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About Me

  1. Christmas Eve 2021 The great hall of Camp Half-Blood had been transformed into a winter wonderland, with twinkling fairy lights hanging from every beam, and a great golden tree stood adorned with a multitude of celestial bronze ornaments. Snowflakes—real and magical—drifted lazily in the air, but disappeared before they could wet the ground. Tempest stepped into the room, wearing a fitted dark blue velvet dress that reached just above her knees. It had an asymmetrical neckline, baring one shoulder, with intricate silver snowflake embroideries trailing down one side. The dress clung to her figure, emphasizing her athletic build but also her grace. Although the dress made her look enchanting, her mood was anything but. Tempest wasn't too thrilled about being at the party, especially when she heard that Aphrodite's cabin was contributing. As she scanned the room, her icy gaze landed on Levi by the punch bowl. A scoff escaped her lips, and she approached him. Her thoughts whirled with annoyance, Of course he'd be by the drinks. Typical Aphrodite camper move. She kept her posture tall and confident, "Fancy seeing you here, Levi," she remarked, voice dripping with sarcasm. "Hoping to find love by the punch bowl or just planning on making everyone miserable with your ego?" Her steely eyes challenged him, ready for any comeback. @ Levi Jones
  2. Andralyn couldn't believe what she just got handed to her, well ok, not fully handed to her, she had a bunch of chores to do now that were even hers. She debates on doing them but honestly, she didn't care, she was to focused on what she got out of it. A favor from Petal. Oh, the joys of what she could have her do. Andralyn decided she was going to rummage through the fridge at her cabin to see what they might have, she ended up finding chocolate syrup, grabbing it, she closed the fridge and decided to check the freezer. Andralyn had a sadistic mind set, the fun she was going to have with Petal, and it was all going to be a huge surprise to her. The smirk played a crossed Andralyn's face when she came across popsicles in the freezer, looking she finally found one of her favorite flavors (cherry). Grabbing it as well and shutting the freezer, she grabs a bag and puts both items into it. Walking out of the cabin in a sexy but casual outfit, she had a huge smile playing on her face as she headed for the Iris cabin. Getting to the Iris cabin Andralyn walks in, looking around. No one was in site, so she walked over to their fridge/freeze and stuck her items into it. Walking off toward Petal's room, she knocks but starts to walk in before she can even respond. "Hi Petal" she says with a bright smile.
  3. Andralyn loved her birth month; she was born on the best day of the month too. She loved to pull pranks on people, and most the campers knew by now that they have to watch their steps during the month of April. Her birthday was just a few days ago, and she still had a bunch of different color silly string and she had plans. The Iris kids were always so colorful and bright, so she thought they would be the perfect candidates for her silly sting. Gathering up four of the cans, the colors she decided to go with being neon pink, neon green, purple, and a bright yellow. With a mischievous grin on her face, she ran out of her cabin and headed for the Iris cabin, darting to the side of it, hoping to catch one or more of some of the Iris campers coming out of their cabin. Andralyn put the neon pink, and purple down near the wall of the cabin. She shook up the neon green and bright yellow, popping the caps off, as she awaited her victim. @ Petal Price
  4. Levi, woke up with a hard on which was a normal thing for him. What wasn't normal, was he was on a couch with just his boxers on and a beautiful naked young girl in his lap. Last night was a blur, he can only assume him and this girl did some stuff together. He isn't sure why he couldn't recall any of it though. Looking the sleeping girl over licking his lips, looking around, no one was at the cabin as far as he could tell. Levi reached out and smacked the girls ass to wake her up. "Get up bitch! Since your laying on my lap and naked, you can serve my cock" he demands. Levi didn't care if he didn't know her, or if she actually wanted to do it or not. All Levi cared about was his own pleasure, and right now his cock was bulging out of his boxes, with this girls mouth just inches away from it. Just as the girl starts to stir, Levi grabs her hair barely giving her time to think "Open your mouth slut" he orders her. Levi shoves her mouth down onto his cock and lets out a low growl feeling her warm wet mouth cover his rock hard cock. "Mmm this is the best kind of wake up call, don't you think Slut?" he questions her, while his one hand is tangled in her hair, his other hand slides underneath her grabbing one of her nipples, massaging it between his fingers.
