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  1. Description of the cabin. The cabin is made of mud walls and a rush roof. A wreath of red poppies hangs on the door. Inside, there's a hearth with a crackling fire. Above the mantel hangs Hypnos' symbol: a poplar tree branch dripping water from the River Lethe, into a collection of tin bowls. Soft violin music is always playing, and the air always smells like fresh laundry. There are always plenty of empty beds, all with feather pillows, fresh sheets and fluffy quilts. The Hypnos cabin makes everyone feel like sleeping, with its cozy and comfortable feel. ((It's safe to say that if not strong enough it could pull you to sleep.)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There had been some rumors going around the camp about the older kids having a party. Which left the younger kids alone and without anyone watching them. It kind of made Savanna smile a little. But that meant that they could have their own party. So, Savanna had spread the word about her little sleep over at the Hypnos cabin for the younger kids. It was the best place for the kids to be at. They would be asleep by the time that the party was over, and they would be safe. Well, safe enough. She thought to herself. She had a smile on her normally sleepy face. Her older siblings had left the cabin, leaving her and her younger siblings there to do what they wished. She giggled a little at something that one of her siblings said as she sat out the punch and snacks on the table. There were tons of soft pillows around the place so that whoever wanted could totally pass out and sleep. Savanna wasn't sure that she wouldn't be one of those that would be asleep before the party ended. But she was going to try her best to stay awake. She had gotten everything set up and she was ready for the party guest to arrive. She had a bright smile on her face as she walked to the door, swinging it open for those that wanted to come in, to be able to come on in without knocking on the door. She picked up a glass of punch and a cookie and glanced at the door, waiting for someone to walk in.
  2. Savanna turned to look at James and smiled brightly at him. "Something must have called me to you honestly. Because I don't normally travel in dreams." she told him with a giggle. "Besides, I'm glad I'm here to, you are one of the luckiest people that I know, just because we have a dark past shouldn't mean that we have to relive it all the time." she told him with a small smile on her face. She hummed happily and nodded her head when he began to speak. "You should be fine. I think that everything will be fine in the end. And one day you will be able to get to know what happened to your sister." She told him as she glanced back over to what she had made for him. "The day will come, maybe sooner than you think." She said elbowing him a little. "And you will have all these people waiting and some even being right by your side with you." she told him nodding. She liked to think that was what was going to happen. "Remember if you need me all you have to do is call on me." she giggled a little more. She crossed her arms and titled his head. Her dark hair falling to the side before she glanced up at him. "I can always help you with dreams." she told him. "I've been working hard on my powers."
  3. That morning, Savanna had gotten the bright idea to wake up before her siblings. She wanted to see the sun rise. She hadn't been able to see that in a while, and being at camp she still hadn't seen it here. She was walking through the woods as she knew this was the only way to get to the water. She had every intention of getting there on time, but something happen, and sleep came to mind. She was normally sleepy, but the weather was just right, and she wanted too just be there where she was. She stopped and placed her hand on the tree, stopping for that moment. She let out a yawn and she found herself slowly going to the ground. Leaning up against the tree in that moment, she found herself closing her eyes. Drifting off to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~ She moved in her sleep for a moment when she heard a voice come to her ear. She groaned a little and as she turned in her sleep. She was barely awake and was just about to fall all the way back to sleep when something hit her. She rose up fast and looked around, her long dark hair a mess from leaning on the tree. "What..." she called out looking around her in the forest. Then her eyes landing on the boy who was standing there glaring at her. Her eyes widened a little and she blinked at him. "Mumm... hi?" she questioned curiously. She remembered him being claimed by Lord Ares at the bon fire. She glanced around the area before she glanced back at him. "UMM...what are you doing here?" she blinked before yawning again.
