enough the man was following her, but the man... only had one eye. She had plenty of incidents after that, but none more shocking than the first. After a while, she stopped telling people about her encounters. They didn't believe her anyways. The day before her 12th birthday, which her parents would have forgotten anyways, a boy walked up to her in the street and grabbed her. She was going to scream when he said something that surprised her: "I can see the monsters too." Opening her eyes wide, she followed him, hanging on his every word. Once they got to a secluded place, she looked around. "Who are you?" She asked, eyeing him. The boy wore long baggy jeans, a baseball cap, and a tight t-shirt. Jayda closed her eyes as the boy took off his jeans. "You can look." He said, and she reluctantly opened her eyes. "Woah..." She said, shocked at what she saw. His legs were more like... goat legs? Complete with hooves at the end of it. Backing away, she opened her eyes wide. "You're one of the monsters, aren't you?" She asked, her lip quivering. Sighing, he shook his head. "No. I'm the one who takes you to the place where you'll be safe from them." Jayda followed him for a few days, growing to trust him more and more. As they almost reached the 'place', the boy, who had told her in the course of their adventures he was a 'satyr', claimed he smelled something approaching. "Go up the hill, and through the gate. I'll be right up, I'm going to knock him off your scent." Jayda nodded, waiting on the inside of the gate once she got there. She never did see the boy again. Personality Jayda is really shy, and she doesn't like to open up to people. Once she does, however, she truly is a bundle of energy. She is quite a bit self conscious about her body, but she is really friendly to people who will accept it. She can be too trusting to people, but continues to trust people even though it never goes well for her. About Me Birthdate: 11/10/2010 Likes: Drawing, Writing, Reading, Talking to Friends and Playing the Drums Dislikes: Singing, Talking to new People, Gardening, Writing Non-Fiction, Reading Non-Fiction and doing her Makeup Family: Mom: Unknown Dad: Philip Barnes; 51 Siblings: None Other: Half Little Brother, Half Little Sister, Step- mother Happy Thoughts: Being able to be herself Nightmares: Heights, she is terrified of them. Fatal Flaw: Inferiority complex PLAYED BY: Hamilton Nerd FACE CLAIM: Sophia Wylie
  14. Seong Eun-ji biography Jung-dae, also known as DAE, was a k-pop idol, big in Korea in the early 90s. He was a natural heartthrob and always loved to sleep around with women, often getting his way with them, but was a charmer and bedded many women due to his status. One of these particular women was special, meeting her backstage after a performance in the US. She had an air of mystery and amorous charm around her, and after some sweet talk backstage, they had a passionate one night stand in his suite, and he never saw her again. Of course, the man continued his tour, but when he returned home a couple months later in his hometown of Seoul, South Korea, a beautiful baby girl was waiting for him in the arms of that very woman. She told him that her name was Aphrodite, goddess of love, and that the child was his. She informed him about a camp in America, and that when the time was right, and before she turned 13, she would have to be claimed by her. Jung-dae was so shocked by this, he fainted. But nonetheless, when he woke up, the baby was waiting for him, and so he swallowed his fear, calmed his shaky nerves, and packed up his bags to move to the US. He retired from his stellar, glitzy life, to settle down in a fancy house in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He didn't want any bad karma from this incident, so he did what she asked...to the barest extent. However, her father wasn't very attentive, still chasing that partying lifestyle and not really having time for his daughter, yet tried his best to be a good father. He trusted that she was left in the hands of a team of housekeepers who practically raised her, as he felt he wasn't up to the task, watching her from afar. To be strong willed, to try not to submit to violence, and to fight back when backed up against a corner-- via words. Young Eun-ji grew a reputation for having quite a sharp tongue, contrasting her personality. She had been bullied at school for her Korean heritage, as she spoke Korean primarily at home and was too timid to speak English at her school, which led to her language skills developed slower. However, in her youth, she very quickly learned that her words, whenever she spoke them, had big effects. People would always do what she asked. And once, unbeknownst to anyone, she caused one of her few friends to hurt themselves by running into the street and being hit by a car when she said for them to "run away and leave her alone." It was a petty argument when they were children, and they weren't seriously hurt, so she paid no heed to that at first. But slowly, more incidents built up. All at school, from then on. Telling a bully to shave her head out of anger, only for her to show up completely bald the next day. Angrily tell her simple childhood crush who rejected her to 'kiss a frog.' But the last straw was in a heated incident. Tired of