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New Member Orientation
It can be hard starting on a new site. You don't know anybody. You're not used to the layout. There are subtle quirks that you haven't been made aware of... We get that. So, in the interest of making your start here go as smoothly as possible, we thought it might be nice to arrange an orientation of sorts!

During this orientation, you'll be paired up with a member of the site who has been around a while. They'll help answer any questions you have, find people to RP with, and anything else you might hope for in a mentor.

To sign up for the mentoring program, simply post below with the following information:

Character Name:
Time Zone:
Preferred Mentor: (If Applicable)
ϟ Lilythe Rayne
ϟ Helena Lamour
ϟ Aislynn ONeill
ϟ James Selway
ϟ Dustin Graves
ϟ Azrael Blackburn
ϟ Krystal Rose
ϟ Samantha Adams
Active Pairs
ϟ Krystal Rose with Oliver Carter started 02Aug23 
(Oliver fell inactive)
ϟ Lilythe Rayne with Ace Stumm started 31Aug23
ϟ James Selway with Loki Dacivs started 31Aug23
ϟ Dustin Graves with Jasper Tyke started 31Aug23
ϟ Lilythe Rayne with Eliza Hemingway started 01Sep23
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