  4. Signatures throughout the years. Never Ever Land Never Ever Land
  5. Savanna bounced on her heels for a moment as she watched James from the corner of her eyes. She didn't want to full on watch him because that would just look a little odd. Well, that was what she thought anyways. His voice cracked that was the only thing that broke her from not looking at him. She glanced up and smiled brightly at him as he began talking to her once again. "Of course, James. I'm always here to help out whenever I can. Though I'm not sure what made me jump into your dreams this time but I'm glad I did. I don't want you thinking that you have nothing." she told him with a bright smile. Something about it all seemed right. She enjoyed it very much. Helping people that was. He once again asked her if she was real and not a part of the nightmare and she couldn't help but giggled once again. "I'm a child of Hypnos. I can travel dreams silly. Of course, I'm real." she told him with a smirk. "Besides, if I wasn't here then I wouldn't be able to help you out." her happiness was all about at the moment. She was glad to have been able to help him out when he needed it. He brought up his sister once again and she nodded her head. That was something that she wasn't able to fix. Him seeing his sister. It was horrible she knew that much, but she knew that she had to be safe. "I'm sure your sister is thinking about you too as we speak." she told him with a small smile. She couldn't help but giggled thinking about the younger Tyche child. "She is a total cutie though. You're lucky to have her." Savanna told him as she watched the younger girl run around the field of flowers that she had made.
  6. 13 years old | Single | Child of Hypnos | sleepy head Loves a good nap spot | Apple pie lover | comfy clothes Universal abilities Superhuman Strength: Demigods are far stronger than any human. Superhuman Speed: Demigods are far faster than any human and possess greater swiftness. Superhuman Agility: Demigods possesses agility, equilibrium, and bodily coordination that are far greater than that of humans. Meaning, they possess great acrobatic prowess and maneuverability helping them in the midst of battle. They can move, jump very high, flip, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Superhuman Durability: Demigods possesses much greater durability, resilience, and constitution than any human being. Therefore, they are capable of withstanding and surviving blows that would otherwise leave a human dead and/or injured if lucky. Superhuman Endurance: Demigods can endure physical stresses beyond the capabilities of the greatest humans, allowing them to operate efficiently for extended amounts of time, even if they are weakened or exhausted. Above-Normal Healing Factor: Demigods can heal faster and with more finality than humans and sustain far greater damage than humans. Heightened Senses: Demigods' five senses (hearing, smelling, sight, etc.) are greatly increased. The senses of a demigod helps them notice small details and unusual attributes that shouldn’t be there, which help keep them alive in battle. Superhuman Stamina: Demigods have an unusually advanced musculature, granting them exceptionally high stamina and endurance surpassing most mortals. Demigods can perform rigorous physical activity for hours, until fatigue toxins in their blood stream begins to impair them, and they will begin to show signs of fatigue. Superhuman Reflexes: Demigods have far above average reflexes that can keep them alive during a fight (diagnosed as ADHD in mortals). It allows them to dodge inhumanly fast attacks that mortals wouldn’t be able to react to. Their reflexes also enables them to keep pace with beings faster, or as fast as them when in the midst of combat. Children of Hypnos Hypnokinesis: the ability to manipulate sleep patterns and, by extension, dreams. They are capable of memory retrieval. They are capable of memory alteration. They can induce sleep. They can astral project/dream travel. (When asleep)
  7. The days and dreams were starting to blur together now. Not that it was really a bad thing, it was more eye awaking than not. She had found out that she was able to alter dreams now. Along with getting into other dreams. It was interesting to say the least. She liked it but didn't at the same time. She had however, only been in James' dreams which was better than not. She had meet him for the first time in a dream. It was nice. It was definitely something strange to behold. He had told her everything that needed to be said. Savanna had learned a lot from him that night, he had even saved her from the monster attack that happened not to long afterwards. It was amazing to be at the camp now. She was always learning about herself. Which was nice. Now only if she could stay up longer without needing a nap. Today had been one of those days that she had forced herself to stay awake. The sky had an overcast, which meant that a lot of her siblings were out of their cabin at the moment. Most of them heading to go to get food or train a little. They still very much had to train. It was always interesting to Savanna. She loved to train and today she had been going with her older brothers to train with some swords. After about an hour or so with them she had wondered off to get herself some kind of food. She needed that at the moment. She yawned and those around her yawned back. She shot them an apology look and keep walking. That was the bad part about being a child of Hypnos's. Just her yawns were able to put someone to sleep. As she made her way to the food area, she had a feeling that she wasn't going to be alone. She moved quietly and looked into the kitchen just to see who all was in there. She blinked a little and noticed another boy there. She tilted her head to the side, allowing her dark long hair to fall from her shoulder. Then the smell of apples hit her nose and she found herself walking through the door. "What are you making?" she questioned curiously.
