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Article III: Character Creation

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The Storyteller

Article III: Character Creation

The most important part of any site is ensuring that we have characters that people want to interact with. We also, however, have to protect certain categories to ensure that they maintain their uniqueness. So to make sure that happens the staff here as created the following rules to help you understand how character creation works here on the Camp Halfblood RP.

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The Storyteller

Section 1: The Application Process

All original and wanted ad characters require an application. This application must be completed with the site template, and reported as completed in appropriate thread in the applications forum. Once you've completed your application and alerted the staff that it has been completed, staff will review it.

Your application will be reviewed by 2 staff members to ensure minimal bias (positive or negative) in character approval, pending, or denial. At any point you may check the Under Review Applications thread and see who has been assigned to review your application. The Prefix assigned will denote where it's at in the application process. Once the process is complete, you will be given the appropriate response. Those with a pending or denial response will also have a letter containing reasons. A brief walkthrough on posting your initial application can be found here.

You have 21 days to submit an application for review before we will consider it inactive. If your application falls inactive, don't panic! It's easily revived by submitting Reactivation Request in the Help forum. We just archive things to help keep the site from getting too cluttered. If your application is pended, you will have an additional 21 days to make the appropriate edits.

Subsection A: Stages of Application

Each stage of the application process is denoted by a prefix. The prefix indicates what you are, and are not, allowed to do during that stage. Please note that the staff can see time stamps of when things have last been edited, so we can tell when these rules have not been appropriately followed.

  • In Progress...: If your application has this prefix, it means you've not submitted it for our review yet. You have free reign to edit this application as many times as you need to. Your final edit, once you complete it, will require you to change it to "Ready for Review" so we know it's ready for us to look at!
  • Last Week Warning: This prefix sounds scarier than it is. It simply means that it's been 2 weeks since you've started your application (or had it pended last, if it's already been reviewed) so 14 of your 21 days have been used and we're just trying to warn you about the limited time you have left to complete your edits. You may still edit your application during this stage.
  • Ready for Review: This means you've completed your application and are ready for staff to look at it. During this phase, ideally you shouldn't be editing it because it should be completed. However, it's still okay to, since staff hasn't started looking at it yet. We all understand that you may have realized you forgot to fix a sentence or change the birthdate. It happens! We just ask that you try not to switch to this until you really are ready.
  • Under Review: Do not touch your application. Staff is reviewing it to determine whether it will be approved or not, and any edits will interfere with that process and make it take longer.
  • Approved: As the name implies, it means your application was approved by staff. It can no longer be edited. An approved application is the standard staff will be holding your character to when they make judgments on any posting snafus.
  • Pending: Your application needs some tweaks. You should get a PM from the staff members who reviewed your application. Go ahead and edit to make your necessary tweaks, and put it as "Ready for Review" again once it's ready.
  • Denied: This indicates that a character is not appropriate for our site, and we don't see a way to reconcile it with our standards. We try to use this very sparingly.

Subsection B: Read This Article!

There are many Do's and Don'ts for character creation. The major ones are all touched on in this article. Please don't skip any section, even if you think you know it! It is hard to detail everything about applications in one section and still keep it all relevant and to the point, so we broke up all the information into sections. Each section is important!
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The Storyteller

Section 2: The Big 3 and Hera

The Big Three are, canonically, limited to their children. This means that we can't just allow a ton of them on the site, or that would break canon. We are a post-canon site, not an Alternate Universe site. As such, children of The Big Three will require an additional application when they are permitted. There will be announcements made when applications open for a child of The Big Three. At that time you will be able to reserve the spot and have 3 attempts to get your application approved before we move on to the next candidate. We will go in the order we received the reservations, and you may use an existing account to reserve the spot so that you don't make a new account without getting the character if you don't want to. Legacies of The Big Three must be Great Grandparent or further down the line (1/8 blood or less).

Likewise, canonically there are no children of Hera. Our Site Canon Child of Hera happens post-canon and therefore is currently the only one in existence. This requires a canon application as the character belongs to the site.

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The Storyteller

Section 3: Children of Canon Characters

At this time we do not allow descendants of characters from the books. This is in large part due to the logistics of the fact that canonically they are still in early adulthood, and any children would still be very young, if they exist at all. Additionally, Rick Riordan is still writing books. So to avoid conflicts with canon, as we are not an Alternate Universe site but a Post-Canon site, we cannot accept children of canon characters at this time.

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The Storyteller

Section 4: Mythical Creature Characters

At this time we are not accepting applications for Mythical creatures. YET! We do have plans to introduce them once the site is large enough to justify their creation. At that time an announcement will be made and this section will be updated.