  5. Liam had been testing Henry's patience all day -- even more so than usual! They'd been training for hours, and he wasn't letting her get a single shot in. Either she'd lost her skills, or there was something else on her mind... Something about Liam Santos's inability to keep his shirt on during their training sessions, maybe? Or the way he shamelessly gloated when she couldn't counter his moves? Gods, she'd had enough! Desperate times call for desperate measures, Henry thought as she dropped her sword. She lifted her shirt slowly, casting it dramatically aside. As she suspected, Liam's arrogance did the rest of the work: assuming she was surrendering to him, his body loosened, his eyes hungry. Quickly, she darted around the back of him. Before she knew it, Henry was grinning at Liam, on the ground before her. The swift kick she had delivered to the back of his knees had felled him like a tree. Their usually stark height difference was reversed, Henry standing tall over him. She took his chin between her fingers and forced him to look her in the eyes. "Look at me, Santos," she demanded. "Remember this moment. I own you, don't I?" She slipped her thumb in between his slightly parted lips, forcing his legs further apart with the steel cap of her combat boot. "Don't I?" She repeated firmly, drawing her dagger from its sheath at her belt. With its blunt edge, she began tracing his jawline. It thrilled her to finally have him under her control, dominating his mind, body and spirit. She felt powerful, and couldn't resist holding the dagger to his throat. "Look at you now, princess," she whispered, falling into his lap and taking him into a passionate kiss. Now that she was at his level, the height difference only served to dominate Liam more. Was the short, slight girl in front of him truly the one in power here? Was he, descendant of the war God, really at her mercy? @ Liam Santos
  6. It had been a week since Sage and Loukas became boyfriend and girlfriend. The two had been together even more than before which was shocking. They had planned this evening stroll through the woods together when she felt a drop. Looking up she could not believe it was raining as it only rained in camp when the God's wanted it to be so. Sage stood there, feeling the rain soak through her clothes, her mind couldn't help but wander to Loukas. She couldn't believe how much she wanted him, how much she craved his touch. Every moment they spent together felt like pure bliss, and she knew that she wanted more. The memory of his hands on her body sent shivers down her spine, and she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have him inside her. The two of them grabbed each others hands as they began to try and find cover from the rain as it soaked them. Sage couldn't believe her luck. Here she was, running through the rain with Loukas, feeling the drops splash against her skin and soak through her clothes. It was exhilarating, and for a moment she forgot everything else. They were like two kids playing in the rain, and it felt like nothing else in the world mattered. That was when she noticed the stables, pointing them out to Loukas. She lead him there, as they approached the stables, Sage's heart was pounding with excitement. What if they.......well, the blush came on her cheeks as they made it inside. @ Loukas Makris
  7. Samantha’s fingers tightened around the hilt of her wooden training sword as her knuckles turned white. Each strike against the training dummy came with a mix of frustration, sorrow and confusion. How had they gone from a heartfelt confession to an all-out brawl? Each thud of her sword echoed the painful memory of Evelyn's fists connecting with her, though she knew her rival had been under Ares’ influence. It wasn't Evelyn's fault but the memory, the pain, and the bruises were real. A soft breeze blew across the arena rustling her hair and cooling her down. For a brief moment Samantha closed her eyes, letting the wind whisk away the tears threatening to form. "Why did it have to be at that moment?" she whispered to herself. There was so much they hadn’t said, so much still unsaid. But the pain of that night wasn't just physical. It was the emotional turmoil, the vulnerability of confessing her feelings only to be met with violence. Her heart was already on the line had now had retreated back behind a wall of self-doubt. Determined to distract herself, she focused her energy on her training, hoping to tire herself out enough that her mind would quiet down. But every so often her eyes would drift towards the arena's entrance, half-hoping, half-dreading seeing Evelyn. "I just need time," Samantha murmured, taking another swing at the dummy, "Time to heal, time to understand, time to forgive." She wasn't sure who she was trying to convince – the dummy, or herself. @ Evelyn Scott