being stepped on and walked over for so long, she demanded and lashed out, wishing that one of her main bullies would feel what she felt. And such, the social hierarchy of her younger school years, was toppled. Once bullying Eun-ji, the bully in return was in her position. By no means did she become the spotlight or participate, all she did was watch from the sidelines, as the tables had turned. She wasn't even happy that it had ended up like this. She was horrified of what she did. Time, and time again, there had always been some sort of... incident. Always with her at the center. Always something to do with her voice. Thus, after that newest incident happened, it started her long period of silence and reclusive behavior, not to mention the expulsion, saved from being struck permanently upon her academic record by a very hefty "donation" to the school. Her father, when he was around, was struggling to come to terms with being a father, while he doted on her constantly, giving his own forms of affection while still being the partying sort, to Eun-ji, it felt like he had neglected her. His disappointment with these incidents only amplified that. It lead to her growing up extremely timid, which carried over into her preteen years now. She became less reclusive and more gentle and shy, going out again to try and reconnect with her father, as much as her heart felt damaged with how he treated her. She loved her father dearly, but the way he was so hesitant to be a parent made them hard to connect with each other, despite Eun-ji's efforts to reach out. Her temper seemed to fold away more, however, and she even reconnected with some her old bullies to make amends, turn over a new leaf. Not becoming someone who had a temper, but warm and supportive. A shoulder to lean on for any of her new friends, which at first seemed impossible. But she was determined to establish a connection, and just as she seemed to make progress, everything turned upside down. When Eun-ji was only 10, she was attacked in her bed by a hellhound that had broken through her window and chased her through the halls of the mansion. She tried to fend it off, but although she could fight, she was way too small to keep herself defended properly, but one of her newest caretakers, a housekeeper that was just recently hired, came rushing out and attacked it with a broom, revealing that he had...furry legs and hooves? Confused and already tired from the endeavor, the housekeeper, now revealed to be a satyr, awoke Jung-dae from his sleep, bringing him into the living room for a discussion. The satyr conversed with the father, who couldn't really be bothered to care much about the situation. In reality, he was stone-cold drunk after a big party once more. "Surely there's a way to send her away earlier, right?" he had said, pouring himself yet another drink, "If there is, than do it. If it's not safe here for me, then look at the future trouble the child will cause! Take her with you, for all I care." Surprised from his dismissive nature, the satyr agreed to travel with young Eun-ji to camp, leaving the girl heartbroken. She had reached out to her father this much, try and repair their fractured relationship and in reality... he seemed to hate her. Her existence. In reality, it was a bad lapse of judgement with a little bit of liquor. In the morning, Jung-dae remembered the events that transpired, and wished he could do it all over again. In reality, he just struggled to communicate, and didn't trust himself enough to be a good parent. She became a year round camper, after being claimed almost immediately by her mother, Aphrodite. She learned that her words having power was actually an ability, being charmspeak. To vent out some frustration against her father basically giving up on her, Eun-ji spent her time usually training, training, training, in every weapon she could get her hands on and often stylizes her weapons to be, orderly cutesy. Soft pastels, cute ribbons, all in signature tones of pink. She gets along well enough with most campers, but prefers the company of clashing blades as opposed to socializing and flirting like her other siblings. She is still shy at heart. Nonetheless, Eun-ji pines for true connection. Those who can appreciate who she is without seeing any bias to her claims. Female or not, Aphrodite kid or not, she desires to know her siblings and be a 'big happy' family. Cherishing and loving them. The concept of love is not exactly a repulsion; she sees it more as a reward. A special gift, to respect and honor, be it with platonic love, or even romantic, not something to toss around whenever you feel like it. So she's on a quest; find familial, platonic, and romantic love. At her own pace, of course! To experience what it'd truly free like, to wait and let it sit... like fine wine. And one day, she'd reach out to her father once more, to try again. But not now, as her heart learns to navigate a still strange environment and circumstance, a camp full of people like her. Personality An extremely sweet and timid individual, hiding in the shadows of her stylish, beautiful siblings. She is by no means self depreciative about her looks, Eunji (known affectionately as Ji or Eun) knows she's pretty, but she is much more invested in the art of the blade. She is