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  1. "Thanks, Kenna. That really helped. So where do I go to learn any of that? I've never picked a weapon in my life. In Canada, most weapons are illegal and my mom would never let me near one. I can't fight, I can't even hurt a fly, How will I be able to survive a monster attack? I'm the damsel in distress, not the prince who slays the dragon. What if I become a burden to everyone and make things worse? How do I even know what abilities I'll even develop? What if I never develop abilities? What if I'm the only one to have never gotten abilities from being a demigod? What if?" Amy started off calm but soon found herself worried about everything. She had been told by teachers and classmates alike how useless she was at doing anything right. She was the clumsy girl unless she was either dancing, training for ballet, figure skating or playing the piano. "Sorry, Kenna. I just don't know how my abilities will show up if they do. I'm really not a fighter or a leader. I'm the person in the back who might be able to help. I don't know. Maybe I'm too stressed out."
  2. Amy smiled while trying to understand what Julia was saying. Julia is an interesting person. Amy thinks to herself. She had yet to meet any of Hecate's children. She barely knew what they could do and was afraid to try and interact with them. Pretty much all the campers except 2 people and now Julia were terrifying to her. Once she heard swimming as an option she replied, "I can swim. My step-grandfather taught me. I didn't bring a swimsuit though." She hoped Julia would come up with a solution for it and hoped it didn't mean swimming in her clothes.
  3. "I like playing the piano. I can dance ballet and figure skate, but there isn't any ice here. I don't mind learning anything else." she answers with a smile. She looked around hoping Julia wasn't going to suggest the rock wall. She still had much to do in the camp and she was still getting used to everything. "What things can we do here? This is still very new to me."
  4. "My name is Amelia, but you can call me Amy. I'm not very good at jump rope. Nice to meet you, Julia." she answers with a smile. She looked excitedly at her realizing that Julia was another friendly person. "Are you ok? Did I shock you?" she asks trying not to come off as rude. This could be another chance for her to make a new friend. Camp Halfblood was looking better and better each day.
  5. The words did comfort her and she did feel relieved. Now she was worried about how she was going to learn self-defense and discover her natural abilities. She just couldn't dance a monster or skate them to death. She couldn't lug around a piano and serenade the monsters. She didn't know what she could do. Plus, Amy was not a fighter, she was scared of it. To her fighting was too much for her to handle. Learning Greek mythology didn't seem too bad especially since she could find her own unique way to learn it. "I hope there aren't any exams. I'm bad at those. If I'm being tested on something, I forget everything including how to speak, think and do anything. " she says with a nervous smile. She did have some strength and was quite agile. She even learned ballet pointe ahead of her classes because her ankles were stronger. "About being a demigod, halfblood did it make me able to learn ballet pointe ahead of everyone in my class?" she asked Kenna. "Also please tell me there is a way I can keep up with my ballet lessons. I love ballet and I one day want to be a Prima ballerina assoluta."
  6. "I guess so. It's just, I don't know," Amy pauses and looks at the lake. She didn't want to wait 'til she turned 18 or 16. She wanted to go back home. As much as she liked her budding friendship with Kenna, she needed to be at home, back with her mother and stepfather. "What do I need to learn so I can survive out there?" she asks anxiously. Her mind was swarming with thoughts and she couldn't keep herself calm. What could she do? What else could she possibly do? "You have skills and can do so much. I want to be able to do things too."
  7. "That sounds lovely, the picnic, canoeing, relaxing, swimming and enjoying the view. I wouldn't want to try the climbing wall though, that sounds scary " Amy answers with a smile. She was not used to hanging out with someone. She had her step-granddad, but he was an older man and he still had a job and clients who needed him. Even at her ballet and figure skating classes, the other children were more of dance and skating friends. Most of them had wealthier families and had better relationships with their families. The fresh air was a nice welcome to her lungs, living in the city was loud and annoying. She couldn't help but miss her mom and her 3 half-siblings. "How do you know when you're ready to go back to your home?" she asks quietly. She loved the fact that she had made a new friend and that they were getting along, but she wanted to go home.
