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Camp Half-Blood RP

About the Yearbook

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The Storyteller

About the Yearbook

Every January, the camp will have a new yearbook so that we can watch how the cabins grow and change over the years. The idea is for this to be an in-character experience, as well. From your character's perspective, this is for the year-round campers. So even though some older campers may be added later, they just weren't pictured because before now they weren't at Camp Half-Blood year round. 

Your characters are free to 'sign' (post a message) on yearbook pages until the end of January. At that point the threads will be locked and preserved for the future to look back on, just like a real yearbook! 

Missing Cabins are because there are no active campers in that cabin at this time. 


Credit for the photos for this year's yearbook go to The Muses Gloss

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