very kind, with a warm, sunshiney personality, always smiling, and nuturing but she is extremely timid in her abilities and anything not involving battle or fashion, hiding behind her siblings (reminiscent of a shy child) and scared around people and anyone who wants to approach her, like a skittish kitten. She is a very good listener and even better at comforting others, especially when it comes to relationships and amorous endeavors. On the battlefield, she becomes a different person. Her sword's hilt may be pink, but the way she fights with it is as graceful as a dance but as aggressive and strong as an Ares kid. She is ruthless, cold, and calculative and will win by any means, becoming extremely hyperfocused. But afterwards, don't be surprised if she presents you with some treats and chocolates and wrap your wounds! She adores her siblings, but she dislikes how seductive they are, believing in the sanctity of true love and taking your time with it as opposed to playing the field. Eun-ji is not completely chaste, believing in lust just as much as the other person. But to her, love is a game, and to win, you take your time with it, not to give in to the trap that is sexual love. Passion. Romance before the sheets. A hopeless romantic at heart, she is a true believer of "the one," a special someone for each person no matter who they are. She believes fairytale love can be real. About Me Birthdate: May 6th, 2004 Likes: Knives, the color pink, diamonds, scrapbooking, makeup, swords, pastels, karma, fairytales Dislikes: Sexism, being told she's weak, mean people, disrespect, grabbing her hair, shattered glass, dying animals, being called childish. Family: Mom: Aphrodite, Goddess of Love Dad: Seong Jong-dae (Stylized as DAE) Siblings: No one but Cabin 10 Other: N/A Happy Thoughts: Adrenaline rush from sparring, finding love in any form Nightmares: Never being loved, never being told she's strong Fatal Flaw: Outside of her persona on the battlefield, she's extremely timid and very easy to push around and manipulate, due to disliking more serious situations, (Too Passive) PLAYED BY: Dusk FACE CLAIM: Moon Ga-young
  15. Quinn McKenzie biography Growing up in a small community was isolating for Quinn. They were a strange child that didn't really have many friends. Their guardian tried to set them up on play dates with classmates, but Quinn always preferred to keep their own company. This was not always the case. Quinn has been described as a ray of sunshine by their guardians. They always had the biggest smile on their face and enjoyed playing pretend. Yet, despite their outgoing personality Quinn struggled with connecting with the other children. Sometimes their cheer and joy were too much for the other kids to handle; they found it off-putting. Quinn struggled with reading their social cues and would continue to try and interject. One day a "friend" told Quinn they were "weird" and to go away. All of the other kids proceeded to walk away. Quinn didn't understand. They wondered what it was they did wrong. With no other kids in town willing to play with them, Quinn kept to themselves. At first, it was upsetting trying to play alone, but Quinn realized their imagination was enough to keep them entertained. Personality Quiet until they start talking, then they become loud and vibrant. A pure sweet cinnamon roll. Does struggle with understanding social cues. A bit oblivious to their surroundings. About Me Birthdate: April 8, 2010 Likes: Pizza, Boba Tea, their stuffed rabbit Penny, birds, and fictional media of any kind (books, tv shows, movies, and video games) Dislikes: bullies, animal cruelty, not being allowed to wear what they want (specifically their favorite beanie), sour foods, and makeup Family: Mom: TBD (Name and Age or Unknown) Dad: TBD (Name and Age or Unknown) Siblings: TBD (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Their stuffed bunny, their own personal pizza, playing their Nightmares: Being alone and never having one true friend. Claustrophobia. Fatal Flaw: Poor social skills and quick to judge people. Blunt. PLAYED BY: PBunny FACE CLAIM: CELEBRITY NAME
  16. Ezra Hale biography Ezra was raised in the neighborhood of Tremont in the West Bronx of New York City. It wasn’t the friendliest neighborhood, but Ezra made the best of it. He was the middle child, trouble already lingering in his blood. As he was brought up with his two half-sisters: Delaney and Georgie Hale. They spent their afternoons eating TV dinners and playing in parks before the sun went down. Leah Hale and Ezra’s step dad had a lot of trouble after they had their first child, Delaney. They constantly got in arguments about money and employment. One night after a heated fight, Leah Hale went into a bar and met a mysterious man. There was something intriguing about him that drew her in. She lost all train of thought like he was ecstasy. The two hooked up, consequences deteriorating from Leah’s brain. On November 8th, 2004, Ezra Brandon Hale was born and Leah could never find the man again. The birth of Ezra fabricated tension between his step dad and Leah, and Ezra was a living strain in their relationship. However, Ezra’s step dad never treated him wrongly. He raised him up as if he were his own son and taught him useful things. He showed him the