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  1. Arsen could get into the history of the Olympian Club but why bore Theo with the details of the place. Besides, the history was written all over the place. He could find out for himself and go exploring all the hidden in and outs of the club. He simply nodded as he took another sip of his drink. It wasn't ideal that other people whispered about the existence of the club or the amount of speculation that it provided. But at the same time, he couldn't help but feel proud of it because it had been him that had made it what it was now. "I've been coming here since I was fifteen. Somehow it always felt like the place I belonged the most outside of camp." And that was saying a lot, knowing that he always made it seemed like he fit in anywhere with ease. "It's safe too so we never have to worry about being in danger though I cannot take credit for being the one that came up with a unique protection system."
  2. Arsen followed Theo towards the bar and watched him with great intrigue as he got himself his drink. This was one of his favorite things to witness. He enjoyed watching the new people get a drink that fitted them so effortlessly. It never tasted the same to everyone. He looked at the deep blue mixing with the silver and he couldn't help but chuckle. A child of Hermes definitely fitted those color palettes. "What does it taste like?" He asked. As he leaned against the bar and turned to look at it, a glass materialized itself in front of him. He waited as mixture of deep purple with silver sparkles filled the glass from the bottom. "You see, even if I taste it, it wouldn't taste the same to me or even right for that matter. Everyone here is different so the drinks are catered to them personally. If someone else drinks it, it will always feel out of place." He took a sip of his drink and sighed in perfect contentment. He wanted something subtle today. He wasn't up for a long night of partying but rather a much more casual encounter. "So, how did you find out about this place?"
  3. It didn't escape his notice that Theo seemed to be completely amazed by what he saw. He couldn't blame him. After all, Arsen had been so himself when he had first walked into the club. Though he would never admit it to anyone and he was also responsible for making the club that much more exclusive and intriguing. He glanced over the crowd to see some familiar faces and nodded in their direction. He always felt like quite the celebrity around but he kept such sentiments hidden under his usual air of coolness. "Well, that is putting it mildly. There is no bartender. You only have to get closer to the bar and it will make a drink perfect for you. Courtesy of Cabin 20. Might as well put those spells into good use. You want to try?"
  4. Arsen watched as Theo took out a small, worn and utterly worthless coin. He raised his eyebrows with intrigued, wondering what it was about this thing that was so valuable to the blond. He listened as Theo narrated that it was a part of who he was, but Arsen didn't have the sufficient sympathy to tell Theo that it was not necessary and he could keep his precious trinket. Everyone had to go through this and honestly, it was more often than not that in real life, one had to sacrifice things that they held dear for the opportunity to explore the unknown. Besides, it was just a trinket. "Don't fret. It's not like you gave up a kidney," he said. Once Theo had placed the thing on the door, it took a few seconds to open. There were no glowing lights or spectacle from the door to announce that this was a pivotal moment. The door simply creaked open to reveal nothing but darkness. "Go on, I'm right behind you." Arsen extended his arm for Theo to go ahead and go first. He had to, after all. He had been the one to show his sacrifice and as this was his first time, he needed to do so.
  5. Arsen grinned as Theo took on the challenge. It was straightforward what he needed to do but Arsen also knew that there was more than meets the eye. It was easy to find the inviting door but to get to it, to go through it was a different matter entirely. "Not so fast," Arsen said. "You can't just go through it. You have to offer it something. Everyone has something they desire deeply and every time you walk though this door, you have to be willing to sacrifice it." It was a different thing for everyone and that was what made it interesting. When Arsen had first joined, one simply had to solve a riddle or prove themselves with their skills as a demigod, but he had made it interesting. He was a child of Hecate after all, and he had enchanted the door to only accept that which you never wanted to lose. It worked well so far and it prevented people from joining simply because it looked fun. "So, what are you willing to sacrifice?"
  6. Arsen grinned but he didn't say anything at first. He thought about what Theo had said, about his way of sneaking in and out of places and he had to admit that that trait was in fact true. He knew it was easy for the blond to go unnoticed and that was something he always wanted to use to his advantage. He was certain that the club would too but one didn't simply come up with a skill to offer and then get invited in. If that was the case, any demigod would join and then the exclusivity would vanish. So Arsen thought of a way to get Theo in. He took them the way to the club, going out into the world before them. Arsen was used to sneaking out of camp whenever he pleased. His magic was useful in that regard and when they arrived on a deserted town square, somewhere in New England, Arsen turned to Theo. "So you say you can sneak in and out of places, right? Well, get us in. We are close. It is somewhere in this town but I won't simply give you the keys and a warm welcome. You need to earn it."
