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Camp Half-Blood RP

Camp Half-Blood Press, Issue 001: 08 May 22

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The Storyteller
Weather Forecast

May 8: Rainy, H: 58° F
May 9: Partly Sunny, H: 70° F
May 10: Sunny, H: 73° F
May 11: Sunny, H: 75° F
May 12: Sunny, H: 75° F
May 13: Partly Sunny, H: 72° F
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New Arrivals at Camp

There have been a few new arrivals at Camp Half-Blood since our last issue. Campers, please give a warm welcome to the following new campers: 

  • Hunter Betelgeuse
  • Maddox Grimes
  • Mason Grimes


The Newly Claimed

Some of our campers also were recently claimed. Congratulations on finding your family guys!

  • Jules Vivian (Hebe)
  • Maddox Grimes (Ares)
  • Mason Grimes (Ares)

May 8, 2022
Camp Half-Blood Press

Rumblings on the Mountain

Mount Olympus has been quiet for many years. Until very recently, we've heard not much of a peep from our godly parents outside of Mr. D's musings as he oversees us here at Camp Half-Blood. But good authority says that just recently, The Fates have found themselves called up to the city in the clouds to speak with none other than their father.

No comment was available as to what they were summoned for. When asked for input, The Fates simply continued to knit a pair of purple and pink socks. Their silence could mean something sinister. Or it could simply be that they don't like talking to demigods. We may never know.

Zeus was unavailable for comment, as the guard at the elevator wouldn't allow demigods up for 'such trivial matters'. More on this story as it develops.

The Next Generation?

Rumors have been flying across camp that a certain Daughter of Aphrodite and her boyfriend, a certain Son of Hecate, are experiencing some relationship distress. The morning after a certain God made an appearance, however, a ton of screaming and crying could be heard from Cabin 20. Confirmation as to whether Ms. Helena L'Amour spent the night with Mr. Mateo Sanz seems to be inconclusive. However, all of the Cabin 20 residents can agree that the two of them began screaming far too early in the morning for their cabin's taste. 

What were they screaming about? Apparently Helena is expecting and failed to tell her partner soon enough for his tastes. When asked for a comment on the subject, Helena simply sobbed. The poor girl seemed incredibly heartbroken over the ordeal. Mateo, by contrast, was nowhere to be found. 

This reporter wants to know: Is this the start of a new generation of Half-Bloods? Our interim Activities Director, Lilythe, refused to comment at this time. 

Godly visitors: Harbingers of Doom or Heralds of glory?

For those who made it to the bonfire, it will come as little surprise to know that we had a second god in our midst last night. None other than Lord Ares himself deigned to come to Camp Half-Blood. He seemed fired up and ready to tussle. A few campers made the poor decision to insult the God. Ares unleashed his fury--or at least made them demonstrate their own fury--which caused quite a few injuries. Samantha Adams received some of the worst of it, and required the attention of an Apollo camper shortly after the situation dissipated.

Ares could be seen walking off with his children towards their cabin. Little is known about what was discussed, and those in the Cabin appear to have been sworn to secrecy. Only time will tell if they will manage to retain that secret.

It's been a long time since another god has come to camp. Those who have been at camp a while say that they are harbingers of ill-tidings. Something dark always seems to follow their presence. But many newer campers believe that the coming of the Gods to camp indicates a chance to bring glory to their names. Who's to know? Only time shall reveal whether or not this doom or glory. 

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