  8. Lying in bed tossing and turning, she finally threw her covers off her body and kicked them to the ground. She hadn't been able to sleep at all. Everything about what happened today was getting to her. She had been paired up with Henry by Dustin. Him and his love of Drama. Everyone knew that. Then of course, she tried to play it cool with Henry, acting like she didn't care for Liam at all, but she was a child of Aphrodite, and even when Henry said she didn't have feelings for him, she knew that she was lying. She hated that ability more than anything. Oh, to be clueless in a time like that. She cursed a little and sat up in her bed, crossing her legs, putting her elbow on her knees and face in hands. She began to look around at her siblings. They had been on her side on this. Before that kiss had happened, Liam should have ended things with her first, even if it would have broken her heart. She hated that fact, but honestly, she was madder at herself because she should have stopped it months ago when she started falling for the fucker. She fell back on her bed and groaned again before pulling herself up off the bed and began to walk to the only place that she liked. A place by the water. The beach. She was dressed in her nightwear but that didn't matter no one else was going to be up at this hour. That and she would 100% be back before anyone saw her, not that she would mind having lusty boy look at her. Maybe that is what she should do. She thought about it for a moment longer before she shook her head. Finally getting out of the cabin, she found herself walking out to the beach. She loved every moment of walking in the sand barefoot. She ran to the place that she wanted, which was the little spot that was hidden off from view. Behind a rock. She grinned as she dug her feet into the sand and looked around. That was when she noticed something rippling in the water. Which brought her to blink a couple times and focus a little more on who was out there, or rather what was out there. She swallowed harder as she took a step closer, trying to will the moon light to show her what it was. She took a shaky breath; she didn't have anything to fight whatever it was off either. She would only have to scream. Which would make her look like a scared girl, and she hated that fact. @ Benji Baker
  9. Theo loved this particular part of the woods, it was quiet and peaceful. Needed solace when he found his mind running away from him. He had days like this: one moment he was feeling on top of the world, usually after a successful heist or causing chaos at camp, but the next day none of it seemed to matter. So on those days he liked to come to this little waterfall and let the water wash away any unwanted emotions. It would be a small hike into the woods for a normal camper but for Theo it was just a quick dash. Stripping down he placed his clothes by the water before stepping into the creek heading toward the fall, being a runner his body was lithe and thin but no less muscular. One thing he loved about this camp, the weather was always nice so the water felt like a nice shower. Sticking his head under the waterfall he looked down at his reflection as the water enveloped him, allowing himself to lose all sense of time and his surroundings. @ Evelyn Scott
  10. The sun was starting to set and it had been pretty much a boring day for Gael. He hadn't been talkative much today as there weren't many people that liked to be around him. Mainly because whos child he was. He couldn't help it, most everyone hated their godly parent. He wasn't a stranger to that. The others, however looked like they were getting ready to sing at the bon fire. He would be there later, he had other things that he would rather be doing at the moment. Like going to find something to snack on in the big house. He had heard that Lilythe had made cookies again and if he was being honest with himself, she made the best. However his thoughts stopped there when he seen a flash out of the corner of his eyes. He stopped there in his track and turned to where the flash happened to be only to spot Sage standing there. He couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at her for a moment before asking. "Aye! What was that?" He hoped to the gods that it wasn't a picture of him. It wasn't like he liked those anyways. @ Sage Roberts #cc3366
  11. It had been a day like no other. It was different though; something was in the air. Something, different. There hadn't been anything get into the camp in a while that they had to fight off and of course capture the flag was already over for a while. Now there was nothing really to do. So, he was stuck in the Hermes cabin bored out of his mind. He had been laying on the couch with his arm around his face when one of his siblings had come up to him and poked him. He swatted at them and the laughed a little telling him that they had something to tell him and if he didn't want to hear it that was fine. Curious about what was going to be said he sat up on the couch and patted the seat. He only was this way with some people. He couldn't help himself. Especially when he was with his sisters and brothers. They began telling them that they had ran into a girl that asked her to tell Geal to meet in the Tyche cabin. Gael was a little confused at the moment as he couldn't really remember what who was there. He rolled his eyes until the girl said red. Then he knew and smirked at her. He jumped up from the couch and headed over to his bed, pulling out a baggy from his pillowcase before stuffing it in his pocket and raced out the door. He raced out of the cabin before he Lilythe could catch him, like normal and headed to the Tyche cabin. He knew that he had to be slick about it. Their cabin leader was James, and he didn't really want to get on his bad side at the moment. Especially when he was going to get high with his sister. He bit his lip a little as he pushed the door to the cabin open. Lucky for him there was no one around the common area. He rushed over to the bedroom where Andralyn stayed and knocked on the door before he walked in. "Sup." he smirked as he turned around and closed the door before he turned back around, pulling the baggy out of his pocket. "So, I hear you needed this tonight." he mused with a smirk on his face. He enjoyed people when they enjoyed something that he liked to do. "Are we the only ones here?" He asked curious if her brothers and sisters were going to be busting through the door anytime.