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The Storyteller

Section 5: Legacy Characters

Legacies are a child that is less than half-blooded of a deity. For example, someone with 1/4 blood of Hermes would be a legacy of Hermes. Their parents were half-bloods (or less than half).

There are 2 ways to create a legacy character. They are as follows:

  • Pick Up a Child Want-Ad for 2 Existing Characters on the site: As we grow, we'll have characters that get older, fall in love, and start to have children of their own. These characters are automatically a legacy, as it wouldn't make sense for them not to be. A Want-Ad legacy must be 3 years old before they can be played.
  • Purchase the Legacy Status at Character Creation: Since Legacies are born that way, not made, your character will need to be a legacy when they are born. You can "donate" drachmae from one of your existing characters to the new character account so that they have enough to purchase the award. Any purchased legacies will need to be at minimum 3 generations removed (they can be more if desired), and a legacy of the Big Three will need to be 5 generations removed.

Additionally, it should be noted that Legacies do not have all the same abilities as full Half-Bloods. Their abilities are typically weaker, and they have fewer of them. The further removed they are, the fewer abilities from their godly ancestor they have. However on our site we will be creating a "pick and choose" list in which legacies can pick one major and one minor power from their ancestor, or 3 minor powers. Please see that list for more details.

Furthermore, like some demigod powers, there will be "rare" powers that can be applied for as legacies if a spot is available. This rare power will replace your major power option.

Finally, in present canon from Rick Riordan, Legacies only attend Camp Jupiter. This means that if your character isn't also a half-blood of another deity, they are not currently allowed at Camp Half-Blood. At this time we only have Camp Half-Blood so you'll need to be a Half-Blood of a deity, as well as a legacy. For example, half-blood child of Ares whose great grandfather was Apollo. 

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The Storyteller

Section 6: Campers older than 12

There is an option to create older campers or adults without having to age them through the usual process. To do so you must request a slot on the claims (a spot must be available) and submit a modified profile of the camper that shows what that camper did during the time that would have already passed. (i.e. if you wish to make a 15 year old, you must explain what they did in their first and second years at camp.). More information can be found in the Character Claims thread in the Claims section of the board.

Campers must have been claimed before the age of 13 per Percy's deal with the gods at the end of The Last Olympian. You may not create a character who is 13 or over that is not yet claimed.

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The Storyteller

Section 7: Regarding Families

Anyone can create a family. We do require, however, that once the first member has been created that you not add any non-newborn members to the immediate family (i.e. we won't allow things like suddenly they have a 15 year old sister after you've been approved and it wasn't mentioned in your application), however adding uncles, cousins, etc. can be acceptable so long as they adhere to creating their immediate family appropriately. Newborns can be added at any time, provided that the mother is still within reasonable childbearing age.

Subsection A: Multiple Births

Since twins, triplets, etc. are a rare occurrence--and writers seem to have an affinity for creating them--we have decided to limit the number that may appear on the site at a given time. These will reset every year to allow opportunities for new writers to create more, but will help limit the quantity at any given point. When the new openings are released, all old claims will still be valid. Once you are approved for this and your application is accepted, that approval cannot be rescinded.

You do not need to already have the writer present for the twin, however you do need to have them arrive at the same time to camp. So if you do not apply together, you will want to put up a wanted ad for the twin so that someone else can play them, but that character will have arrived at camp at the same time as your character when posting in-character.
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The Storyteller

Section 8: Available Godly Parents

Since our site is a canon site, we honor the parentage that has been canonically seen, and additionally will work within canon to account for living minor gods that have the potential to bear children as well.

Currently allowed parents include:

  • Olympians and Major Deities
    • Demeter
    • Ares
    • Athena
    • Apollo
    • Hephaestus
    • Aphrodite
    • Hermes
    • Dionysus
    • Iris
    • Hypnos
    • Nemesis
    • Nike
    • Hebe
    • Tyche
    • Hecate
  • Minor Deities
    • Eris
    • Phobos
    • Melinoe
    • Kymopoleia
    • Eurus
    • Boreas
    • Aristaeus
    • Triton
    • Khione

Please Note: Minor Deities can only have 3 children at any one time (to help keep them as rare as they are supposed to be). This does not reset when other things on the board reset. So please check the Minor Gods as Parents and Abilities section to see if the above listed deities have room before applying.

Subsection B of this section discusses how to go about seeking approval for a deity not listed here. Submitting a request will not guarantee approval, however it's always better to try than regret!