love and affection that his true father never did. His step dad was a successful accountant, and constantly helped Ezra with his schoolwork. While ADHD and dyslexia was a huge set back in his education, his step dad taught him to not let that hinder his potential. So, Ezra grew to be very sophisticated and intelligent for his age. But...that didn’t mean he made good decisions. As a kid, Ezra had some anger management issues. He constantly got into fights and vandalized. He was always jumping around schools. During his first year of middle school, he was close to going to juvie and being charged with assault when threw a chair at a student. Ezra was troubled, and Leah Hale wondered if it had to do with her family’s history of mental health. But she never consulted a therapist since they had very little money for her own. Later, Leah decided on homeschooling for Ezra. They were a happy family for quite some time. Ezra lived comfortably with his siblings, his relationship with his eldest sister being strongest. It was hard to say goodbye when she moved to Pennsylvania with her girlfriend. Things seemed to worsen, after she had gone. Ezra’s step dad had been discovered cheating on his mother with a twenty year old and they soon divorced. Ezra was both shocked and angry, because he had trusted his step-dad more than anyway. So, they were left with a pile of bills while his step-dad ran off with his new girlfriend. Because of this, money was tight and Ezra began to get involved with some bad people. He was constantly gambling in underground casinos and selling drugs on the streets. Ezra got big wads of cash from this, but it was also very dangerous. With his sharp tongue and clever mind, he outsmarted the oldest of gamblers to the point where they grew grudges. One night after he came home beaten and bloody, Leah Hale was horrified. She told him that his biological father was into the same things, and the reason why he wasn’t present was because he was shot. Of course, this wasn’t true. Ezra’s father was actually a Greek god and Leah was only lying to protect him. So, after that, Ezra distanced himself from that lifestyle. At least for awhile... After the split, his mother’s mental illness began to worsen. She had been diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder at a young age, her side of the family having a history with the disorder. Her episodes were usually kept mild with medication. But soon, everything seemed to get out of hand. She was constantly flip-flopping between depressive and manic. Because of this, she was getting fired from jobs. One month she’d be happy, up at five am making eggs and bacon. In the next month, she wouldn’t get out of bed and there’d be dishes all over the place. Ezra did everything in his power to take care of her and his younger sister. So, he got back into gambling and dealing. One night, Ezra was cornered in an alleyway by a monster and was almost killed. Shaken up, he spent a night away from his family and with a casino friend he trusted. However, he regretted doing such a thing. When Ezra returned to his apartment the next morning, he found his mother dead with a makeshift noose around her neck. This is when his older sister stepped back in to their lives. As a twenty year old, she took care of Ezra and their youngest sister. That was until Ezra was summoned to Camp Half-Blood by a saytr and where he remains till this day, as a child of Erebus. The god and personification of darkness. By the time he was fourteen he was eventually claimed and a year-round camper. He only returns home on the rare occasion that his older sister is home. Personality Personality details: Ezra is very open to change, and tends to embrace it. He's an observer and uses that tool to climb the social hierarchy. But he doesn't have very good intentions, since he happens to be very manipulative. He thinks with his head, rather than his heart, finding a motive that comes out of every relationship he forms. Because of this, it's difficult for him to form friendships and even more so, to form romantic relationships. Because of the way he grew up, he puts himself first because it's the only way he believes he can survive. Especially, in a world of monsters and greedy deities. About Me Birthdate: November 8th, 2004 Likes: gambling, money, power, capture the flag, Hermes children Dislikes: rules, superior figures, the main pantheon of Gods (especially Zeus) Family: Mom: Leah Hale Dad: Erebus, personification of darkness and shadow Siblings: Delaney and Georgie Hale (half-siblings) Happy Thoughts: His sisters, the only family he has left. Nightmares: His hunger for power getting the best of him, especially when it comes to defying Olympus. Fatal Flaw: Excessive ambition PLAYED BY: Moony FACE CLAIM: Rhys Pickering
  17. Alexander Demos biography What happened before camp? Personality Personality details About Me Birthdate: April 27th, 2001 Likes: List 5 or more Dislikes: List 5 or more Family: Mom: (Name and Age or Unknown) Dad: (Name and Age or Unknown) Siblings: (Names and Ages or None) Other: (Names, relationships, and ages) Happy Thoughts: Nightmares: Fears, etc. Fatal Flaw: Hubris? Inferiority Complex? Etc. PLAYED BY: HowlingTrickster FACE CLAIM: Zach McGowan
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