  7. Arsen chuckled. This was a very amusing situation if he said so himself. Not how he thought he would be spending his afternoon but hey, wasn't that how life was supposed to go. Arsen didn't say much as he closed the door to Cabin 20 behind him. He simply extended his arm so Theo would follow him. Truth was Arsen had been to the Olympian Club before. How could he not, given who he was? He knew its secrets and knew that it was often members who sought out prospective members rather than the other way around. He was breaking a million rules, but surely no one expected him so actually follow them. "Oh you would be surprised," Arsen said. "Everyone invited is a demi-god so you have to prove there is something else that you can bring to the table. Whether it be money, favors, power, doesn't matter. What do you bring to the table, Theo?"
  8. Arsen chuckled. He looked at Theo with obvious intrigue and amusement. He had to hand it to him. He didn't back out easily but Arsen was a man on experience and he knew that the only reason that Theo had gone to him was because he could give him what he wanted. Arsen could cash in on that later. He was never in a rush to get what he wanted. He preferred waiting until the moment was opportune. Besides, Arsen could do with going out for more than a few hours. He was starting to get a little stir crazy in the stability of camp. "Alright. Let's go forward with this but know that later on, if there is anything I need, I won't hesitate to go to you." He smirked that trademark smirk that had made him popular with the female demographic. "But before we go, do you even know anything about this place? How did you even hear about it?"
  9. It was a well known fact that Arsen was easy to manipulate, especially if one was willing to sweet talk him and kiss his ass. There was nothing he liked more than when people praised him and established the fact that he was a man of importance. Anyone could get far with him simply by stroking his ego. So when Theo said all the right words, it was only natural that Arsen would be appeased. He was the who in this situation, that was for sure. As one of the oldest campers, he was looked up to as a man of wordly knowledge. Theo had peaked his interest but as easy as it was to manipulate Arsen, he was not stupid and he was curious as to what was in store for Theo. It was also true that Theo, was the type of person to have a hidden agenda. His sister had told him so the first time they met, so as interested in the situation as Arsen was, he wanted to know what the angle was. "Okay, let's say I am interested. What is in it for me?"
  10. Arsen was the kind of guy that liked to keep an air of mystery around him. No one really knew what he was up to half the time and it was true that nobody really bothered to ask him. He liked it that way. That meant that no one was truly in his business and he was free to come and go and do whatever he wanted without being bothered. That being said though, there were always exceptions. But tonight was not one of them and Arsen was doing what he did on a regular basis in the privacy of his room at camp. He was starting to grow bored of camp and he was due to go back to the city at any moment. But he was avoiding Celeste and he wasn't sure that being back in the city didn't mean running into her more than he wanted. Oh Celeste. He kept thinking about her and her little hold on him and it made him wonder if the reason he kept going back to her was simply because he liked her or there was something else lingering there. She was going to be the death of him though. That much was certain. As he was lost in mid thought, he heard his name being called out and he looked up, wondering who was calling and why. It wasn't like most people sought him out with frequency so he got up, walked over to the main entrance for Cabin 20 and was surprised to see Theo at the entrance. Arsen knew about Theo and how he managed to get involved with his sister. She had spared him the details but Arsen had been able to put two and two together. "Why do you ask?" Arsen said, intrigued and without bothering to greet him. "It is not hard to find, but I am curious as to why, you haven't found it on your own?" You had to be invited, of course and Arsen, naturally, had been. So it came to his surprise that Theo, being who he was, was reaching out to him for help, rather than using those thievery fingers of his to find the answers.