  12. (Rated M: For the simple fact that it talks about BDSM and it might Involve sex) It was just after lunch and people were going their own ways. Some going to class. Which was something that Mateo should be doing. Hand to hand combat with Dustin. But the reason why he wasn't going there today was pulling him by his arm. A smirk pulled at his lips as his eyes roamed around her body. Her blond hair swayed every time she walked, and it was almost like she had done it on purpose. They were in their orange camp shirts at the moment which of course was tacky enough, it took away from some of the individuality he thought. But there was no telling anyone that at the moment. She turned around, an innocent smile playing on her lips. He knew better than to believe it at all. He chuckled a little as he allowed her to pull them into the forest. They were far enough away from prying eyes that he, in his teasing way, pushed Cora up against one of the trees there. He stood taller than her by a foot and some inches. He smirked down at her with something in his eyes that told her that he knew better than her to be innocent. They had been fooling around for a couple of months now, and Mateo had liked where things were going at the moment. She seemed to like it as well, and the best part of the whole thing was that she wasn't being clingy. Which is something that he wouldn't be able to handle at all. They had had a talk about everything beforehand. He didn't want to bring her in if she was going to be like that. However, he couldn't help but feel comfortable with her. He lent down, his lips finding hers in a fast second. He couldn't help but trail his hands down her sides. His thumbs found their way under her shirt, caressing her soft skin. He liked to be able to touch her in certain ways. It made things easier in his mind. He let the kiss linger a little longer before he pulled away and smirked down at her. "I think that we should take this a little farther." he told her with one of his rare smiles. Within a second, one hand moved away from her side and did a wave in the air, where a scroll had formed. He grabbed it with his hand and then a pen soon followed as well. "We've been playing around a little, but I was thinking that we could take it a little father." he told her, handing the rolled-up paper to her, allowing her to look through it. " There is a lot going on there, so I figured that we could talk about it here, no one is around." He said, sounded more like a man on a mission. There was going to be a bon fire later that night and he didn't really want to miss it, besides he knew one of Mr. D's kids would bring something to drink and he was all about that. He stayed silent for a moment before he tilted his head a little watching her read it. "It goes over the bases that would need to be filled. If you're not okay with something let me know and it will be taken off, no if ands or buts about it." he told her. "After all it's about you and what you are safe with doing." he told her honestly.
  13. Another day, another party in New York, New York. Evelyn had just finished a gig at one of the Fashion Shows in the city when she got invited back to a huge Socialite party where all the stars and rich were found. Being who she was, she of course wanted to attend as she got the perfect dress to show off her beauty her mother had gifted her. Wondering if she would see anyone she knew, Evelyn stood with the other models who had been invited but did not talk much as she was one to people watch. They were all talking about who they wanted to get with or what drama would happen. Smirking in the corner, Evelyn knew that she would find some sort of fun of her own this evening as she always did. The doors opened to a penthouse in one of the tall buildings in New York as she saw the party bustling in front of her. Following the others out of the elevators and unto the floor she made her way around trying to see who was there. Looking around the room it seemed that a balcony was off to the side that seemed a little reserved which might be a place to go if she found someone who wanted a little fun tonight. That was when someone grabbed her ass. Turning she had a raised eyebrow "Excuse me, that is not yours to touch?" @ Arsen Harrington
  14. Andralyn couldn't sleep, she was tossing and turning, barely being able to fall asleep let alone stay asleep. Finally she gave up and decided that she was going to go sit by the lake. Getting up out of bed, she slept in a baggy shirt, so she slipped on some sweatpants, and headed out the door. As she headed out she grabbed her favorite deck of cards. Heading to the lake, she looked around, studying her surroundings. She was always alert, being a troublemaker and getting into trouble a lot, made you more alert to try not to get caught again. But that habit stuck with her even when she wasn't even doing anything bad. Sitting down in the grass, just on the edge of the little beach area of the lake, she pulled her cards out and started to shuffle them.