Subsection A: Limited Abilities

Every godly parent has a list of abilities associated with their children. Some of those abilities might be limited and require an application. The 20 canon cabins have their powers enumerated here children of minor deities have an alternative process that they go through, but those who are already on the board can be found here.

Limited ability applications are done either at the time of character creation, or can be applied for later. Both require reserving the spot in the Claims. Please see the Character Claims for more information.

Subsection B: Requesting a Minor Deity for Parent

There are many deities beyond the 20 who we know canonically have cabins. Several of them are noted to have children as well throughout the series, even though they never have cabins built at camp. In an effort to reflect that, Camp Half-Blood Roleplay offers a pathway by which members can create campers who have other gods as parents.

However, to ensure that canon is followed, the following procedures are in effect for those who would like to have minor gods as parents...

  1. Check the list above to see if your minor god is on it. If they are, please proceed as if it were a normal application, there is no need to do anything different. If not, please contact ★Lilythe so that she may determine if it works in canon and, if so, begin working on developing a set of powers for them.
  2. Check the Character Claim to see if there is even an opening for Children of Minor Deities. This can be found at the bottom of the "Campers" section of the Character Claim. If there is, you may proceed with your application. If not, you will need to wait until a spot opens up. Since they are not common, we are not allowing too many at once. You may still do step 1, however, as it allows Lilythe additional time to create the information so it's ready once the claims reset.
  3. Once your application is posted, ★Lilythe will be directly part of your review team to ensure that Riordan and Site canon are in compliance as the Lore person for the site.

In all other ways, the application process will still be the same. Limited powers may exist for some deities (just like with the others). If your desired parent has any, they will be listed in the Minor Gods as Parents thread (or if your god is new to the list, Lilythe will alert you in response to your inquiry).

Subsection C : Artemis 

Canonically, Artemis does not have children. She does, however, enlist hunters. The hunters do not stay year round at camp, and instead follow Artemis. We will soon be introducing the way to have characters sign up to be a huntress of Artemis. Canonically hunters can only be female and cannot have romantic relationships. At this time Riordan has not indicated whether the must be female at birth or if trans females are permitted. Given how progressive Riordan is, in general, it is our belief that trans females would be permitted and we will rule it as such until canon says otherwise. However it is with the caveat that they must both be played respectfully and with understanding that if Riordan changes this in canon the site may have to retire the character (no matter how beloved they may be).


  1. You must create a character first. Create a character as normal. For all hunters started out as campers at this stage in the game. Artemis does not recruit from the mortal world. 
  2. Check the Character Claim to see if it is Open Recruitment for Hunters of Artemis. This can be found at the bottom of the "Campers" section of the Character Claim, underneath Artemis's cabin it will either read "Open for Recruitment" or "Closed for Recruitment". There is no limit to the number of hunters that Artemis may have, but she can only recruit more members when she is at camp. If it says "Open Recruitment", you will proceed to the pinned post in Cabin 8 and follow instructions. If not, you will need to wait until Artemis is back at camp.
  3. Sign up, and you will have a one on one roleplay with Artemis in which she explains the rules of joining with her. Please note that if your character breaks their oath, they will die. That is the cost of joining up with Artemis (you will also be reminded of this in the roleplay to ensure you understand). 

Your character will retain the powers they have from their godly parent, and will be blessed with additional powers from Artemis. Hunters of Artemis can never form romantic attachments including lesbian ones without breaking their oath and being killed. So please be sure that you want a Hunter of Artemis before making one... as the only way out is death for your character.

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The Storyteller

Section 9: Regarding Other Camps & Demigods

Those who are fans of Rick Riordan's work likely know that all of his books are connected and that there are several other types of demigods out there. Down below is the current information about demigods outside of Camp Half-Blood on Camp Half-Blood RP.

Subsection A: Camp Jupiter

The Roman counterpart to Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter is not currently available for play on Camp Half-Blood RP. When the site grows enough to justify expansion into Camp Jupiter, this will be the first of the demigods we add to the list.

Subsection B: Magicians

For those of you who are fans of the Kane Chronicles, don't worry, we haven't forgotten them! As our site grows we will be considering the addition of Magicians in the future!

Subsection C : Norse Demigods

For those of you who are fans of the Magnus Chase books, don't worry, we haven't forgotten them! As our site grows we will be considering the addition of Norse Demigods in the future!

Subsection D : Riordan Presents...

