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Willow Grace

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Willow Grace


A man walked through the forest after just burining his late wife. He was tired and teary-eyed. Clark used to have an amazing spark in his eyes, that is what caused his wife to fall in love with him, but now that spark is gone. He felt tired and decided to stay in the forest for the night, he wanted to be alone with the trees. He soon dozed off to sleep, and stayed asleep for half the night. 

Then around two in the morning the man woke with a start. A mysterious figure with glowing white eyes was stairing at him. "Where is she?!" It said in a demanding voice. Terrified he aksed the being; "Where is who?! I don't understand!" "Foolish mortal!" The being replied with anger, "Where is your child!" Clark looked at the being with great confusion, "Child?! I have no child!" The being seemed to get angrier, it's eyes faded to a blood soked red, and Clark knew that this was the end for him. Suddenly, just as Clark accepted his death, an owl appeared. The owl grew into the shape of a women. She wore white and gold armor, with a helm the same color. "Leave." She demanded the being. "I have defited you twice already brother. Would you like me to add a third?!" The being seemed to cower in the women's presence, and then faded away.

"Who, who are you." Clark asked appaled. The women turned to him, "You know me by a different face..." The women said, reaviling herself and a small bundle of blankets. "Olivia?" Clark says saddened but amazed. "Yes, Clark, but my name is Athena." Clark stood and held out his hands as Athena handed him a bundle of white and gold blanlets. Inside the blankets lied a small, newborn, baby girl. She haden't even opened her eyes yet. 

"Protect her, Clark. They're after her. I have many other children so I don't know why it is just her, but please keep her safe." Athena Pleaded with him. "I will do my best."

With that Athena faded away and Clark was left alone with his daughter. He looked down at the blankets and saw, what he mistook as a willow tree, but was really an olive tree. Because of this he decided to name her Willow. 

As Willow grew her father made sure she was strong. SHe joined the fencing team at her school, and was enrolled in martial arts by the time she was five. She also was always a straight A student, not by force of her father, but of her own will to be the best she could.

Because of those qualities of her life Willow never had many friends, and she wasn't very good at being social, mostly sticking to herself.

Then came the day she will never forget. Willow woke in the night to her fathers voice shreeking and she heard clawing at the walls. She ran to her fathers bedroom and saw a red eyed figure over her father. She screamed, "Dad!" "Willow, run!" Her father yelled. "But-" "Run!" he insisted.

Willow ran to the forest. When she got there, she saw no trace of the figure and so she walked through the park, along the hiking trails, until she noticed a pair of glowing eyes staring at her from behind a tree. Her instincts told her to run. She trusted her them and ran further into the park. After about twenty minutes of running she slowed her pace, and looking behind her, Willow saw no trace of the thing with glowing eyes. Because she was running she hadn't noticed how far she had gone, and was now off the trail. She looked around but couldn't find any reminites of the trail to tell her where she should go, so giving into her impulsive desions, instead of finding her way back to the path she went deeper into the woods. She heard rustling in the bushes and was frightened into a statue-like nature. When she saw just another girl, her body seemed to realses, and she sighed a sigh of relief. The was tall, probably around 16 or 17, she looked at Willow, "You good?" Willow couldn't answer, although her body had calmed down her mind was still racing. For some reason the minute this girl spoke to her all of that fear came rushing forward, tears streamed down her face and she sank to her knees. "Hey, hey, hey it's ok. Your safe." The girl said consoling Willow. "I'm Arija, daughter of Artemis, why don't you come with me? Please, I can help you." Arija's voice was calm and soothing, Willow allowed her to help and the two walked into the camp. Arija told Willow all about the Gods, and sytars, and monsters, she helped her to learn many things about herself, including her godly parent, Athena. And as worried as she was about her dad, she was too scared to go home so she now stays at camp all year long.


Willow is shy, yet impulsive. She has always been very protective of people, esspecally the ones who say they can protect themselves, funny enough she tries very hard not to let anyone protect her. She is quiet, yet assertive, and if you cross her, she may reak havoc, it all depens on how she is feeling that day. She gets overstimulated very easily and uses music through headphones to help. If you see her with headphones on it's best to stay away, unless of course you want to see what happens when you get near her.

About Me

Birthdate: Willow was born 14 years ago on October 13th.
Likes: Music, Scilence, playing the tin whistle, reading, and writing.
Dislikes: Loud noises, big crowds, yelling/verbally fighting, Things with lots of ruff textures, peas, and spiders, she hates spiders.
  • Mom:
  • Olivia Sieiera-Grace(A.K.A. Athena), died at age 47
  • Dad:
  • Clark Grace, died at age 33
  • Siblings:
  • Other Children of Athena
  • Other:
  • Arija, 17, Help Willow in a time of need and is now one of her best friends. She is a Daughter of Artimis.
Happy Thoughts: She loves to write, you will find many journals, pencils, pens, notebooks, and other writing supplies near her at all times. She carrys a satchel with a blue notebook, with a whight and gold flower desing on it, and an array of colored pens for when she gets random ideas.
Nightmares: The Glowing eyes, they haunt her dreams and she rarely sleeps at night. She ends up either drawing or writing about the glowing eyes.
Fatal Flaw: Keeps her emotions to herself, until she finds someone who is willing to listen, and that she trusts to tell, or they build up inside her and come out once it's to much, or she is pushed over the edge. This can happen when she is overstimulated, and doesn't have her headphones with her.
PLAYED BY: DayDreamer
FACE CLAIM: Emilia Clarke (The picture won't work, but any picture of her is good)
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You're off to a great start! There's just a couple of things that need tweaking. Please check your inbox for a letter from our staff explaining what we've found.
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