  15. Lilythe had made plans to have a picnic with Shadow. It was something they hadn't done since they had dated, and Lilythe missed it. Lately she could feel her heart being pulled in two separate directions. She found herself being drawn more and more back towards Shadow, and doubting the purity of Azrael's intentions with her. She found herself being afraid that he would run away again and she would be alone and heartbroken again. Shadow was comforting. And from what she could tell, he seemed to genuinely be trying to change from what she could tell. He no longer tried to control who she spent her time with. She just happened to want to spend a lot of her time with him when she was free. Lilythe laid the blanket down on the grass and set the basket off to one side, sinking down onto her knees. She wore a short sun dress today, the kind with the lacing in the front that was easy enough to undo. Beneath it, she wore not a stitch of clothing. No underwear, no bra. Exactly as Daddy liked it when we were together. She had thought as she got ready for the day. Since Lilythe had let him talk her back into his bed that one time, she had gone back several times. Lilythe had missed the intimacy, and Shadow knew her body like no one else. He was able to completely surrender herself to him and she knew she would be safe. Lilythe found herself calling him 'Daddy' once more, and craving his gentle domination of her. Today was no different, really. Even the picnic had been in an effort to please him and bring a smile to his face.
  16. There was a lot going through his mind at the moment. Mostly the fact that he had his girl in his hands. He was loving every second of it too. He had a shit eating grin on his face as he walked through the cabin with her hand in his. He needed to have this alone time with her. They had all kinds of things that they needed to talk about. Mainly what happened to make them break up in the first place. He moved to his room and allowed her into it before he walked in behind her, locking the door as he went because he didn't want the others to just walk into his room, like the normal would do. He motioned for her to sit on his bed. It shouldn't be new to her at all. He climbed up into the bed himself, propping himself up with his pillows. "So, what is it that you wanna tell me?" he questioned her a little curiously. He couldn't help but watch her intently. He wanted to remember her every move this time.
  17. After the rumors going around about her sister and that strange boy of her, Novalie was ready to go out and having some fun. And by fun, that meant she was going to watch Liam work out or swing around his sword. The two had become pretty close and that was something that she liked about him. Regardless of how gruff he was, she always saw him in a different light. He was different around her as well, which was nice too. She made her way around the camp and to the ground where she found him there. She stopped and crossed her arms a little. She was still on the fence about his date, but they weren't anything serious or anything like that. So, she needed to cool herself off. But she did like the fact that she could tease him about it. He wasn't the dating type and that was that. She glanced around the grounds to see if anyone else was there, but she was alone. She walked over to where he was, keeping herself a safe distance from him as she sat on the ground. "Wow. Sometimes I think you could be a model." she said to him and held up a heart with her fingers when he looked back at her.
  18. *This role play is a What if?' style story of 'What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?'. The turning point happens during this post. In this timeline, MK chooses a different path for her evening walk, leaving Levi and Samantha to their own devices. Samantha, a proud daughter of Athena, is confronted with conflicting emotions as she finds herself drawn to Levi. As the night progresses, they surrender to their desires, changing the course of their lives and their relationships within the camp. This alternate reality brings forth new challenges and growth for both Levi and Samantha, with lasting consequences that ripple through their lives.* Levi: When Levi felt her arch and push into his fingers, he smirked pulling his hand away. His glare piercing through her, reading every action, he knew she wanted him...he could feel her desire build. "Come on sweety, tell me you want me" he says in a sinister voice, leaning down and latching onto her hard nipple, biting into it and pulling it up into his mouth. Levi lets out a small groan, as he can feel his cock throbbing, pushing at his pants. As he worked her nipple in his mouth, he moved himself so that his hard cock could push and rub against her pussy through his pants and her panties. Feeling her embarrassment mixed with a sense of pleasure, he pushes into her hard letting out a low growl, pulling off her nipple. Levi grabs her hand and places it to his pants, "take them off, and prove to me you want my hard cock thrust inside your tight wet pussy" he says through gritted teeth, as he tries to control himself. Levi loved to hear a girl admit it, he didn't care how much her body showed it. He needed to hear those words come out of her mouth, before he would, it was like a rush of pure pleasure for him to hear them admit it. Levi smiles, awaiting her to undo his pants. Taking his free hand he slips it into her panties, this time feeling her wet pussy, finding her clit he starts to rub pushing into it. Samantha: Samantha writhed underneath Levi, her face contorting in reluctant pleasure from his fingers and sneering demands of submission. When he resumed his assault on her hard nipples her resolve broke like a dam. Despite her best efforts to hold it in, a low and needy moan burst out of her. He was causing her nipple pain and yet it also felt so good, how could such a feeling exist she wondered in astonishment. Levi was awakening feelings in her she never knew she had; and she both loved and hated him for it. Her thoughts were interrupted though when she felt his tool begin to press against her. Even between his pants and her panties she could feel the impressive member that was desperate to enter her. Between the pleasure she was feeling, and her own embarrassment at feeling it, she was bright red. "He knows,” she thought to herself. “He knows how much this predicament is embarrassing me…and how much that’s turning both of us on…” But she could no better withhold her emotions than she could withhold the moans that kept slipping out every time Levi thrusted against her. When her hand was moved to his pants her body acted without her permission, fingers fumbling with buttons and zipper. Finally rewarded, Levi's cock was freed from its restraints at last. Her blue, doe-like eyes widened at the sight of it. This is it, she thought again, if I ask him for this there’s no turning back…I’m giving in completely. Her mouth opened to begin to say the words she knew he wanted to hear; Levi's victory was near at hand. **************** "I......I want......this" she stated, hating herself for having spoken those words. But they were said now and there was no turning back! Her hands reached up, fingers wrapping around Levi's cock. Samantha couldn't believe what she was doing. Here she was, stroking Levi's hard member with her small hands, feeling it pulse and throb with desire. Her body was betraying her mind, and she hated it. But at the same time, the sensations were too intense to ignore. For a moment she thought she heard footsteps approaching them...but then they trailed off in another direction. She was completely alone with Levi Jones. @ Levi Jones