  8. Amy smiled back feeling a sense of belonging. As the wind blew through her hair, she thought back to her camping trips with her church members. Those were the few times her mom could spend time with her other than Saturdays. The smell of Camp Halfblood was slightly different than the campsites she'd been to. First of all, the camps she went to weren't meant to be lived in long term. Then there was the fact that Camp Halfblood was a haven for halfbloods and the camps she's been to generally didn't have halfbloods and no one was aware of Greek deities. "I'd like to see the lake first please," she replies with a smile.
  9. Amelia walked around the camp still wondering about being claimed by Apollo. It was still shocking to her and she had yet to accept the fact that her father was Apollo. As she was walking, she noticed someone jump roping. Curious, Amy slowly approached the girl and stopped at a small distance away. She didn't want to come off as creepy and she wasn't sure if the girl jump roping would be nice to her. Pondering her next decisions, she continues to watch her. So far she had only met one other person and was slowly becoming friends with them, but other than that, she still felt like a stranger at the camp.
  10. "I'm Apollo's child?" Amy asks confused. "Oh. Ok." She was stunned and confused. Her dad was Apollo. That made some sense, her mom is a respiratory therapist. Now what? What do I do now? How do I deal with this? Amy asks herself. "So, what happens now? So I'll go to Cabin 7, then what happens next? Is there something I need to do? I'm really confused." Amelia was more confused now and she wasn't sure what else to do and what to expect. She noticed Leroy running over to a guy named Derrick and felt bad. How come he's so calm about this? I'm panicking.
  11. Amelia slowly walked over to the bonfire. "Is this the bonfire?" she asked nervously. Despite the tour she got, Amy got lost 2 times. She tries to find a seat and looks around. The smell of the bonfire and of the food slowly fills her nostrils. She had gone camping before with her church group, but it was usually for Pathfinders. She sat down and began to rock herself.
  12. "I'd love that." She smiled at Kenna. "That would be so awesome. I could meet your mom and see more of the States. Then, I could show you Canada. There are so many beautiful things there. Plus I can translate for you. I'm bilingual." Amelia thought of what she'd need to know in terms of fighting. She imagined herself with Kenna touring the United States. She imagined trying out different kinds of food with her and going on many adventures together. "We could be like Charlie's Angels or Totally Spies or, it doesn't matter. We can come up with that later. Lead the way."
  13. "Thanks. I've never thought of how being able to dance ballet and figure skating could be considered a talent." She paused thinking of what Kenna said about her home and her mom, "That must be hard for you. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. " Because of her overprotective mother and step-grandfather, she never noticed anything strange around her. "I've never been to the States before. Being here at the camp is the first time I've ever been outside of Canada. " She looked at Kenna once again and felt sad. Tears went down her face as she replayed what Kenna had said to her. What should I say next? I don't want to come off as insensitive or anything. What on earth do I say? Amy began to think of things to talk about while looking at her and the kitchen.
  14. "What happens in a forge? I've never been to one. Usually, I'm either at an ice rink, ballet studio, my piano teacher's house, at school or at church. I figure skate, dance ballet and play the piano." Amy says while grabbing another cookie. "I like lakes, Where I live there's a river called St Lawrence and I usually only see it when I cross Victoria, Champlain or Jacques Cartier Bridge. " she continues as she finishes the cookie. She wanted to let her new friend know her as much as possible. "Where are you from?" she asks curiously. She grabbed another cookie and ate it. The smell of the kitchen reminded her of her church's basement where every Saturday, a large amount of food would be made in the kitchen for potluck. She loved potluck especially when a lovely old lady named Francoise would be there. She always made the best cookies.
  15. "I'd love that very much," Amy answered excitedly. Her worries slowly melted away after hearing that Kenna wanted to hang out with her and would be there with her when she goes to the bonfire. I have a friend! A real one! This isn't something that happens every day. I can't believe this! "What's your favourite spot to hang out? I can't wait to explore with you! And thanks for letting me know. I get so wound up, that I can't think properly and well, If Camp Halfblood does the things you say it does, I can't wait to find out my talents and abilities. These cookies are delicious!" Amy continued as she grabbed another cookie. She looked at Kenna and made a mental image of her in her mind. Kenna was her first friend and hopefully after getting to know her, she could be her best friend.