While we will likely consider these if the site grows large enough, these are the last of our priority to add to the site at this time. We are excited at the possibility of growing to accommodate them, but wish to be honest about where our priorities lay.
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The Storyteller

Section 10: The Claiming Process

To detail how the claiming process works, we need to break it down by section. Every character will have to abide by the information about "Arrival At Camp Half-Blood" detailed in Subsection A. However, for the remaining subsections of this Section, you'll only need to adhere to the ones that apply to your character.

Subsection A: Arrival at Camp Half-Blood

When applying for your character, all new characters should include how they got to camp originally in their application. This should always include a satyr as mortals cannot bring them and the gods are not involved enough to bring them. You don't need to write much about it, but your satyr bringing you should be included in the application, failure to include them always results in a pended application.

Subsection B: Campers Age 12 and Under

Characters this young won't know who their godly parent is since they have not been to camp before. If you choose to create a character this young, you are choosing to let staff choose the parent for you based on information and personality of the character you create. This can be a fun way to surprise yourself and let fate choose for you, rather than designing your character around a godly parent.

For these characters, you simply need to create your application, go through the process, and once approved post your entrance in The Big House under New Camper Entrances describing your characters arduous (or perhaps just rushed) journey to Camp Half-Blood. If you want some more information about the universe, it's okay to assume the Satyrs couldn't explain much. From there someone will respond and get you going where you need to go.

Your character will be claimed at the Bonfire after completing your entrance thread.

If your camper turns 13 prior to finishing your entrance thread that's okay. You will receive a birthday PM that will explain the steps moving forward. Don't worry! We've got you!

Subsection C : Campers Age 13 and Older

If you reserved the spot of an older camper, that means your application will have to include the years you were at camp, including which parent claimed you (please do not describe what the claiming looked like, as Lilythe is attempting to keep these uniform across all claimings on the site).

Older campers are not allowed to be a child of The Big Three (Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades) or Hera, however, you may choose any other available parentage for your application. Please remember that Artemis doesn't have children of her own, as she's a virgin goddess.

Once your app is approved you'll make your entrance post at The Big House in the main area. You can mark it as open so anyone can join you. One of our Cabin Leaders will do their best to welcome your character home! Or you can tag specific people if you'd like to keep it a closed thread. Either way, your character has been here before and won't get a tour the way New Campers do. It will be assumed that your character has already learned about their heritage and therefore a welcome wagon of a Cabin Leader to explain it is unnecessary. If you wish to experience the welcome wagon to learn more about the universe in-character, please create a younger camper.

If you would prefer to have staff choose your parent for you, you can ask for a Character Enrichment forum of your own to roleplay the claiming out in. Essentially, you'll go through the same process that a New Camper would, but in your own private forum as if it had happened years ago. If you choose this route, please tag ★Lilythe in your first post so that she can facilitate the process.
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The Storyteller

Section 11: Regarding Face Claims

Face claims are what we use to depict our characters. They are the visual representation we wish people to see our characters as. They often are celebrities (actors, models, singers, etc.) that we can see playing our character if they were in a movie, or sometimes art. The following rules help identify what is and is not appropriate for use for face claims.

Subsection A: Celebrities

For the purposes of face claims on the site, we choose to define a celebrity as the following: A person who is well-known to the public and has established representation through either an agency or legal team. Individuals who meet these conditions are the following:

  • Musicians
  • Models
  • Actors

This does not include Influencers, as they do not typically have legal representation or an agent to support them in the event that there is a dispute. We say that, because most influencers are just regular people without a legal team to protect their image. While we don't expect that anyone on our site would do anything malicious with an influencer's image, we cannot know what they would want. And rather than forcing them to come to bat for themselves, we will respect their right to their own image.

Exceptions to this rule are people like Paris Hilton, The Kardashian family, etc. who have garnered enough support to have their own Public Relations and Legal teams that are well-known to the public. 

Subsection B: Art

Art may also be used to represent your character in lieu of a celebrity. The requirement is that you must be able to credit the artist. This means that you must track down the artist who created the image you're using to credit them in your application. 

You may also make edits to art that you use (such as changing hair or eye color, digitally), but you must add a note that credits the original artist and documents that you have altered the original image. Such as "Art by XX, edited by YY".

You may not use AI bots to create your character's image. At this time AI bots do not credit the artists whose work they use to create images. Because of that, the digital artist community has taken a stance against AI art bots as being unethical until such time as they are given credit for the art used by the AI bots to generate images. Until such time that the AI bots provide credit to the artists, Camp Half-Blood RP will not allow the use of AI art in the applications of characters or profile pictures, as we expect to see an artist credited in those applications, per the above guideline.

  • Exceptions are made for AI's that do credit the artist with proof of credit. And art must be credited in both your character's application and "About Me" section of the profile.
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