  19. Liam had ended up sparring this big mouth brat out by the lake. He had been just minding his own business, training by the lake, shirtless of course. He had been rattled by his father who showed up out of the blue. So he was deep in thought when he heard her voice. Something about Henry always got up under his skill. Was it that she was a know it all or that she challenged him? Either way he wanted to put her in her place so he challenged her to spar. He had to give it to her though, the girl could hold her own in a sparring match. The two went back and forth as they both got their jabs in. He had respect for her, which he would NEVER tell her. But that still didn't mean he liked her. Henry always knew how to push his buttons, which was how they got into this situation in the first place. She had said something smart ass to him, making him move quickly as he knocked her off her feet and pinned her to the ground. His face was only inches from hers as he gave her a smirk. "Now be a good girl and keep that mouth shut okay" he said in a husky tone. @ Henrietta Abbot
  20. ~~~ Early February 2022 ~~~ Aislynn didn't develop attachments. Nobody ever cared for her, so why should she care for them. However, there was one boy who, recently, had been kind to her. Seemed to genuinely take interest in her and tried to talk to her about more than just what she could do for him. That boy was Theo. Ever since she went to go cheer him up after he got sucker punched during the volleyball game a few weeks ago by Mateo, Aislynn found herself wanting something she hadn't wanted since she was little. A connection with someone. Of course, being the absolute wreck of a person she was, Aislynn didn't know how to connect with others. The only thing she felt like she was good for was 'a good time'. Whether that was partying, substance assisted escapes, or sex, that was the only way she really knew how to connect with anyone. So it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that she figured that was the only way to connect with Theo as well. Ash wasn't sure how she expected things to go, or what she planned to do. But she knew she needed to explore her need for a connection. With that in mind, she walked towards the Hermes cabin, across the way from her own cabin. Hoping that Theo answered the door. @ Theodore Thatcher
  21. Theo had disappeared from Camp Halfblood for some time as he was wont to do, being old enough. He could be gone anywhere from a couple weeks to a whole month, only his closest friends knew what he was up to, well, his closest friends and whoever shared his bed; he did love to brag if he thought it would impress a pretty girl or boy. This particular time Theo found himself in his home turf of New Orleans attending a very fancy private party at a well known venue. Not as one of the VIPs, but as a simple waiter, unknown and lost in a crowd of people who all considered themselves more important than him. That was how Theo liked it, if they weren’t paying attention to him then they were not paying attention to his nimble fingers as he walked through the crowd offering drinks and horderves, but removing watches, bracelets and wallets as he went. Being a kleptomaniac these excursions are what he lived for and besides, these people weren’t going to miss their items, they were all wealthy enough to buy a dozen more. Theo’s eyes darted their way over the crowd looking for his next mark when he spotted her. A stunning young brunette woman who looked like she was there for business, he couldn’t see her face as her back was turned to him but the piece of jewelry on her wrist was his focus. Making his way through he approached her from behind, she seemed distracted so this should be an easy grab. He would do his old routine of accidentally bumping into her and while she was shocked he would make his move. It was only when he ‘knocked’ into her and she turned around did he realize this was no ordinary mark, but someone he knew from camp; Asher! @ Asher Harrington
  22. June 2022 Willow and Killian had been 'dating' for months now. In that short time, things had gone relatively smoothly. Killian had been a man of his word. He never pushed for more than she was willing to give and he never made her feel bad for only being willing to go so far as to kiss him. It was with that exact thought in mind that Willow realized that she owed him a gesture of faith and appreciation. Not because he demanded one--no he hadn't asked for anything--but because she felt like he had more than earned it. Her idea had simply been to have a picnic beneath the stars on the side of the lake at camp. Little did she know where that night would end up... Sitting on the edge of the lake, Willow had spread out the blanket on the ground as she listened to the waves lapping against the shore. She wore the sundress that she had heard him compliment her on, on several occasions--though admittedly he was fairly free with his compliments in her direction, still she got the feeling he had preferred this dress. It was yellow with sunflowers on it. It hugged at her waist and lifted her chest, but was loose around the hips. It laced down the front to the midriff, giving the illusion of being a corset. It was incredibly comfortable and seemed to embody her personality well. She supposed that was perhaps a factor. Beside her, on the sand of the shore sat her guitar. The blanket held a picnic basket that held an array of sandwiches and a couple bottles of mead that she had managed to purchase off of Killian's sister Aislynn. It was supposed to be pretty strong, but Willow trusted Aislynn wouldn't poison Killian so that was good enough for her. Now there was nothing to do but sit and wait for him to join her under the stars.