  11. Arsen knew what Celeste was talking about. He wouldn't admit it to her, in fact, he didn't want to admit it to anyone. He knew that she was right. What they had had always been intense and it had always been electric and for some reason that defied all logic, it had been the best thing to have happened to him. She had a hold over him, with her enigmatic beauty and intensity. She drew him in every time he wanted to walk away. He couldn't describe it and he couldn't escape it. Despite knowing just how messed up it really was. Their entire lives, even when they had been children and hadn't known any better, they were always coming back to each other, eager for more. Arsen sighed and was quick to look away from her. She was asking him for too much. Arsen never wanted to be linked to anyone and he sure as hell didn't want to allow himself to grant her that power but he knew Celeste. She was crazy, in both a pleasant and unpleasant way. He didn't want to rile her up because doing so would create a bigger problem for him to deal with. He looked at her, glancing at her icy blue eyes and knew then though that despite the craziness, there was the good. When it was good, it was great. When they were together and the jealousy and the resentment and the craziness was at bay, they were good and it was good. Honestly, why couldn't just be that way all the time and keep their toxicity at bay. "Look Celeste, it is not that. It is just-" He shrugged. "I mean, what do you want from me? What are you looking for here? My attention? What is it?"
  12. Arsen heard her loud and clear, but it surprised him to his core. She said she trusted him and he had never heard anything of the sort before. As far as Arsen was concerned, there was only one person in the planet that actually trusted him. That was his sister. Asher, for some reason, placed absolute trust on him and he could never understand why. Especially for someone as closed off as her. He couldn't even remember his own father trusting him but that was a different thought all together. And right now, this girl, at his mercy trusted him as well and Arsen wasn't quite sure what to make of that. Not that there was much time to think about it. Evelyn was playing with herself, teasing him so much that he was growing insatiable by the second. At her words, he merely complied and Arsen grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer. He would have much rather do this on a bed but he wasn't about to stop on such details. Instead, he removed his pants altogether, placed his finger on the wetness of her opening and smiled at himself when she was ready. He was hard, it wasn't a secret and he was quick to turn her around so he could take her from behind. He would have slowly inserted himself but he couldn't wait. And though he was careful not to hurt her, he slid in easily, He moaned, feeling her warmth and once he regained control of his senses, he started to thrust himself into her. "Tell me," he said, grabbing her hair and whispering in her ear. "Tell me how hard you want me to fuck you."
  13. What was Arsen supposed to do in that moment? Tell her the truth? It felt so wrong to tell her exactly what was on her mind. That was Asher's doing. Not his. He had a hard time telling people what he thought of them. It was much more easier to simply walk away and avoid the whole thing altogether. He avoided awkward, being the sort of person that ghosted and right now, ghosting was in order. He listened to her and avoided rolling his eyes like he so desperately wanted to. He wanted her to go. She was causing a scene and could see it through the eyes of everyone that walked around them. But it was too late. Celeste could be crazy and jealous but Arsen couldn't deny that she drew him into her. She was like a magnet. One he couldn't let go of and was constantly within his reach. Finally, he sighed and didn't held on as she free herself from his grip. "What do you want me to say?" He shrugged. "Obviously you are enough. It is just me. I have a lot going on and come on, Celeste, since when are we exclusive? Surely you know that what we have is about fun and having someone to come to when we need a break from our families and our responsibilities. You can't tell me that I am exactly what you want."
  14. Alias: Mar Characters you are Keeping: Arsen and Asher Harrington Characters you are Making Inactive: N/A Characters you are Retiring: N/A
  15. There was something incredibly alluring about being able to have a girl be at his disposal. Everything he did with his fingers, he was able to get her to squirm or moan or succumb to pleasure. He liked listening to her and the more she moaned, the harder he got, his instincts barely holding on. He was excited and his mind was racing, thinking about a million things he wanted to do to her. He had waited long enough and though they were in the middle of an event, though there was the possibility his presence might be missed, he didn't care. He extended his hand towards the doorknob and whispered the ancient incantation to lock doors. No one would disturb them. It was funny how, when it came to sex, Arsen was astute and incredible with his magic. He could make this entire place soundproof if it meant hearing her scream his name. He smiled and grabbed her by the waist. "Let me have sex with you. You got me all riled up and I've shown you I can give you pleasure. Let me get you to scream my name. Suck on your nipples. Feel your breasts against me. Feel the tightness of your pussy. I want to feel myself inside you. And if you allow me, let me make it the most intense fuck you've ever had. And if there is something you don't feel comfortable with, tell me now, for I want to make this intense and wild."
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