  8. Her hand slid off James' arm the second he asked if she was real. "Of course." she told him as her head tilted a little to the side. She had no idea what this meant to be placed in his dreams once more. Did this mean that they were going to be close for the rest of their lives or was it something that she was needed to do to help him at this moment. She tucked some of her dark hair behind her ear in that moment and listened when he began to tell her about what was going on at that moment. She looked from him to the house and sighed a little. It was his childhood home. That was sad. She blinked a little and glanced back to James as he began to talk once again, listening to everything that he was saying. "I'm sorry James." she told him as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug. She didn't know how to make someone feel better but her friends from the orphange had always hugged her when she was feeling down so of course that was what she was going to do for him at the moment. She looked up at him and gave him a small smile. "I'm sure that you're sister is totally fine." she told him. "Maybe your luck had rubbed off of on that night." she said nodding her head a little. There was a lot going on in the moment. And she wondered if she would be able to alter the dream that he was having at the moment. She closed her eyes and began to think of day light, the house fixed up, his family. She could start feeling the heat of the sun hitting her skin and the smell of the wild flowers that were around the area. She peeked open her eyes to noticed that the sun was up, the darkness was no longer there. The house that was all broken was fixed and the jumped up a little on her toes. "I did it." she told him happily. "No bad dreams for you." she told him as she took a step forward and spun to look at him before pointing behind him. "Don't forget that you have another home as well." she told him and when he turned back he would be able to see his cabin, along with his siblings standing there. Along with some of his friends from other cabins waving at him. "We love you too." She told him happily.
  9. Anna had been more tired than normal. Being the child of Hypnos had it's moments. She had been trying to stay up as long as she was able to, but soon as she sat on the beanbag chair, surrounded by the fluffiness of covers and the smell that was always going around her cabin, she was soon lost into a dream. Though as she looked around, she found herself in an odd play. She blinked a little as she looked around the dream. Things seemed to be bright. In a field of flowers. She noticed two people standing in front of her. Laughing having a wonderful time. She wondered who they were for a moment but soon as she took a couple steps, and the faces began to come to view a little more. She blinked her eye wide. It was James and his little sister. Octavia? That was who she was right? She had never meet her before, so she couldn't be so sure. The light soon went to dark, and she watched as the younger girl stopped and plucked up something and broke it. Anna couldn't believe it. She was in a dream again. How many times had she been doing this? This was the second time in her life. She sighed as she walked closer to James who was standing there looking at a house and walking closer to it. So, it wasn't the little girls dream, it was James', again. She jogged up to him and placed a hand on his arm. "James?" she questioned curiously as she glanced up at the house. "Where are we?" She asked curiously. She had seen him last time when they were first meeting, but what about this now. What was so important that she had to meet him in this dream. She still didn't have control of her dream jumping yet, which sucked.
  10. Her sister said that she was going to eat and then asked if she was hungry and that she was starving to death. On that she could feel her belly groan and she was up off her spot and ready to go. "Please. let's go." She grinned a little sleepy. She was ready to have someone in her belly. She couldn't wait for that much. She had asked if they should wake the others up, but it turned out that they didn't need to and when her sister said that they would kick their arse she nodded in agreement. "You're right." She told her with a sigh. At least she had thought of them. Though she dind't feel like fighting at the moment. She didn't feel like fighting at all. Her sister finally told Savanna her name and she grinned. "You're right." she giggled a little. "And nice to offically meet you Elena." she said with a bright smile. "It's good to have someone around my age here." she told her. She thought back on her memory of what happened when they were claimed by their father and laughed. "Do you remember when our father just about put everyone to sleep claiming us?" she giggled a little.
  11. Umm.. what about Gael.. you seemed cosy.
  12. Anna was in and out of sleep for the last hour. It was just about dinner time and she didn't want to head to sleep again because, well food was something that she really needed. She moved around trying to find a comfy spot but nothing was working for her. That was when she sat up on the couch and noticed that she wasn't the only one that was up and about right now. "Oh." she grinned brightly as she looked at her sister. "Where you headed?" She question the girl a little. If she remembered correctly, her name was Elena. She liked the fact that she was getting to meet some of her siblings instead of sleeping all the time. She gave the girl a bright smile and looked around the place, all the other siblings were sleeping still. "Think that we should wake them up?" she questioned curiously as her eyes finally fell back on her sister.
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