  23. Lilythe had been trying to figure out exactly how to show Azrael how much she appreciated his birthday gift to her. Vienna, her best friend, was home. Lilythe had been over the moon and spending much of her time catching up with her best friend since the night of the party, and hadn't yet found the time to thank Azrael. With Vienna spending some time with her siblings, Lilythe decided to take advantage of this and snuck her way into the Nemesis cabin. As soon as she was in, she went straight to work. The cabin leader's bedroom was at the back of the cabin, and Lilythe made a bee-line for the door. Once inside, Lilythe set her backpack in the corner and began unpacking. There were candles, and a few symbolic items that she had brought with her, as well as a negligee that left little to the imagination. Over on his bedside table, Lilythe laid out a note. It read as follows: Azrael, Thank you for the most meaningful gift on my birthday. As a token of my thanks, I'm yours to play with tonight. Completely under your control. You have my consent to do whatever you please. The safeword is Blueberry. Yours, ~Lilythe Changing into her negligee, she then lit the candles on either nightstand. Laid an array of toys for his use out on the night stands. And blindfolded herself as soon as she heard his voice and footsteps nearing the door.
  24. After her time at the Volleyball court, Evelyn knew she was having a good time as she cheered on Theo while keeping her eyes on Gael. This camp had no end in sight of delicious campers who lusted after her. Which was all fun and games but none of them really cared for her. Being a child of Aphrodite had its perks but then again you really knew if someone loved you or not. Making her feel inadequate as she was still out seeking that approval of her daddy in all she interacted with. It wasn't enough that she had mommy issues but add daddy issues on that as well. But as the night was winding down she was off to a place most would not come around this late of hour. The amphitheater was empty except for an evelyn on the stage who was dressed in a beautiful silk dress that sungged her form well. Twirling in a circle she was practicing a dance she had learned as a kid. Back then all she wanted to do was to grow up and be a dancer. Most never took her for more than just her looks, but the truth was she still wanted to be that dancer. Trying to fight those voices that were deep down inside telling her that her beauty was all her would ever be good for. The Dance was one of passion and beauty as she moved from one part of the stage to the next. @ Gael Masterson
  25. The Volleyball game had apparently been far more eventful than Ash had been willing to give it credit for. Aislynn had purposefully dodged out of the game and stayed back in her cabin working on a batch of wine. She was well known for her party girl ways, and it wouldn't have shocked anyone to find out that she was brewing something or other alcoholic underneath the Dionysus cabin. Today's masterpiece was a Blackberry Mead that she had spent far too long sourcing the berries for to let this batch be anything other than perfect. So she had needed to hear second hand the news of what happened between Mateo and Theo at what was supposed to have been a volleyball game. Ever since the news reached her ears, however, Ash decided that she had to wait to see Theo come back. He was bound to have a nice shiner on his face, and Aislynn couldn't pass up the opportunity to absolutely give him shit. She did bring a bottle of the mead with her though, as a peace offering afterward. Ash waited until she saw Theo walking up, and with a smirk on her face she called out, "I heard you struck out and have the bruises to prove it." @ Theodore Thatcher
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