  16. " Yes definitely. Thanks for making me at home. You're the first person to ever make me feel normal. At home, no one seems to think I'm normal. My mom and stepdad worry a lot about me. My grandparents think I'm faking it and my step-grandparents worry about my ability to adapt to the world. If it's ok, I'll tour around for a bit. " she replies with a small smile forming on her face. She liked Lilythe and hoped to meet more people as kind as she was. Maybe she'll finally feel like she belongs and finally get the answer to a question that had been forming since Steve had brought her here. Who's my godly parent? Will I ever survive this change in my life? I'm still confused, but I won't bother anyone right now. Can't be annoying. Amy thinks to herself. This was terrifying and confusing to her. She knew that things were going to change, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for that. Besides, she was never good with changes or anything new. Hopefully with the help of her stuffed animals, she would get used to the place.
  17. "Oh. So signs can be anything. I'm not too sure about that. That would be nice to find out who my godly parent is." she says. She stops and thinks of what Kenna told her. What strange things happened around me? I never built anything. I can dance ballet, but I learned that when I was little. I can play the piano, but I also learned that when I was little. Figure skating to. I can sort of draw. I can sing-ish. What is different about me? She thought to herself and looked back at Kenna. "After I get claimed, do you want to hang out? I mean if that's okay with you. Am I annoying?" she asks as she resumes rocking herself. The bonfire. All I need to do is to get ready for it. Yeah. She thought to herself. Her thoughts were racing and she slowly felt impatient. Kenna seemed nice and she was the first person, other than Lilythe who made her feel normal.
  18. "I'm not sure. I've never thought of that before. What do you mean by signs? Anytime something was about to go strange, my mom, step-granddad or Steve, the satyr would distract me and take me somewhere else." she answered and finished the cookie. "What's the bonfire like? Does it get intense? Are there a lot of people there? How does a Greek god or goddess claim their child? Sorry about the many questions. I'm confused and a little, no, really scared." Amy slowly began to rock herself as a way to calm her nerves. It was important for her to know as much as possible.
  19. "Um. Yes, please," she answers timidly. "How long did it take for you to find out who your godly parent was?" she asked nervously. She slowly to Kenna and gently took the cookie from her. Someone is shy like me. Her dad's Hephaestus, she thought to herself. Is everyone like her? She asked herself. She felt her face go warm and she began to rub her arm. "I'm Amelia, but people call me Amy." she says after taking a few bites of the cookie.
  20. Amelia repeated Lilythe's words in her mind. Don't anger Mr. D. Mr. D is actually Dionysus, the Greek god of ... What was it again? She thought to herself. She noticed someone rush past her and enter the kitchen. Confused Amy got out of the seat and walked over to the kitchen. "Um, hello?" Amy shyly called out. She wasn't sure whether to barge into the kitchen or not. She really didn't want to mess up. "Hi... I'm new here," she says as she slowly opens the door to the kitchen.
  21. "I do have one. Where could I go to practice ballet positions and movements? And is there a music spot with instruments?" she asks curiously. She made small mental notes in her head of the different places and what Lilythe had told her. "So here's what I need to remember. Don't get on Mr. D's bad side. There's an arts and crafts building where I can draw and do artsy things. There's a forge. I'm not sure if I'll go there, but maybe I might, I don't know. Arena? I don't know how I'll ever be comfortable fighting. That looks too hard. Campfire. I like camping. And I might get claimed there. And I don't have to stay here forever. I don't know what to think about that." A million thoughts flooded her mind as she thought of the new environment.
  22. Alias: Cordelia Characters you are Keeping: Amelia Celeste Martin Characters you are Making Inactive: N/A Characters you are Retiring: N/A
  23. "I'd love to," Amelia answers feeling slightly more calm. So she's a halfblood, she thought to herself. She looked at Lilythe and took another cookie. "My name is Amelia, but everyone calls me Amy. " She stood up and carefully looked around the room. Holding her stuffed bear tight she took a deep breath, "Is it ok if you... If you'd be ok showing me around the camp. Please?" she asks not sure if she did it the right way. She felt safe with Lilythe and was ready to see the rest of the camp.
  24. "Thanks," Amelia says with a nervous smile. She walks in still holding tightly to her stuffed bear and takes a seat. She takes a glass of lemonade and drinks as she tries to think of a question. "So, what is Camp Half-blood?" she was somewhat aware of satyrs since Steve had explained it to her before. Steve had left her 2 suitcases nearby and left. "And will I be ok here? I miss my mom."
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